skyrim romance mod part 7 - 2 Girls 1 Let's Play: BONE TOWN

We're going to bone town. Population: Bishop TW: Sexualy Agressive words.

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  • AJ -

    snuggles Solas body pillow in shamedon't worry Mari, I get you fam

  • katerinaFM

    What's the mod for the more colorful and nature filled town mari is using? There are a few out there.

  • MonkeySlap

    Why didn't you get Cbbe it makes the player model all nice and stuff

  • Turkish

    I think this series rivals heavy rain as one of the best series's you've done

  • Milyusia Arts

    Is there a way we can watch these uncensored? :l

  • Dailyn Martinez

    5:30 all through out that conversation with Casavir the wolf is just👌😂😂😂😂

  • kemai

    will you guys ever continue this? it's freaking hilarious

  • Bruno M

    This let's play is one of the greatest things ever made

  • ChibiGeeBee

    My kink alignment is Submissive Whipped.

  • KatzyKins

    o3o Are you still doing this playthrough or is it over? :< No rush or anything, I'm just wondering if you're still going through with it or not is all.

  • Woody Jang

    paladin here...ain't sayin' you're wrong

  • Bea White

    When they were trying to think of something for 'chaotic neutral' I thought 'chaotic nipples' haha

  • I'm cool I promise

    Bishop doing the belly dance had me pissing myself

  • MintApplez

    Does anyone have a good guide for how to put all these mods together? I wanna be wooed too...

  • TeeDubable

    Casavir is Edward Cullen and Bishop is Jacob...

  • kalgor Gaming

    Have you girls seen Bojack Horseman? The shit gets deep, it's really good.

  • LeRoxas

    I think you can control his boner while beeing close to it and holding E.

  • WarsunGames

    OK.I investigated the issue.Fortunately you left your mod window open long enough to see the problem.In SexLab.Go to Animation Settings.You need to enable Everything in Player Settings.Then Allow Creature Animation If you want to see the animations an the game does not bug out.In Extra Effects You need to enable all of them except use separate orgasms.This should correct the problems.An animations should be fine.

  • ThatRandomDude9001

    Glad to see that they left the Bishop and Cael sex uncensored. It took 7 parts but I finally got to see Bishop's unpixelated schlong.

  • katerinaFM

    I'm pretty sure Bishop is based on a romance mod for Neverwinter Nights. It's basically a copy of that mod.

  • Alexandra Walker

    are you guys continuing?

  • NaturallyAspirated

    Bishop and Casavir are both party members from Neverwinter Nights 2. Bishop being a chaotic evil ranger, and Casavir being a lawful stupid paladin who's super guilty over his screwups in the past.Of course, both are really boring compared to Qara the chaotic neutral sorceress (one of her host memorable shouts in combat is "I hope they like being on fire") and Khelgar the dwarf who really wishes he was a monk.

  • kalgor Gaming

    Rick and Morty is amazing.

  • Leah Thomas

    All the other titles for this series are in capitals... This one is not...I feel like a should point out this completely irrelevant fact.You are welcome.

  • loveis grim

    upgrade that sexy power I see.mmmm smashing pixels.

  • Robert Smith

    You freed him so he just walks back in

  • Gaunjee Major

    it's not shaogorath it's sanguine (don't think that's how you spell it) who wants people to have sex and stuff.

  • mmmajchicu

    Yay. funny video on a shitty rainy day :)

  • Kevin Li

    Being a paladin is about surrendering to a higher power, and being fucked by a strap-on seems like...also surrendering to a higher power.

  • aquiba

    Cool! i just finished watching the last one and you release another! love you guys, you should play Yandere Simulator!

  • KC

    I love this series too much

  • Angel Galanos

    My brother is a Paladin on wow and..i think i can agree on the kinky part. She is wearing all red with only her boobs covered, she has a helmet with two horns on it that makes her eyes look red and stuff...

  • krystaldragon17

    You guys should play the Romance Mod 2.0! It's probably less broken than this. PS, get sexlab submit next time, it lets you initiate sex vis dialogue options instead.

  • camomilehottea

    He's terrifying though - like even as a fantasy he seems life an entitled rapist

  • aspol15

    You have to see konosuba anime, there is a paladin girl that her main problem is that she really likes the kinky stuff xDD

  • Defined Glo

    I think this series made me gay. I think I'm in love with Bishop.

  • VPT2

    You guys might need a mod called FNIS which helps with the T-pose everyone keeps doing. Gotta go in the data folder and register the animations.

  • OMG SPICY!!!!

    GOD BISHOP AND CAEL ARE SO FCKING HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTi'm buying Skyrim just to play with this mod

  • Cloud Sin

    hears about Cullen body pillow- instant like

  • Exessen

    Welcome to the bone zone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Yazmarohma42

    Wow Cosavir's voice is so sexy and deep.

  • yumiulrich4eva

    the cringe is too real

  • Syrena Lance

    will they be continuing this series?

  • aftmostfools7741

    I'm thinking Mari is like seriously sexually oppressed, to the point that she's having sexual fantasies about fucking virgin guys in the ass with a strap on. And she talks about them being secretly kinky.

  • Mistress Of the Night

    What was the nature mod you used?

  • Ellanion

    Bishop is a such a rapey creep and that was enough to dislike him, and now he goes and trolls Morrowind fans?

  • Hannah Rivera

    Chaotic "nudetral" ;)

  • Sadie Wall

    I'm actually surprised you guys didn't get a strike for this even if you did blur it out 😂

  • ronald4349

    I'm just waiting for the Dragon to turn up !!!!

  • TornNormal

    Can we talk about how Mari has a limited edition Cullen body pillow?

  • Nobsterdamus

    "We can't kill children??" Stacy says, dismayed

  • despairia

    Chaotic kama sutral. *wiggles eyebrows*

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