THE HIDDEN PART OF DIAMOND CITY - Fallout 4 Mods - Week 70

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Ak5C - A Nordic Relic
IMP - Invisible Marker Pack
Winter Overhaul m/fallout4/mods/28665
Sim Settlements - Rise of the Commonwealth

Diamond City Expansion
tschutschi's wardrobe II - cbbe - bodyslide
  • your nightmare


  • melissa jackson

    I really want to see you eat a bag of dicks and don't be mean to hookups, they spread love. Lol nah! Luv ya, keep the good shit coming!!

  • Alexander Lajeunesse

    What I want is a pc so I can get these fallout 4 mods

  • hogfry

    After seeing that thumbnail. I can actually hear YouTube trying to light their torches.

  • Panzer Man

    Almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter

  • Truman Smith


  • Luke Queen

    How the hell is this not even censored. There is nudity in the damn thumbnail!Thanks for the mod btw >.>

  • Jaleesa R

    en~§μΩ¤¿₩¥ €£§ :'( ;-) :-[ :-( :-P :~

  • Christopher Ceriotti

    Is this literally Pewdiepie in secret ahha

  • ThisIsA Pseudonym

    winter overhaul made me think of Rick James "cocain is a helluva drug" quote lol

  • c p wong

    0:01 Is that an nipple?

  • Jonathan Jönsson

    Did did he said swedish or am i crazy?

  • XxArchAngelxX

    1 second in and I see some nipple.

  • Cheeky Bum

    The snow mod reminds me if the metro games

  • Jason Vickers

    MxR...I love you...also wtf is wrong with you?

  • Trump Won Dumbasses

    You are gradually fucking my game henry

  • Linzer Dinzer

    Happy to report there was an ad on this!

  • CommanderZoot Hellsing

    I want to kill people in combat irl and be paid for it as a "peace keeper"

  • Qazac The lynx

    Man idk how to get mods from the nexus to work. The game recognizes the mods are there, the names are in the load list, they just can’t be enabled and the names are darked out. Halp

  • I have no idea

    I wanna fucking die in 2018

  • Lucas Martinez

    Can you specify if its on console or not pls. Just a recommendation

  • Brutser Kiker

    He sounds like pewds

  • Karrybou

    In 2018 I want to do the thing most of us want... to die

  • Castro Comics

    Are you PewDiePie...

  • Guns'n Games 1226

    I love how they made the AK5C so Swedish (since it is the Swede's standard issue rifle) even though the gun itself is Belgian. Either way it's a great mod with so much more content than all other weapon mods I can think of.

  • April Light

    anyone know the intro song?

  • Literally nothing but memes

    I’m having trouble getting the Ak5c can anyone help?

  • its simply

    OK that thumbnail is pushing it lol

  • Skyler Clark


  • Gacon1210

    Does anyone know which outfit he use at 0:04 ?

  • Evan Lowe

    this video needs more likes.

  • Soren I

    If any of these mods where free wich

  • Michael Martin

    early into the video behind him there is a blonde girl with a gasmask who you can partially see her nips. it is at 0:01

  • Griffin Gold

    I want a reason to live

  • Waxa 38

    Why on earth does this guy support G2A still?He DID hear about all the drama that went down about it right?Remember that thing with Bulletstorm: Full clip edition?EDIT: Ok apparently they DID make some sort of announcement that said that they would clean up their act but that still doesn't change the fact that they're scum

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