THE BANSHEE QUEEN - Skyrim Mods - Week 198

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Sylvanas-a standalone follower by ilikeawp
Azura's Dawn by Antiscamp
Dragon Bone Bikini Armor by someone and kofman77
The Forgotten City by Nick James Pearce
  • Msann 15

    6:29 am i the only one that think this guy looks like Voldemort with horrendous eye shadow?

  • Supersilver79

    What was the armour he had on for the intro?

  • Bears House of Games

    So I have watched around 100 of your videos I am getting Skyrim finally lmao but I digress. Holy shit the switch in her hips is going to get me pregnant amd I am a guy lol hubba hubba

  • Big Boy

    What armor is Alex wearing at the end of each video?

  • MegumiHazBottlz (JustRollWithIt)


  • Benyhl2

    any1 know where i can find name for this ost in outro now i know it is from warcraft but dunno name of the track

  • Lukasz J.


  • hjgfehfaf gdsghgh

    What is the armour she"s wearing at 0:11?

  • Aleksa Zečević

    i just moticed that you were using "considering hobbits" symphony from LordOfTheRings while showing Azura'sDawn

  • Edwin Mejia

    I would definitely download Forgotten City ifonly i have a pc.

  • cale simpson

    I noticed that he used the hobbit cottage theme when displaying the house mod

  • Karl Noonan

    Banshees are Irish ghosts

  • DeuSJS

    where was the armour from?

  • old throwbacks

    i subscribed the first time i saw youre channel. and not because the tittez

  • MGstaR17

    Where do I download this mod? :)

  • smcfadden1992

    i played forgotten city and found a way out without completing it

  • Chen Wei

    May anyone tell me how to make the WoW style long eyebrows for elf?I tried to find an eyebrows mod like that but nothing happened..

  • Ephey Mekansm

    i think its Axe's voice of DOTA that says "Good day sir" shout Forgotten City :D :D

  • Masterless Glencour

    Hahahaha Sylvanas on the rocking horse at 2:57

  • Sengial

    Forgotten city won a writers national guild award!

  • xItzDesoxyribonukleinsäurePVPLPHDTVx

    Which mods do he have?

  • NightGhost

    What the dog mod at 3:14 by the door? i kept looking for it but cant

  • Commander 67

    This is not a correction, but i believe that Sylvanas was a night elf not a blood elf.

  • Josiah Ross

    a banshee is a Celtic mythological creature that screams outside your window when you're about to die

  • Iago Mota

    Came here to see some cool mods but this guy is all about booty and boob.

  • Truth and Requiem Gaming

    Totally off topic: Would you ever do a video on your whole editing and recording process?

  • Chen Wei

    I am thinking about how to make WoW style elf eyebrows like he did..because I can't find eyebrows mod like that

  • An great name


  • Owen Jordan Jordan

    The forgotten city is WAAAAY better than falskaar.

  • Herman Monster

    Sylvanas is a one chick army

  • Animaster3000

    What sword is she holding in this video?

  • gamingoctopus8

    What mod is Pinot? He's the only thing I ever see.

  • anDREas17gr

    This guy is the only way to laugh while writing down the next mods you'll download! he's so good at what he does! cheers man!!

  • Gamer Mom

    The first mod was reported for copyright infringement.

  • H H

    I beat the forgotten city within minutes of starting it

  • Michele Panarosa

    I started skyrim a while ago and I was desperately looking for a the "Evil Queen" dress from Once Upon a Time...Is there anyone who could help me? I started my character as Regina Mills but I'd hate to walk around with bad robes...

  • Wes Bloom

    You could technically consider Blood Elves as Lore Friendly. I Mean we have Sea Elves, Dark Elves, High Elves, Wood Elves, Snow Elves who's to say it's not an Unintroduced Race lol

  • Jordan Chiu

    What dagger mod is MxR using?

  • Erich von Falkenhayn

    I HAVE to get that shout....GOOD DAY SIR!

  • Ronald & Hip Hop

    If yall are on console and have the Amazing Follower Tweaks mod you can actually get Sylvanas completely naked. She has no bra or underwear so there ya go youre welcome.

  • Night Stalker

    This is the point where I wished I wasn't a console player, bUT MY COMPUTER ISN'T COMPATIBLE ENOUGH FOR SKYRIM AND ALL HER BEAUTIFUL MODS

  • Serena Morrison

    I'M GONNA WRITE SOME LORE FOR DOGHNUTS IN TAMRIEL: One day a baker in the city of Wayrest in High Rock was baking some sweet rolls for a celebration of the devines and by accident he placed his chopping board on top of some uncooked sweet rolls and they were squashed. But he realised that they were smaller and easier to eat than sweetrolls, they were rings of dough. Because of the light nutty flavor they seemed to have to them he named them doughnuts and realised that he had invented something great. He smiled at the rising sun, unknowing how popular this new creation would become in tamriel. They are traditionally glased with different flavoured icings.

  • Dangerosu

    Whoa man, what is happening with MxR? Is he sick, is he maturing rapidly, is he turning over a new leaf? So many cool mods in the past few episodes, hardly ever a big titteh or slooty mod in sight... So much quality and so little hornyness. OMG! NOOOOO! He must have a girlfriend. Yes, that must be it. Too many good and serious mods. The signs are there.

  • ds13sp21

    how did you get your characters sexy armour?

  • Elienai Assis

    can someone PLEASE tell me the name of this asassination or killcam?? 4:20 I really need it

  • Torkil Hansen

    how do you know so little about WoW but you use one of the most signature WoW songs in your outro?

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