Skyrim Mods 202 - BANG BANG! (4 Year Anniversary)

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Bijin NPCs by rxkx22
Magiska - Spell Casting Animations by Feuertin
WARZONES - Assault Attack by MyGoodEye
MediEvil- Hero of Gallowmere by KorinOo
John Cena Sneak Attackss
  • Alvin Anggoro

    Miss this kind of episode of skyrims mods weekly.. :(

  • Noka Meren

    When you listen very closely when he is reviewing Hulda, you can hear something mystical

  • Chuck Pain

    skyrim is like that unheard of cool grandpa that follows all the trends and skateboards. hey gramps can you buy me a 6 pack? sure kid! ill get a 30 pack instead and make it a real rager!

  • The BuilderBoxGamer

    How do you get the intro soundtrack?

  • Dylan [Smith]

    Happy 6 years Skyrim!

  • Hey, I wanna see if I can get a lot of subscribers just by asking. Wanna help? Subscribe!

    GAFG BbAFGYou’re welcome

  • Jim Jankinsonsmither

    dude medievil was the best game

  • Saul treviño

    What’s the outfit of the thumbnail?

  • Hailey- Jean

    Your channel is fricken hilarious

  • SniperSpy10

    1:30 you can hear the music MXR was currently listening to when recording

  • Liam Doyle

    what gun mod does he use at 7:02

  • Richard Torres

    Medieval was my s***

  • Chuck Pain


  • Mushfiqur Rahman

    Which armor replacer is he using ?

  • Georetic

    and here i am, hoping for a better animations mod, but disappointment arouses...

  • Synth 06

    I hear music in the back ground u screwed up

  • scotty jennings

    I'd like to see an exclusive review for war zones

  • gregrocks 2005

    happy 5 year's ye olden bastard

  • Attack On Resident Evil

    It's Almost Skyrims 8th Birthday!

  • Andrew Mccreadie

    What mods did u use for ur character

  • IDontHack Ck

    5:01 like if you see it 😂

  • saadyant pujari

    mxr narration style + john cena sneak attack mod=wholata nerve cells bursting with laughter

  • L •

    I remember medievil! I found that game on one of those weird trial disks on ps2

  • nuclear fallout

    Titties too big. Clipping through the outfit.

  • Lyrak

    "roll the intro" Alex does hair flip, intro rolls.

  • LinMezik

    Those explosions for the battle mod looked awful, js

  • Rullisi

    Do you know why deadly mutilation and decomposition mods cause a ctd on magic menu?

  • The Last Dragonslayer

    Ahem... ALLU AKBAR!!!!

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