Skyrim Mods 202 - BANG BANG! (4 Year Anniversary)

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Bijin NPCs by rxkx22
Magiska - Spell Casting Animations by Feuertin
WARZONES - Assault Attack by MyGoodEye
MediEvil- Hero of Gallowmere by KorinOo
John Cena Sneak Attackss
  • TØP trash

    5:05 anyone know what mod this room is?

  • dspl1991

    Actually, Fortesque was a coward in life and ran in battle and got shot in the head by an arrow on the battlefield. The sorcerer was defeated, but then he resurrected and now as punishment, Fortesque is the one tasked to destroy him for good... (i own the game lol)

  • Shawn Freeman

    anyone else notice that he has the sexiest voice

  • John Clark

    Long live MXR Slooty Mods

  • ARatQuiRit

    Waw, that medievil mod =O It's truely amazing ! What a huge work !

  • Mark Mahan

    If you wanna make it more immersive you could say fire runes and mages insteadOh wait, dwarven land mines and cannons

  • ZEPO

    wots the armour mod in the thumbnail?

  • J Liu

    MXR, you are Frick'n hilarious!

  • Clever Name

    I like how I have to clear my search history after this shit

  • Meusana

    Medievil was my fav game from PS1

  • Travis Reyes

    Watching in 2017 here, can confirm john cena segment was near impossible to witness.

  • lomhow1234

    5:16 the Bri on the left opened her mouth in a really creepy way

  • Jason Espinosa

    That old grandpa. This bastard is still kicking strong. Like holy hell I swear, the modders of the community refuse to let it die and it's amazing. We have a team of people recreating the entire land of Tamriel. I love this community so much.

  • Raven

    god damn MXR, get those meshes working right with your physics, it pains me seeing them constantly clip

  • Dragonslayer Ornstein

    back stabs someone and the john cena meme thing plays and all of the people im trying to kill star attacking me FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...*my voice is drowned out by the sound of me getting beaten up*

  • Brandi Carew

    what building is that at 5:05 ?

  • Jizzy

    I spend more time modding then playing skyrim

  • Narumitsu Uchiha

    "some Naruto ninjutsu shit"

  • Monster hunter

    And Dragonborn is... illuminati

  • FlamingFox7


  • Ayden808killer

    Screw fallout Elder scrolls are WAY better

  • TessaFowler 4Wife

    Not bad, but fuck John Cena.

  • chris kehler

    Still gives me the feels

  • Winston Linford

    Did he just assumed Skyrims gender? xD

  • MI gaming

    omg medieval i remember it on the psp...nostalgia increased to 100

  • Adam

    kids getting punched. this is my kind of video

  • Bones

    Ay, i forgot which crossbow mod has those cool looking crossbows that he was using for this vid. Anyone know which one it is? links or name plzu

  • Sara Broome

    u peeps need to put on closed captions holy shit 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Goth Bunny

    MEDIEVIL FUCK YEA!! needs a remake of it NOW

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