Skyrim Mods 202 - BANG BANG! (4 Year Anniversary)

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Bijin NPCs by rxkx22
Magiska - Spell Casting Animations by Feuertin
WARZONES - Assault Attack by MyGoodEye
MediEvil- Hero of Gallowmere by KorinOo
John Cena Sneak Attackss
  • DumbyPlays

    did your characters tits get bigger

  • Chuck Pain

    skyrim is like that unheard of cool grandpa that follows all the trends and skateboards. hey gramps can you buy me a 6 pack? sure kid! ill get a 30 pack instead and make it a real rager!

  • Georetic

    and here i am, hoping for a better animations mod, but disappointment arouses...

  • SniperSpy10

    1:30 you can hear the music MXR was currently listening to when recording

  • Hey, I wanna see if I can get a lot of subscribers just by asking. Wanna help? Subscribe!

    GAFG BbAFGYou’re welcome

  • Attack On Resident Evil

    It's Almost Skyrims 8th Birthday!

  • Leon Löffler

    can you Please make mods for ps4 Please

  • Captain Rawr

    Me: Did you say, sapphire? Mxr: um, yeahMe: *whips dick out and slams onto nexus downloading that mod and "marry any npc" mod *nuts*

  • FlamingFox7


  • dspl1991

    Actually, Fortesque was a coward in life and ran in battle and got shot in the head by an arrow on the battlefield. The sorcerer was defeated, but then he resurrected and now as punishment, Fortesque is the one tasked to destroy him for good... (i own the game lol)

  • Saul treviño

    What’s the outfit of the thumbnail?

  • IDontHack Ck

    5:01 like if you see it 😂

  • LinMezik

    Those explosions for the battle mod looked awful, js

  • Slave Knight Gael

    I remember medievil! I found that game on one of those weird trial disks on ps2

  • Lyrak

    "roll the intro" Alex does hair flip, intro rolls.

  • Lawn gamer

    your voice is so perfect for what you say and do

  • gregrocks 2005

    happy 5 year's ye olden bastard

  • Dylan [Smith]

    Happy 6 years Skyrim!

  • chris kehler

    Still gives me the feels

  • Chuck Pain


  • Richard Torres

    Medieval was my s***

  • Jipsy

    I spend more time modding then playing skyrim

  • Adam

    kids getting punched. this is my kind of video

  • Liam Doyle

    what gun mod does he use at 7:02

  • Hailey- Jean

    Your channel is fricken hilarious

  • Andrew Mccreadie

    What mods did u use for ur character

  • Sempai Sama

    I hear music in the back ground u screwed up

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