USLEEP Swap Masters Script Revised: Quick and Dirty

*NOTE* Do not change the name of the plugin that you modify if you are currently mid-playthrough. It may make inconsistencies and errors in your savegame.
Quick vid displaying visual aid to go along with the instructions of the USLEEP Swap Masters Script
Thank you Matortheeternal for your continued work in creating easy to use tools.
Please read the instructions from Matortheeternal on the USLEEP Swap Masters Script page for greater detail
USLEEP Swap Masters Script

Again... this video was not this loud on upload...
  • G Melford

    Thank you for making this video. Also thanks to the guy that made this tool.But honestly, I'll be the one to say it. They should've left well enough alone and stuck with separate patches!Yeah I'll eventually figure this crap out and get my Skyrim running again but as if farting around with Mod Organizer, Wrye Bash, Tes5Edit and a gaggle of other tools wasn't tedious enough now we get more hoops to jump through! JOY!I picked a bad time to do a clean reinstall.

  • Kyris Eiden

    What if you deleted the files you need?

  • Hikami Pribadi

    Shit, insanely helpful.. Thanks Man, keep up your good work!

  • AceTankerPaul

    I keep getting no dependencies cleared. Ughand with the legendary patch. My male argonian has a female head 0.o

  • WarcraftGod

    I have mods the use the unofficial patchs and i have some mods that use the usleep one. I the video but my mod told me SwapMasters: Some files failed to have masters swapped SkyRe_Main_Fix.esp="Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp". How do i get Skyrim redone to use the usleep and not the other unofficial patchs. All my other mods use the legendary patch just skyrim redone uses the 3-4 other unoffiacl patchs.

  • Ay Ayla

    Thank you for the video. I got the following problem: if I right-klick on the plugin after the background loader is finished and choose "Apply Script" I do get the same window you do, except the ONLY option available in the drop-down menu is: new save. I klick that, choose Usleep Swap Masters Script.pas and get the message "The file you chose already exists. Overwrite?" I klick yes, then ok. Nothing happens. At all.

  • Jet Fury

    Do you need to apply script to every single file that you want to swap masters for individually?

  • razrv3lc

    No matter what I do, I can't get the Usleep Swap Masters script to show up. It's not due to not knowing how to use Tes5Edit, either, as I've used DyndoLod which requires you to do the exact same process as this. Install your script into the Edit Script folder of Tes5Edit, then select the script from the dropdown menu when applying the script. It works fine for DynDoLod but not for this program.Edit: I got to snooping around and apparently Tes5Edit is installed in two different locations on my computer. I've got a Tes5Edit folder near my Mod Organizer folder but then there's another in my actual Skyrim Directory. If you're like me and you can't find the script, be sure to place it in the Tes5Edit folder in your Skyrim Director. It appeared as soon as I put the script in both of the folders just to be safe.

  • Terreformations

    After doing this my rs children follower and player are naked. I can get our armor back by reinstalling RS children but then my child follower all other children except my playable one are back to being butt ugly. cant figure that out. Reinstalling armor and clothes for kids and immersive armor doesn't fix this.

  • Paulo Baltor

    Thanks for the Vid, really usefull

  • UnIockables

    Do you need the other unofficial patches for this to work? If so, do you need them after the swap master files fix has been completed? I thought the point of USLEEP was to replace the other three

  • GamerPoets

    Linking to this video in my own upload later on tonight. I rather not post links in your comments section. If you care to check it out I assume it will be ready to view in the next couple of hours. Good work = )

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