Skyrim Mod: Temptress Race

The second slootiest race of all tiimeee

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Temptress Race by Psychos1s and Brokefoot
  • Night

    What is the race menu he is using? My race menu isn't as indepth.

  • Cloopy

    what's the slootiest though?

  • Prince SC

    is the temptress race available for Xbox one?

  • Pursuithammer

    this porn has good gameplay

  • Sheghostly

    Hey now, if they are touched by Dibella and all, they aren't in those temples to repent or anything! She's the goddess of love, art, beauty, and yeah, sex. My immersion remains untouched, not unlike other parts of my body.

  • Dyderich Schmidt

    Glasses in Skyrim?  Looks idiotic

  • Caleb Clark

    MxR, I have watched pretty much all your videos and you are one of my favorite youtube gamers ever i came across a mod that i think you should feature please check it out

  • The Gamer Cast

    i have this mod installed and the hair mod required for it work, and when i go to the temptress and switch to female, it crashes my game back to desktop. Plz help?

  • Bill Bob

    What is the customization mod??????

  • the veganTwink

    What is that armor set!I see it everywhere and i want it!

  • Xx_Gl1ch43v3r_xX 17

    what is the first slootiest race of all time

  • Noah Gray

    Eh, it could be slootier.

  • JellyBean Gurung

    1:26 alyssa exists in real life Alyssa Lynch

  • Elliot Blake

    can someone please port this to xbone

  • JennyM1998

    what is the armour Alexstraza is wearing in the beginning? I know he featured it in Mods Weekly but i cant find the video

  • Echo Narcissa

    I'm getting tired of all the bugs I keep encountering on Skyrim for xbox 360. How much does Skyrim cost to download it on my computer? Or is it free? Where can I find it?

  • darren eich

    whats the first slootest race?

  • PB&jimjam Pug09

    You this whole video: Fapfapfapfap

  • Jimmy Green

    What mod gives the ninja armor that your character is often wearing? And do you know if there is any mods that give a more enhanced selection of make up and hair colors?

  • Sweet

    0:00 that floating bolt quiver though

  • Shawn Bennett

    what mods were you running to have all those slidersd on character creation?

  • Ludwig Henriksson

    I came looking for booty.

  • Evander40Child virtaranta

    i have this xbox one few month by allie1718😶

  • ThatNinjaGuy4

    Ahhhh please I need that scarf he's wearing in this mod! How get??

  • jordy plays games

    make my subscribe with titties? ha! I don't need em, what with my gorgeous ass!

  • Steve Pichowsky

    Dude...Sasha was the prettiest. All in the eye of the beholder, eh?

  • Hal Williams

    00:03 thought I had Don't Starve open just then.

  • Valerie DeLuna

    I cant use the link to The Nexus :(

  • MeMyself and I

    Pricktess BotBot Bubblebutt race for idiots!! Do these females fashion scenario's? No? Then there's no Temptress then...ah...fubar

  • Lone Samurai

    I have Skyrim Special Edition and now im going through most of these videos to see which are available XD

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