Skyrim Mod: Temptress Race

The second slootiest race of all tiimeee

Like and favorite!

Temptress Race by Psychos1s and Brokefoot
  • PB&jimjam Pug09

    You this whole video: Fapfapfapfap

  • Matsya nagendra

    you can make their armor in ebony section of redtube...I laugh every time when I'm remember that hahaha

  • dolebiscuit

    They have surprisingly realistic body shapes and proportions.

  • camron shiloh

    we need these mods for ps4

  • Tony Hamilton

    How are their Skills with a Bow and arrow?

  • John Henry Adams

    Don't starve music

  • Evann Bibbs

    ebony section of redtube😂

  • Bill Bob

    What is the customization mod??????

  • Lone Samurai

    I have Skyrim Special Edition and now im going through most of these videos to see which are available XD

  • Hal Williams

    00:03 thought I had Don't Starve open just then.

  • The Gamer Cast

    i have this mod installed and the hair mod required for it work, and when i go to the temptress and switch to female, it crashes my game back to desktop. Plz help?

  • JennyM1998

    what is the armour Alexstraza is wearing in the beginning? I know he featured it in Mods Weekly but i cant find the video

  • Noah Gray

    Eh, it could be slootier.

  • Dark Halo

    what character creation mod is he using?

  • SuperJellysickle

    how do i pull up that advanced slider menu for bigger biceps?

  • jordy plays games

    make my subscribe with titties? ha! I don't need em, what with my gorgeous ass!

  • Devin McEachern

    Damn it! His seduction powers made me subscribe!

  • Argenteus Ignis

    Thought I had don't starve in the background

  • Morgan Freeman

    Kind of sounds like Jimmy from South Park

  • EJ Caliva

    Hey! How come the body of the temptress becomes invisible when in the racemenu? How do i fix this or which mods do i add?

  • Cloopy

    what's the slootiest though?

  • Valerie DeLuna

    I cant use the link to The Nexus :(

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    What's the first slootiest race?

  • JellyBean Gurung

    1:26 alyssa exists in real life Alyssa Lynch

  • Ana Stojković

    Is there anyone in mod community who realises that skyrim is cold and full of shit thus women need proper armour. JUST SAYING!

  • Sweet

    0:00 that floating bolt quiver though

  • Farhan Farhan Mirza

    Angelic Temptress is lot beter than normal one since it adds 4 races and ablity to fly with wings.

  • Xx_Gl1ch43v3r_xX 17

    what is the first slootiest race of all time

  • Pulse

    whatever that ability does, I'm still making my character that.

  • MeMyself and I

    Is there an aEBOMInationZ (zombie) race of retribution/filth/hype and drudgery ?!?

  • Elliot Blake

    can someone please port this to xbone

  • Caleb Clark

    MxR, I have watched pretty much all your videos and you are one of my favorite youtube gamers ever i came across a mod that i think you should feature please check it out

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