Zahkrii Do Dovahkiin - Skyrim Mod - WORK IN PROGRESS
  • Mandalore the Hunter

    looks pretty badass.

  • TheElderScrollsKing

    Hi, Ich bin dein 1.000 Abonnent. Bekomme ich jetzt was? :D

  • hanamomoya7

    Seems like an awesome sword! :)

  • Thaeldenodon

    uuh, das ist mal eine nette idee :)=

  • TheElderScrollsKing

    Wow, ich will gar nicht wissen wie wie viel Aufwand die Effekte beim großen Schwert waren als du es mit diesem Zauber belegt hast. Die einzelnen Punkte,wo es dann so geleuchtet hat, das finde ich einfach verrückt. Sehr gute Arbeit! Solltest du auch veröffentlichen.

  • Lucien Callidus

    The effect is triggered by the rage of the ancients shoutAnd this is a retex if im right

  • Tria Vang

    I just thought of an idea, when you shout, it takes and absorb your shout and uses it as a temporary enchantment until your shout cd is done or something

  • Leron Benari

    How do you get this sword someone please help?

  • Daniel T

    Waow AWESOME SWORD!In you flintlock Rifle video your character wears some awesome armor, what is that called?

  • Araedi

    while looking through the CK i came across the Rage of the Ancients Shout which is supposed to work along side the actual sword

  • Pavel Skasyrskiy

    а у меня меч даэдрический

  • sushimaster006

    Geiler Mod. Ein Vorschlag noch. Könntest du das aussehen des Metallls etwas verändern, denn die Waffe schaut ein bisschen matt aus (just sayin*)

  • Oleg Bogdanov

    Используйте крик "Dragon Aspect" .

  • Leroy Morin

    How do you get that weapon

  • Jordan West

    Does this work even tho you bought it on steam

  • Sheksl

    pls give link for this mod

  • Piggygaming13

    there should me a mod to spawn horses when u shoot ur bow and arrow

  • nln

    Wow, I love the letters on the side and awesome details!

  • Rhys Morrison

    You truly are skilled. This is one of the best looking weapon mods I have ever seen, and there are so many out there. Cannot wait to try it out. :)

  • Caljitsu

    For everyone wondering how to use the glow affect, first equip the 2h varient, then use psb The shout is called wrath of the titans

  • FrameEater

    how is the mod going hem?

  • Andrej Mezek

    How do i activate their power i tried shouting but it doesnt work

  • Loli Hitler

    I somehow have "Zahkrii Do Dovahkiin" sword in my "Dragonborn DLC weapons chest" ... Was this weapon meant to be in the Game or not?

  • derk vdHeiden

    is it done ? maybe a link ?

  • Hides_From_Sun

    it was meant to, but never got put in for some reason

  • Dell Rodrigues Sullivan

    how do I turn this sword?

  • knell18897

    Please share this mod for everyone and supporting it. NOTE: you can find this sword ( none mod version ) in coc qasmoke with dragonborn DLC instal.

  • Red Polscorp

    Very nice textures, but I would think that they would have had worked with some stahlrim or ebon in it. The handle is perfect though, because it has dragon teeth 8or bones) and looks like it would be covered with dragon scales. This is PERFECT. I would work on the blade, though.

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