Let's Play Skyrim Modded to Hell - 01

Here is the very first episode of Let's Play Skyrim Modded to Hell, a brutal Skyrim experience. In this episode, I create my character, configure my mods, hunt and skin a few wolves and sabre cats, contract Ataxia, gather some river water, boil some water, die a few times, and set out on my adventures. :)

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  • Jakob Gillman

    holy fuckin fuck that skill tree though xD

  • Dvex

    I really think that when Bethesda makes Elder Scrolls VI, they should include a lot of the popular mods from Oblivion and Skyrim, like backpacks, camping, realistic needs and diseases etc. I understand that Realistic needs and diseases would probably turn a lot of gamers off. But if they implemented it so it could be a "realism" difficulty that adds those kind off stuff, then people could choose. I think most people would like to play with it on tho.

  • rindoue dragonus

    nice mod list, but why exactly were you going the long way around to the river when you could have simply went over the hill. it would of saved you a lot of deaths an time

  • Jin

    i know this is 3 years late, but if you do another female nord, alyss would be nice

  • Daniel

    there should be an adrenaline mod, so when your in combat, things slow down a bit, and your stamina decreases slower.

  • DragonInferno99 Ω

    I really, really, really, want this hunger/thirst mod

  • McManybucks !

    Playing skyrim with way to many goddamn mods 2; electric boogaloo.

  • King Monkey

    I miss 2013. I should be careful with my limited time. Humans don’t live long. Shit!!!!

  • Erick Jaramillo

    oh my!! i reaally need to try something like this, i think it mekes you fell more inmmersive and even the game more deep, but first i need a good pc, a really good one

  • Airsoft Kid

    what mod adds the diseases and boiling water and stuff?

  • Omega Error Sans

    i never go over 36 mods it always crashes

  • Treemusick

    where is way to many godamn mods? watched it when it came out but want to watch it again but now can't find it has it been taken DOWN?

  • keithhh2892

    That's the most weeaboo Nord I've ever seen. Creepy

  • Charley Payne

    So you're playing on PC with an Xbox Controller am I right?

  • Sasquatchy!

    New Ho? You seriously named your character New Ho? Your mother must be so proud of you. Wtf man. Grow the fuck up.

  • John Eckman

    16:16 that is one small pussy :)

  • Florin Manolache

    blocking from unleashed mod is cheatyou have 100% block at level 1 with no need for perks and gearin vanilla block cap is 85% and you have a long way to do to achieve that

  • jacob stewart

    Are u gonna bring Ella back its all I want

  • LuciferDarkh

    Whats the list of mods you're using? that link isn't working...

  • KroWeN Gaming

    wow this looks so realistic :D( i love skyrim yes )

  • kong_pong

    what fov mod is that?

  • Oxtron Productions

    damn this is realistic whats next dying of the plague?

  • Jayce Aguilar

    WHY does everyone (most guys) have female characters seriously it's stupid. 😡

  • TehKarrot

    whats that kit mod you used

  • Dzh Panda

    I miss playing modded skyrim

  • Bruno Paulino

    I know this vídeo os very old but can someone tell what animal mod this guy use?Im using Animalica but my game don have this many diversity

  • HF Integrale

    Couldn't care less not "could care less"God damn it!

  • Nemesis

    If you had a chance to change your faeet. Would ya?

  • Jack Robinson

    you got your backstory from the book the name of the wind didn't you

  • The_One_True_Dovahkiin

    He sounds like a robot man

  • sage art shinobi

    Do a female thief/assassin on master difficulty

  • fransien esterhuizen

    make her name ashley.

  • Nobody Nothing

    Backstory: attacked by daedra when she was young, her soul left heavily damaged by their dark magic.And so she became a ginger.

  • Maximum Borkdrive

    Why do people like SkyUI? all it does is make the text smaller, and makes moving through your inventory 10x harder with WASD

  • NightDancer Gaming

    Nicely moded skyrim and you play on controller. Really???.

  • haider ahmed

    what is the mod that makes the grass and trees look so good please tell me thx in advance :)

  • Farthest Outpost

    The background story is kinda like....ecactly the Story of Kvothe from The Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

  • Mitch

    Does anyone know the name of the beginning menu music?

  • DESTINY -18

    Wow combat with these mods is really cool

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