Skyrim Mods - Week 104 - The Kinkiest Mod Ever?

In this week of skyrim mods we build stuff in Minecraft, shoot fireworks and torture naked womenz.

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Minecraft v1_0 by ChronusZ
Golden Sorceress Armor for CBBE body by davjes
Fireworks by Mindboggles
Hill House Returned by Ithlia
  • emopepzi

    reads titleWell shit, he found another one of those mods.

  • MI gaming

    i was 12 when i first watched this... my first time letting it out...if you know what i mean...

  • Dawg Hunter

    Dumb ass video, your a dumb aww bitch

  • elçin karakaş

    elçin karakaş .hotmail@

  • skae seer

    how tf can you even download this kind of shit

  • SylvaSylv

    One of the tourtures should be a guy raping a girl

  • Rl Hall

    did anyone else hear the steam dings and immediately check their steam chat

  • Branakin

    why does the character look like Trumps wife

  • Anthony Steele

    skyrim needs more tesselation

  • Professor Dollar

    SFX 0----------/100Voice 0----------/100Lotion AddedOne Handed Increased To 100

  • BeAuTiFuLLy_xXx_bRoKeN

    Don't tell YouTube 6mil views

  • Miles Stacy

    were is the TITTIES!!!

  • Loot5277354524 Loot-3432

    Grabs gun and point it at head and shoots

  • do you know de way?

    i like how he barely sensors anything

  • Dangerosu

    In case you didn't figure it out already: MxR is a sick sadistic little bastard >:). 7:35

  • GalaxyOfNeon ._.

    Unrelated but I got a League of Legends ad before the video

  • Noah

    He said he'll unsubscribe us from his channel. I don't think needs to anything YouTube will do it for him 😂😂.

  • Fabio Morandi

    Kinkiest mod ever?! That's false advertising, I came here for bdsm not guro XD

  • Christian Hansen

    So is your whole channel just clickbait?

  • Lenny PEG

    What mod do you use for the body of your women?

  • Musketeer17Century

    oh! minecraft mod? SKIP!

  • Kazi Ashfaqul Huq

    Whats the music in the intro?

  • Oughdrakal

    9:54 music from WoW WotLK I nearly cry because of this da feelz ;(

  • Titanjr31


  • Bitchy Potato

    What does your girlfriend even think about this channel? xd

  • Erik Smits

    Great video lol makes me wanna buy the game :)

  • Karamazov

    TF is happening by the door at 9:23?

  • Dino Loborec

    lol that is so weird aaahhhh lol bros dont be dum on this one

  • Boruto Uzumaki

    Shit tits this is a shit vid

  • andrew mlg

    10:02 UNCENSOR button pls?

  • navigator ofnone

    The Golden Sorceress Armor looks very nice 👍

  • XSonOkçu

    the best clickbaithmod ever

  • Vinnie

    my pussy brought me here

  • Rohan Tandel

    I remember like 4 years ago when I had no idea what Skyrim was this just popped up on like everyone’s recommended list on YouTube for no reason including me lol nostalgia.

  • My Name Is Hades

    Put the new Jessica into each of those devices

  • Nathanael Sallhag Eriksson

    So, you maneged to get skyrim age restricted on youtube

  • ManFat

    I liked how he censored just 2 things when there was clearly more to censor everywhere else in the mod review

  • Anubis Shadow

    hmm no wonder allot of es players are ani women with all these female torcher mods.

  • Obadiah Fraiser

    wen you click on a video to see the dislike countand ur dissapointed

  • GoobleMoWizard

    Why does this minecraft mod exist?

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