Should Modding Games Be Made ILLEGAL?! - Video Rant

There is a struggle going on right now for the ability to mod Grand Theft Auto V and Bethesda's games like Skyrim and Fallout 4. Companies would rather destroy fan creations to make more money then let their own community make stuff for fun!

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  • ionic0

    i think these rants are becoming my favorite vids, you talking about the stuff most don't talk more about.

  • catazxy

    Greedy fucks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • murpsvid

    2:34 I tried to do that with my pinky finger and coudn't unless my other fingers moved with it. Skills.

  • DreamcastGuy

    Why do companies seem so obsessed with controlling fan content? Greed can be a strange thing.

  • Arafat Zahan


  • Nathaniel Enochs

    I think the REAL REASON why TAKE 2 did this is because some of the players are going around and using some of those mods in ONLINE MULTIPLAYER and ruining the experience for people that are on the receiving end.

  • Gaming Kick

    Gaming companies then:"Let´s ruin perfectly fine games with DLC & microtransactions"Gaming companies now:"Let´s ruin perfectly fine games with paid mods"Great time to be alive! ;)

  • Shadow Heart

    lmao i hate gta because YOU HAVE TO PLAY predetermined characters... i am tird o game where htey putt you in a role SPECIALLY when its a criminal role... so if i could mod it to something good i would buy GTA .. so they are stupid... they are cutting sales

  • Edward Norton

    Hmm I think what take 2 is saying about banning mods because of the hacker community breaking servers. They're in the wrong for blaming the wrong person.

  • Nate Christensen

    Mods are evil!!!!!!!! They killed my dog and beat my grandmother

  • Game Glyph

    I just want to hear you rant about no Shenmue 3 reveal at E3! Come on "Dreamcast Guy"!!!! ;)

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