Should Modding Games Be Made ILLEGAL?! - Rant Video

There is a struggle going on right now for the ability to mod Grand Theft Auto V and Bethesda's games like Skyrim and Fallout 4. Companies would rather destroy fan creations to make more money then let their own community make stuff for fun!

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  • ionic0

    i think these rants are becoming my favorite vids, you talking about the stuff most don't talk more about.

  • Nate Christensen

    Mods are evil!!!!!!!! They killed my dog and beat my grandmother

  • murpsvid

    2:34 I tried to do that with my pinky finger and coudn't unless my other fingers moved with it. Skills.

  • Nathaniel Enochs

    I think the REAL REASON why TAKE 2 did this is because some of the players are going around and using some of those mods in ONLINE MULTIPLAYER and ruining the experience for people that are on the receiving end.

  • 7F0X7

    Fucking with modders is the same is declaring war on the internet...

  • david slade

    I can't see what's wrong with mods unless they are used for cheating in competitive gaming

  • catazxy

    Greedy fucks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eiad Tarabulsi

    Modding has been around since the days of Arma and Counter Strike Go. Now all of a sudden greed has taken over which, for all intents and purposes, has put at an end to creative freedom as we know it. Games such as, GTA, Skyrim, Half Life and Dota have had great mods over the years and those titles have continued to thrive as a result. It especially helps older titles in terms of longevity but I guess there are some video game companies out there that are too blind to see that. Modders are simply making changes to a game's offline content but not its online components so I don't see the harm in doing so. It all comes down to greed, greed and more greed, plain and simple.

  • DreamcastGuy

    Why do companies seem so obsessed with controlling fan content? Greed can be a strange thing.

  • Jusey1

    Firstly, yes. Rockstar and Take Two are assholes.Secondly, you're dumbass. You literally did NO research, did not even bother to read what the Creation Club is, then made up false information about it and lies, using them as proof that you're correct and that this is a terrible fucking thing, and blah blah... You're just spitting out bullshit because you're a dumbass who's afraid of the unknown.Yes, there is a lot we aren't sure of about the Creation Club, BUT from we do know... It is possibly a very good thing AND it will have NO EFFECT on modding, whatever. Nothing. Nada. Etc. The only effect on modding that it "could have" is when stupid modders get scared of this new thing, and then just stopped modding for their own dumbass reasons... Like seriously, don't spread lies and stupidity. You'll just make it worse... DO SOME RESEARCH and LEARN. USE YOUR BRAIN... Don't join the bandwagon.I'm a bit excite for the Creation Club personally cause I understand what Bethesda is doing. It's basically what Valve has been doing for years now with Team Fortress 2. However, slightly different with how it works... To quickly explain and teach you, since you don't know obviously... The Creation Club will be selling content made by in-house developers, partnered developers, and some of the best community content creators. AND, to get into the Creation Club as a community content creator, you have to flat out apply submit a full blown portfolio as well as other things to just get accepted as a member, let alone to get work actually going.If you do get into Creation Club, which is a big if... You can't even put your own mods on it. You literally have to post an idea to Bethesda and they have to accept it. Once accepted, you can then start MAKING the content and you'll be paid as you make it. Throughout making the content, you have to submit an alpha, beta, etc for Bethesda to test out and comment on. Which, we don't know much about how all of that will work. They might not even test it much for all we know, but I'm just saying... To even get to the point of selling a mod on the Creation Club... You have so many fucking loops to jump through, and you can't even use already existing content.So... Ye'h... You do sound like a dumbass in this video. I recommend fixing your mistake perhaps in a new video and be smart? Like I said, use your brain. We know you have one. Just don't join the bandwagon of stupidity.

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