Skyrim: Modern Dovahkiin

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  • Yuri Andrei

    This is so real! What mod are you using?

  • tweeg qweeg

    be pretty cool if you put a link to the mod....

  • Doctor Sad

    why dont you have a horse, u casul?

  • Nazeem Chillfurrow

    Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying, of course you don't.

  • Oreo Cookie

    why is he wearing the guard's helmet?

  • Marakalos

    The guitar shall increase his thu'um 1000 fold.

  • colby732

    They should have made a mod that replaced all the staffs with electric guitars

  • Ashley Burt

    U can't clime a mountain U can run up mountains wit a horse it a glitch

  • Cegemen

    can't I just take the sword?

  • JonJonTheReLic

    So, the modern Dovahkiin down graded from a jumping climb to actually using his hands? What blasphemy is this?

  • 0zerochanze0

    01:52 Jack would be proud

  • VicariousReality7

    Now i want a two handed guitar in game

  • napalmbom32

    That helm reminds me of SOLAIR

  • Francis Xavier Antazo

    1:52-1:55: The forest grew thicker after this scene.

  • Cpt.Slysah

    lol pentakill yorrick

  • Kcets

    The drums were trying to do too much. They're not in tempo in a couple of places.

  • Mr48FPS

    before i watched this I think...He owned some OVER9000 awesomness laser pistols and bass canons...But no :C

  • Rinjuri

    Rock their souls out!

  • Little Pony~

    if only real life was this epic

  • Marakalos

    I want a guitar that blows up stuff.

  • Yuri Andrei

    This is so real! What mod are you using?

  • Anthony Weissenfels

    would of been funny if they gave him a gun and he just shot the dragon.

  • Brendan W

    Yeah... Now to kill the dragons, I use this? Best day ever!!!!! Dragon, You shall die to music!!! DIE!DIE!DIE! Is that fire? AHHH!!!!!! HALP! HALP!!! NOOOOO!!!

  • Lolbster


  • Nicole Williams

    that's werde a guitar as a weapon I don't get it

  • Blu Hiubatto

    That's more like a geek no offence

  • Jerries711

    I would have liked the idea if they said at the end. " Now fight this dragon and prove yourself a true Dovahkiin!" 

  • Guardian of the Night

    must have been a hell of a concert in Sovngarde.

  • Globalist Survivor

    Well now we no what the Dragonborn does when we're not playing Skyrim.

  • Lord Flaglo


  • James Roper

    I actually like it. I don't know what's wrong with everyone else in the comments section. Get your heads out of your assess, and enjoy the music.

  • TheMeanBean

    Dovahkiin Dovahkiin not a single sardine.

  • assplank oranges

    here comes the pentakill mordekaiser to save the world from dragon

  • Levi Karkiainen

    I saw a swedish flag....that makes this video suck....

  • Kasu Kymera

    what did i just wacht?

  • Marakalos

    I prefer spell and sword just as much as the next guy, but this will make his thu'um heard.

  • Ashley Burt

    Modern dovakinWe use guns

  • Justin Tin

    it look like your humping 1:23

  • john vantarakis

    skyrim did not have darksouls hermet

  • eiebsrebla

    The Musical Battleaxe

  • js100serch

    For my taste THIS is the best metal rendition to the song. This one is frenetic, heroic, it has the chants, it keeps the essence of the song. Those others on youtube just doesn't feel right they are slow, they don't keep the heroic spirit of the song they just feel like a generic trash metal or whatever song.Too bad the MP3 is somehow damaged bad quality and the drumms are almost missing.

  • Gabriel Machado

    How the heck can he shout using a helmet!??

  • SuperTN A

    This is not I want to watch

  • Whoami691

    why was this not the cover for the final battle with Alduin?

  • TheLegendaryCookie

    Kill the dragons with Justin bieber

  • MetallicaFan0503

    pfft. that's a noob weapon. Give that guy an esp horizon usa

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