How to create a blonde virgin Elf girl in Skyrim (1440p)

1) Download and install the Ningheim race and all Requirements:
2) Download and install the Nouserheres Ears mod:
3) Create your char!

Wallpaper 1:
Wallpaper 2:
Wallpaper 3:
Wallpaper 4:


My PC:

My Video Editor:
  • My Name

    all ok, but she is not virgin. i know it. i know she is not virgin

  • Shneff

    how the fucking cunt does this shit look so fucking good, what fucking mods are you using because they looking fucking awesome

  • Aaron Antonio Sainz Bonilla

    That title is cringe AF

  • Junghwan Baik

    hHAHAHHA /why thE Fuck IS SHE VIRGIN THO AHAHAHA the fUkING title./-

  • PcGamer 54

    @TirexiHD can you give me a link for that armor mod

  • nevin jacobs

    this crashes my game every time i select it

  • John Nada

    You can actually feel the autism coming off the screen

  • Rebecca Jackson

    Lol. Definitely not a virgin.

  • Ricardo E Vinuelas

    7 year old game and nothing tops it to this day the best game ever. They should hire this guy for the next elder scrolls.

  • MrRubberSkull

    Quick question I do mods on my skyrim and I was curious of what skin texture and what enb and hair mod is that

  • Clorox Bleach


  • WHITE POWER ranger

    LMAO @ all the sexually oppressed losers, this is the closest you can get with a girl beside your mother LOLOLOL9OLOL

  • Gunnyc animation

    What mods are you using this outsanding

  • Tawny Owl

    Not virgin for long though.. Windhelm's barracks shall enjoy her.

  • Tankis Perfected

    I just wanna know the hair mod man

  • Lionheart1800

    i want the pretty elf but does she have to dress like that?

  • angry game man

    aaaand I stopped watching when you took away her cute freckles

  • Emman Cardano

    Make more of these tutorials please! Thanks! <3

  • SoyBlood 361

    what is the menu with the fonction "head" and "height" ?

  • Labinot Abazi

    So creating a good looking character is impossible i guess on ps4 without the mods i guess :/

  • Archie Ames

    The nice thing is this is one of the few mods of its kind that doesn't make the model look like an anime character.

  • jessewam

    So who is the virgin mentioned in the title? The player character or the player?

  • Mr. Fish Sandwich

    I could care less about the title and the video but please tell me what mod the race menu is

  • Kira TF2

    "blonde virgin elf girl" lmao i dont even play female characters

  • vocaloid uploader

    how to create like the videos?

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