Skyrim Romance Mod 3.0 #1: Third First Date

get the mod here:
  • Hazel Olive

    Awesome I was really hoping your. we're going to do 3.0 this is like my favorite series of yours

  • Helen Baylis

    I was really hoping that you would do this. You made me laugh so much on the 2.0 version.

  • Murasaki Ookami

    i love watching a guy play this but your the only male i find funny while you play this. xD

  • Ashley Wrigley

    I thought I was going to die laughing... You're hysterical!

  • WickedFace09

    * Bishop opens his mouth*OW THE EDGE! IT HURTS TOO MUCH AHHHHHHHH

  • P. E. Jarvis

    I'm loving this playthrough from let's player who is hilarious man! I have to re- watch playthrough again.

  • Skyrim Romance

    Oh my gosh my favorite YouTube series for Skyrim Romance is back!!! Thank you so much Grim I love your videos and commentary! You make me laugh so much I can't wait to watch you review the mod! Thank you - Mara

  • Lexi Cakes_02

    I have my notifications on for this channel but I never got the notification when it came out.... I'm so late... BUT IM READY FOR THIS SHIT!!!!!!! BRING US THE HUNKY SKYRIM BOYS!!!😂

  • P. E. Jarvis

    LOL , what interesting way to be introduce to Bishop by dragon!

  • Lesya

    Bishop has become more emo than ever lol

  • Mona Gnav

    I was watching the other skyrin romance video and they were boring AF!!! But this skyrim romance mod with the funny commentary, got me! SUBSCRIBED!!!

  • Hannah Karen

    OH MY GOSH! I was hoping you'd play 3.0! Your humour really makes me laugh.

  • Concerned Geek

    Oh nooooooooooooo! Im so ecxited!

  • Mia Myers

    Grim where are you? You haven't uploaded in a month are you okay?

  • Asher TheValiant

    we demand more! we demand more! if you end it we will riot!

  • billy bobby

    someone needs to port this to xboner one

  • Murasaki Ookami

    i think Bishop is in his 20's

  • Tyler Moore

    Hellz yes Grimm! Dick mods!

  • Phantom Net

    Okay claps hands backstory writing time!: While you were with Bishop again, the blondie from the first time around ACTUALLY came back! When he saw on how you succeeded with getting Bishop's memory back, raging jealousy coursed through him. (Sorry bout the horrible writing, I'm rusty, and I don't know if you have a backstory already, I'm late for the show). The blond boy, who's name escapes me, was so jelly that he sent a curse at Bishop. Bishop, being the dumbass he is, called you princess right before the fight, and you Fus Ro Dahed his ass flying, and ended up getting the curse struck upon you. You were sent to an Universe Alternation (like an alternate universe, but only some things were changed) where Bishop acted like an emo hot topic regular who just popped out of a cliche love story. And Lizzy once again, must regain the love her idiotic husband. Even though we both know she should ditch his ass and go for panty dropper in Solitude.There done, I absolutely hate what I just came up with, but eh. Nice video btw

  • HaskiD

    5:20 "did you get this at hot topic?" 😂😂 subscribed!!

  • MagentaCrystal59

    Damn! The more I see this, the more I wish it was on console! I don't care! I want this mod on my PS4!

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