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→ Check out this video showing you a comparison between GTA V vs GTA IV on PC. This one is shorter than the other ones I have made before. The way I'm comparing both of these games on this video is very different because I'm using the RockStar and Director Mode at it best to make a completely different video. I hope you like it and enjoy the video.

0:00 Vehicles:
GTA 5 has its improvements on the vehicles graphics, but GTA 4 is an old game to have high details on the vehicles.

1:51 Rain:
If I am not mistaken my PC runs GTA 5 perfectly therefore, GTA 4 runs perfectly too, but I counl't see any rain drops. ON GTA 5 you can see the rains drop however, even if you slow the time down it still drop at the same speed.

2:27 Water:
GTA 5, no doubt about it. GTA 5 water graphics has improved drasticly. Also, letting us swim down makes it more realistic.

3:23 Explosion:
Even though GTA 4 has some minor details when an explosion happens, we can't denied how realistic and amazing the explosions look on GTA 5. Some many small details that makes it more realistic.

3:59 Weapons Shots:
Not a lot have changed apart from the sounds of the shots and most importantly you can see the bullets coming out of the guns on GTA 5.

5:03 Vehicle Physics:
Same as the explosions. You can see so many details when crashing a vehicle anywhere. You can see the small pieces of windows being trown away. You can actually see some details on GTA 4, but they don't see as great as in GTA 5.

6:05 The Ambient:
You can see that in GTA 4 there are more traffic, making it look more realistic (without using mods). However, there is more sounds you can hear on GTA 5, the nature which makes you feel like if you are outside in real world.

6:55 The City:
For an old game the city in GTA 4 looks great, the atmosphere that makes it looks like the real New York. On the other side, GTA 5 has better graphics and a bigger world making it more realistic.

Ambient Dreams - Composer: Anders Mörlin
Walk Toward The Light 1 - Composer: Johannes Bornlöf
Poison Rain - Composer/Artist: Suffer City
Ambient And Atmospheric Trailer 2 - Composer: Johan Hynynen
Magnificence - Composer: Bill Ferngren
Unfinished Stories 1 - Composer: Magnus Ringblom
The Beast 2 - Composer: Johannes Bornlöf
Are You Afraid 1 - Composer: Johannes Bornlöf
Final Stand 3 - Composer: Johannes Bornlöf

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Feel free to comment, it's your opinion. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy it and don't forget to like the video and subscribe.
  • ROX!N

    I hate that wheel discs on the gta v Inferno

  • Punk Gaming

    The only problem in GTA 4 is that the graphics are grey...It's a little bit dark but Gta 4 is way better than GTA V

  • Andrea Mele

    Well it's obviously a unfair comparison , you're basing all your thought about the details and the graphic , but hey it went 5 years after GTA IV , it belongs to a new gen it must be like this ! The gameplay and the IA are lower and that's what really matter!

  • IronFallxGm Gaming

    Who cares about graphics gameplay better in gta 4

  • Ravindra singh

    Playing gta 4 it's boaring in a short tymPlaying gta 5 it's fun n fun......

  • Jakub Sidor

    1:07 in ,, IV,, we can see infernus wiht gta 5 wheels, in gta IV we cant get this wheels

  • Cesar Alvarez

    Terrible graphics comparison, different weather, environment, time of day, lightning is different, GTA 4 is on the fall while GTA 5 is on summer and in LA, don't compare reflections with lighting like that.

  • DD107

    As someone compered the 360 version of both to really see a real comparison 😕

  • merio

    GTA SA came out in 2004GTA IV came out in 2008GTA V came out in 2013There was less time between GTA SA and GTA IV's launch, yet you just can't compare those 2, they are centuries apart in terms of graphics. GTA V had 5 years if not more of development time and yet it's still comparable to GTA IV graphically speaking. That goes to show how innovative GTA IV really was. Trust me, seeing gameplay of that game back in 2008 was mindblowing, something, as far i know, GTA V couldn't replicate, at least not to the same level.

  • Tai Hung

    GTA 4 is blue and darker while gta v is more bright with detail

  • Budi Iskandar

    Hey Gta 5 Have More Better Graphics And Realistic And Physics You Can Push People If you Run And Better Story And He Have Random Mission And Stranger And Freaks

  • λ Dead Gartner

    나는 gta4의 뿌연 그래픽 자체가 뭔가 뉴욕을 패러디한 리버티 시티의 느낌과 굉장히 알맞는 것 같던데, gta5 그래픽도 로스앤젤레스를 패러디한 로스산토스에 굉장히 걸맞는 것 같음

  • Steven Shoemaker

    gta iv was so gray from what i remember

  • L3SH3S

    Kids play only GTA V and COD

  • · Anonymous ·

    Say's this song please)))

  • PessoaNormal }

    Difference Gta 5 have a more color Gta 4 its dark

  • Beshoy IB

    they need to combine them both together gta 5 graphics with gta 4 physics


    GTA 4 doesnt like seatbelt

  • Anshul Singh

    i hope GTA 6 = GTA 5 + GTA 4 ..... graphics + physics

  • Shawn Spencer

    The ambient should be changed to the ambiance; other than that, really good job on this video, dude!

  • 영창

    Put your seatbelt on nico

  • The Game Helper

    Stop fucking being sarcástic :/ it's been 2 years about this and u keep being fucked up here -_-First they already close who winned this was made in 2016 fucking god °-°Stop voting retarded kids

  • Michael House

    Wow is 2 gta is amazing

  • Zion Garrick

    crowbcat did it better

  • Creeper Rocket

    GTA SA Story,GTA IV Physics and mood,GTA V ( Or Better ) graphicsWould make the PERFECT grand theft auto game.

  • Alexander Comrade

    Comparison to textures and effects? Really? Other everyone who a just little experienced in gta modding, clearly see, its not vanilla V. Enb or other high text 4k or 8k resolution mod used. The GTA V not looks like this! And give up, accept, IV is much better than V. Btw the V is a pay to troll game, than the pay to enjoy.

  • Dobby Doo

    GTA 5 is a dumbed down downgrade from GTA 4, GTA 4 has better physics, storyline etc! in GTA 5 they just remove all the realistic futures and added a little better graphical improvment


    physics like flying from the windshield? he's not wearing a setbelt...people says GTA 4 have better physics for the reason of flying out of the windshield are very stupid.Kids these days.

  • SantiiR. RodriiS

    Yo prefiero gta v en cuanto diversion si quieren un juego que sea realistico juegen en la vida real y punto no jueguen juegos mi opinion . la mayoria de la gente prefiere gta sa y no tiene buenas fisicas 👍👌

  • TheOneAndOnly

    It looks like gta v is basically a brighter version of gta iv with worst physics than gta iv

  • Speed Demon360

    GTA v has best gameplay and is more fun

  • Yorgun Oyuncu 2

    GTA V for kidsGTA IV for Legends

  • Review Therapy

    And I still play San Address. :(

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