INVASION OF SKYRIM - Skyrim Mods - #208

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Minerva - Custom High Elf Voiced Follower by cloudedtruth and rxkx22
Holds The City Overhaul by Galandil
Invasion of Skyrim - GAT by Alex
Handcart - portable chest by wellsantos
Death Apple

Thumbnail by the amazing VictoriaG:
  • Ethan Gavette

    9:12 That's from Star Wars

  • Drosera

    Are the new npc's in 'holds the city overhaul' voiced?

  • YamiPoyo

    Thumbnail shows maleficent helm and wings what mod was it you clickbaiter you mxr.

  • KinghtofZero00

    2:11 why did she turn naked for a split second?

  • Hammer of Wrath

    The sound children make when they die is hilarious.

  • Nextshot

    That thumbnail... Where it was taken from ?

  • Vriska Serket

    Do you even Star Wars MxR?

  • Grimm Vance

    Anyone happen to know what armor/clothing she’s wearing at the beginning of the video? I’d really like to download it ;-;

  • Noyle


  • Hunter Long

    Blue palace in windhelm?

  • Azod2004

    What atone was that at 6:30

  • Maximus the Cockatiel

    “There are only four real cities in Skyrim”*proceeds to give 5 names*

  • Caleb Robben

    you know what dude i have been watching your videos for a year now i need to know what pc you have and everything about it what head phones what monitor what mouse EVERYTHING

  • JKM

    7:20 Fucking Mushroom

  • ~The Lazy Vlogger~

    Star Wars meets Skyrim (Chose are fucking awesome we need a Zabrak mod)

  • tijs de wit

    Tschiss, resistance, empires and a general named thrawn.... where have I heard that before?

  • Ixvy

    Says there are only 4 cities says 5 whole cities TRIGGERED

  • My opinion is stupid And doesn't matter but

    Oy which mod overhauled ysolda like that

  • Patrick Schwandt

    Anyone else notice the wind waker theme in there?

  • Ericsupreme

    "the blue palace in windhelm" tf

  • Hailey- Jean

    Mxr: blue palace is in windhelm Me just played the game the other day: *goes back and plays game to see if it’s actually windhelm or solitude cuz MxR said otherwise.. even tho I’ve played this game for over 100+ hours 😂

  • wu1ming9shi

    omg These cities interiors look a lot like oblivions ones! That's awesome.

  • Caleb Williams

    Ah Star Wars themed mods. Grand Admiral Thrawn was a douchebag. Classy as f, but a douchebag nonetheless.

  • Becki Simbeck

    That dragon age music though..

  • Ruke Sidewalker

    Nice Wrath of the Lych King Music

  • TheGreatSeraphim

    Fuck... Holds overhaul actually makes me want to goto more than one place now.

  • billy bob

    I know you prob won't read this but can u have a list of your mods

  • Squirty Buns

    Theres a nipple at 8:24

  • Zylix 130

    Holds the city overhaul, a mod that makes every single city look like something from Game of Thrones.

  • Yor Ki

    I feel like skyrim will never die And when you think it’s about to a new game comes out and people come back to skyrim for the nastalga(Cri I can’t spell)

  • peter price-sipson

    Thrawn and the chiss are from star wars and they're invading skyrim... I love it

  • DkXboxer

    Dude where the f*CK are the weredragons shown in the thumbnail? IDC about blue people I want those freaking weredragons. Dislike. What a poser.

  • Nicholas Gill

    2:10 It was nice knowing you MxR, RIP

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