SKYRIM ROMANCE MOD - 2 Girls 1 Let's Play Part 2: OCEANS OF THIRST [60 FPS]


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In all its astounding beauty and the creation of its innovative modding community, how can Skyrim still have an area that is lacking?
Romance is present in the form of a 3 line Bethesda “marriage” where your spouse becomes a hermit who makes you pies, and where mods have dabbled in it. For the female audience, however, the creation of a lore friendly and fleshed out companion is a subject that has gone untouched for too long.
Have you ever wished you could explore the land with a ruggedly handsome ranger? For a dashing knight to whisk you to a Grand Ball? Ever fantasize about capturing the heart of a Forsworn Chief? Do you want the men of Skyrim to recognize you for the beautiful, powerful Dovahkiin that you are? If so, you have come to the right mod. Skyrim Romance 2.0 provides that and more!

Over 100 new characters, 17 of which have their own unique voice actors.
Over 3000 lines of fully voiced dialogue.
Multiple choice dialogue. Feel like your character wouldn’t take Bishop’s sass so easily? Return it with your own!
Fully developed story.
High quality audio.
Exquisitely composed soundtrack.

River Kanoff — Voice of Bishop
Christian *Aranas* Gaughf — Voice of Cael
Daniel Pierce — Voice of Casavir
Hena Garcia — Voice of Neeshka
Ivan Causey — Voice of Darren (This character not included in 2.0 Release)
Justin James — Voice of Thomas, Marin and Frodo
Andrei Saar — Voice of Thorn
Aleksandar Ivicic — Voice of Arias
Brandon Kennedy — Voice of Raven
Mir Weiss Najibi — Voice of Anomen and Darian
Melissa Fabregas — Voice of Rose
Cary Crandall — Voice of Daniel the Bartender
Mara — Voice of Arie, Victoria and Tallia

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  • Mia Myers

    What's the animation mods?

  • Bonnie Manning

    I wasn't originally going to get this mod because i thought it was stupid, now I might because it seem strangely hilarious.

  • Tim The Enchanter

    ive never tried this mod before, only seen playthroughs of it, not completely sure i want to add this to the game now Dx so cringe worthy, npc's saying stuff noone in their right mind irl would say.

  • MegaphoneArtist


  • Mo Kassabian Svendsen

    maybe it's cause i ended up being a guy but, as a girl i never really had those fantasies. mostly i just was like yeah I'M A SPY! but it's interdementional! and also i have sexy/snarky co-spies and we save the world! oddly i never fantazied about actualy doing anything with them...

  • jibberjabberwock

    yes but the most important question is can you be gay in this mod let me romance bishop as a large muscly man and have him call me "prince"

  • Madam Creepers

    What Overhaul do you guys have???? The trees and water and everything is so pretty

  • Yours Truly

    Lol the mod is CRINGY af, just got it today.

  • zero9112

    22:04 Bishop's pose was like Must Not Fap!

  • Watson Holmes

    I work as a cashier and when men in general call me sweetie or hun or honey, etc, I hate it. (even when older women do it, it bothers me) Unless you're my family, or we're close, I hate when people call me shit like that.

  • Heku

    19:28 "well if i didnt know any better, I'd say you were the jealous one." collective exasperated scoffI just fell in-love with these two. why have i not heard of them sooner!

  • AGirlAndAGame

    Oh my god I love this XD

  • mindykinz

    Which mod did you use for the hair styles? I need more!!

  • Resto in Presto, you did your Besto.

    Nice mod, but Inigo will only ever be my true love.

  • SirthOsiris

    How Not to Get Laid: The Mod.

  • Miuu

    I'd honestly like to know what mods they use... like the better looking scenery (more plants in the cities, etc) they have and the eyes he has, etc

  • Lexi Cakes_02

    Does anyone know what they're playing it on cuz I did my research 🤓, I wanted to play the mod but I only have an Xbox one that has skyrim, but it said that the mod can't be supported by consoles, anyway it looks like they are playing on an xbox or some kind of console so I'm confused.

  • suka

    Skyrim Romance is getting a huge update pretty soon.I'd love to see you guys play it once it comes out.

  • PeanutButterZombie00

    This is the most entertaining playthrough of this mod I've seen since Grim Boozed did his "Lizzie the Lusty Argonian Maid" version.

  • WarHorseFilly

    Person: "One time I went horseback rid-"Me: I LIKE YOU ALREADY

  • B Wac of DOOM

    Can you give me I cannot pull what do than Romance the

  • Gabi Tramblay

    Bishop is literally squidward

  • αrl ɢrmeѕ


  • Sabrina

    23:28  "One more time" didn't sound like a threat.  It sounded like he was really asking for it in a "yeah... just like that!" way.  XD

  • Kyle C

    Better than a romance novel.

  • Alex Denton

    Ah screw it, I'm gonna download this mod just so I can kick his ass, it's just too tempting XD

  • demonichunny

    I absolutely loved this mod ^^ Bishop's voice is so sexy and I love the flirting he does when you're traveling. Now, because of this mod, I can't go back to normal Skyrim guys cause they don't talk to you like this.

  • ronald4349

    Why have these mods and then censor them out ? Seems point - less !

  • Madison Schmidt

    I actually really love this mod, the voice acting and such is really great!!

  • Shawn Herndon

    Could you post your list of mods? Specifically the environment mods?

  • Robert Martindale

    Bishop comes off as a low key edgelord.

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