The Best Skyrim Mods of All Time

This video features a collection of a large variety of different Skyrim mods, mods that I consider to be the best I've ever used. This list isn't exhaustive of all of the mods I enjoy, but merely features the mods that I think at the most impressive. Some of these mods focus on immersion, realism, and difficulty. Others focus on design, adding new items, weapons, armors, and npcs into the game. I will keep the list of these mods updated regarding their compatibility with Skyrim Special Edition. It's possible these mods will eventually come to console, but I don't own one so I unfortunately can't answer any specific questions regarding that.

All music from The Witcher 3 by Marcin Przybyłowicz

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Race Menu:

Audio Overhaul 2:

Skyrim Unbound:

Interesting NPCs:

Immersive Armor:

Immersive Weapons:

Ultimate Follower Overhaul:

Convenient Horses:

Immersive HUD:

Realistic Needs and Diseases:

iNeed: (Also included in Skyrim Remastered)

Unique Uniques:

Wet and Cold:

Climates of Tamriel:



Requiem The Roleplaying Overhaul:


Enhanced Camera:
  • Flyxed

    Are you using any graphical mods in this video?

  • שחר יצחק

    Witcher 3 music... Damn.

  • Nathaniel Soto

    Thanks for the vid! I really want 3dnpc but my computer cant handle it. I already have 215 mods and for whatever reason every time i try to install 3dnpc i get lag and infinite load screen :( :( :(

  • Frost Treant

    are you using a graphics mod? or is that special edt?

  • TwistedPad

    you didn't put CBBE inside.... such a waste :(

  • revx12

    i cant understand if you are a small child or a teenage woman

  • Leandro Goethals

    why isn't there a conversion between normal and special edition skyrim mods damn

  • The Dank Elf

    I need these mods on steam

  • Chloe Propp

    I'm really late.. but does anyone know how to change your Nexus Mod Manager from Skyrim, to Skyrim remastered. Cause I have a crap ton of mods that I'd rather play with remastered

  • Rj Westra

    Also skyui is a requirement for like 50 percent of good mods

  • TheBlueKnight

    With the last mod, why not just set it to legendary?

  • Brian Volek

    it's all about predator mod

  • rene silva

    1.- better inmersive horses rather than convenient... less scrips, you just don't argue with that2.-tryed out skyre... after requiem though it just feels way too pointless to play vanilla or any other overhaul

  • eizhowa

    The weather in Skyrim is so mild because global warming brought the dragons back. Obviously.

  • Orange Orange

    i like the normal ui

  • William Allison

    i was under hte impression UFO was defunct? fully replaced by EFF?

  • Sniper Wolf

    6:56 "there's so so many different characters added in"character has already been in the game chopping wood since release

  • Srikrishna Bhat

    I personally like to combine ordinator and wild cat.

  • Ajguile

    SkyUI will never be on console

  • Briar Gierhart

    audio overhaul breaks my game :(

  • Carter Wayne

    the background music is from witcher 3

  • carlos rodriguez

    i really cant recommend this mod .... aaaaaw :( enough.... yeeeeeeh :)

  • Vitor Voltron

    22:30 what armor is ?

  • Bloodmoon

    Helgen Reborn and make your own city are good mods

  • Kapil Sarma

    Your video helped me in selecting mods from the thousands of cool mods out there and i was, at first, started downloading everthing that got max likes and downloads. Thank you

  • Pope Osama

    Are you a boy or girl

  • Nataliee Jana

    Okay. But... There will be a Crash to dextop

  • a holy spanner

    real shelter is essential with frostfall when you go to sleep

  • dinoreah 2

    games where you don't level with npc only work with games that have a timing system to attack. Skyrim has some skill involved meaning that you can miss your hit if you don't attack in the right direction or you can miss an arrow shot. In ff or other older rpgs, the only reason leveling works is because the characters will hit literally everytime, but do very little damage or no dmage at all and will be killed in one hit. It gives you a sense of progression. Why do I want grinding in skyrim? Sounds fucking terrible...

  • Finn Harrity

    When you play a certain mod so often that when you see the game without it the world no longer makes sense... WHY DOESNT YOUR FIRE HAVE WEIGHT? I know it has no logic but I cannot play without ballistic spells... even in enderal I use it lol

  • Freedom of Speech

    Are all the mods that you mentioned compatible with requiem?

  • Sergiu Gabriel

    I am none of those people, I am here out of curiosity for your taste in mods.

  • Blaze


  • Usoo

    is this a girl or a boy with really weird voice?

  • Tyler Mcrae

    you're awesome these mods are great and you are so informative.

  • frosted flakes

    Wdym you have to click on the items to look at them? Just hover over them..I like the scroll feature and I feel like SkyUI would be extremely uncomfortable to use, but it is REQUIRED with so many great mods. :/ Still never installing it.I do think RaceMenu is better, but that's a little different from the inventory you use the whole game.

  • Mario Fumić

    +Koubitz great video :)

  • TrancoTechnizer

    The new version of the game, aka SSE sucks. And too much hassle to port everything over...whats the point ? Oldrim can look 10x better with only a single texture mod and an ENB.

  • WatterEgg

    You could try Alternative Start (if you're bored of the 20 minutes intro)

  • CzDeacon DontAskMe

    Skyrim SE everywhere... What a pity there´re not many of these videos for OLD Skyrim.. Because... Ya know... Not all people can run SE.

  • G-dog

    High king mod is the best mod of all mods

  • Goryllo

    It's fun because everything you said in the first 40sec of the video was already included in the title..."in this video, that I, a human being, made, with a computer, using a video editing software, with a mouse, and a keyboard, I, the same person as before, put all the mods of Skyrim, the videogame, which I, also the same person from before, think (with my mind) are the best, not in absolute terms, mind you, but when compared to the others" please don't be angry I'm kidding

  • Gabe A

    i didnt know you had a pc in your kitchen....

  • Daniil Isaev

    The Frostfall & Campfire the best!

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