The Best Skyrim Mods of All Time

This video features a collection of a large variety of different Skyrim mods, mods that I consider to be the best I've ever used. This list isn't exhaustive of all of the mods I enjoy, but merely features the mods that I think at the most impressive. Some of these mods focus on immersion, realism, and difficulty. Others focus on design, adding new items, weapons, armors, and npcs into the game. I will keep the list of these mods updated regarding their compatibility with Skyrim Special Edition. It's possible these mods will eventually come to console, but I don't own one so I unfortunately can't answer any specific questions regarding that.

All music from The Witcher 3 by Marcin Przybyłowicz

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Race Menu:

Audio Overhaul 2:

Skyrim Unbound:

Interesting NPCs:

Immersive Armor:

Immersive Weapons:

Ultimate Follower Overhaul:

Convenient Horses:

Immersive HUD:

Realistic Needs and Diseases:

iNeed: (Also included in Skyrim Remastered)

Unique Uniques:

Wet and Cold:

Climates of Tamriel:



Requiem The Roleplaying Overhaul:


Enhanced Camera:
  • Sicky

    I used racemenu to create an orc that looks half high elf

  • Piggey

    Im the f***ing Dragonborn - I don't get killed by blizzards!

  • Andmaj

    is this only for the original skyrim?

  • crispy crimson

    she listed every fucking mod that's not on ps4

  • Michael Thomas Smith

    Check out Haven Bag another great mod :D

  • bonk brazool

    skyUI gives a 4 seconds delay when opening (for me) dealbreaker.

  • Death Mwauthzyx

    The mod Race Menu is not available to SE players. What would you suggest we use as an alternative?

  • Delfez Delfes

    Very great list! I love the "Skyrim Unbound" mod!

  • Alperen Çağlar

    Thanks for video,even just watching it is enjoyable :D

  • Argonaut

    Hey Koubitz!Greetings from Germany. THX for your great mod survey. I like espacially the survilal aspect. I will try to survive in Skyrim next days...I think you arranged your videos very smart. Not too long, not too

  • Marshall Lee

    PC players: i hate the menu, i hate having to click on it for a description.😤Console players: Yah cause we definitely had that😅

  • Willybintx

    is this the load order? what if im using unofficial patches? help...

  • Noob Burger's

    Someone should create a Colossus from "Shadow Of The Colossus" Would be AWESOME as a boss fight too.

  • Liztomania

    If you manually install interesting NPC's can you get it to work on the new Skyrim Special Edition? It's my favorite mod

  • Tyson Duvall

    Will this work for special edition?


    guys play as female , girls play as male...okay, am i the only male playing as a goddam male ?

  • Zachary Manning

    you can put graphical mods on Xbox 1

  • MayorGin

    Sad how MxR gets more views than you for every dog shit video he makes...

  • Eric Steiburg

    Immersive wenches is the best mod ever, also better vampires is pretty good too.

  • dammit dan

    "can't recommend this mod enough"

  • SatiX

    Idk but the food, water, sleep need mod is give me a little bit too survival game feeling

  • Dominic Lee

    is immersive armours on Xbox?

  • Matt McDermott

    holy actual balls koubitz i just found your videos as a result of juicehead mentioning you a few times and wow! i love them. Subbed :)

  • Zach Higgins

    inTENTsely changes the dynamics of the game \m/

  • Shane G

    Lololol witcher 3 music at the beginning

  • Siris Bodkin

    Notice the witcher calm theme song in the backround

  • Phteve

    I never heard about Unbound until now! I too make new characters after ~10 hours usually, playing one storyline or so each character or starting over upon death.Awesome vid!

  • Toki wa ugoki das

    Yet i just download random shit

  • Braadkuiken

    just a question, are all of these mods compatible with each other?

  • Steve S

    is there an alternative for skyrim unbound? I can't get it on mine

  • Kross

    Someone count how many times she says "mods"

  • Eonhunter

    if only SKSE was compatible with SE

  • None Of Your Fucking Business

    i was 1:37 into the video and i decided to subscribe great video

  • PASSIVE -420

    skyrim unbound dont work for ps4?

  • Hollowkira

    if i were to install these mods together would their be any compatibility issues? if i only have these mods

  • Otaku Alexander

    Good, I was lost on what mods to try, Im completly new to modded skyrim, becuase i finally saved up for a decent PC :D so excited

  • Israel Pendergrass

    I love the idea of mods because it allows everyone to have their own Skyrim. Their own piece of Tamriel.

  • Christiaan Bell

    I love all of these. Downloading them all now 🤤😄

  • nuno silva

    i would add ETaC as a must (or a similar type of mod)

  • Brahian Stiven Garcia Torres

    why the people prefers ufo over amazing tweaks followers, the last have more options to custom

  • Gabriel Lorenzana

    Hunterborn is my favorite mod. It's freaking awesome.

  • Corey B

    i like to use Automatic Variants and immersive creatures. but the second one can be huge as it adds a lot more creatures.

  • Single light

    I wish that every mod was on every platform. I'm on ps4 and couldn't get the ones I wanted.

  • Championship Manager? Completed it mate.

    I just got a new pc which will be able to run basically anything, this is so useful to me, thanks so much!

  • Bastien Bovard

    better take SoS or the audio overhaul?

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