Skyrim Mod: Animations

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  • Laurence McCarthy king of Celtia

    it's not on workshop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GooberGunter

    The lever animation at 0:39 has never worked for me. I always thought it weird

  • KidZombiesPlayah /Frosty/

    Does it require FNIS?

  • ThePieMan

    Why does every modder choose a SKOOMA bottle for the drinking animation lol xDBring back tankards!

  • Indigo Julze

    Immersive First Person no longer has MCM compatibility so for people like me it is now unadjustable

  • sasawedx

    what's the name of the song at 2:20? anyone pls... no darude-sandstorm, not helpful

  • LiveAndLetDie423

    what is the mod with the different cast animation AND the weapon combat animation?

  • Giantdad

    What about npcs? Do they also have the drink animation when using pots on combat?

  • Lance Vance

    Does it work with Enhanced Camera?

  • Jonathan W

    love the little dance at the end where i assume Sven is like, what happen here and you just dance and be like oh yeah i did it!

  • gaba taka

    от 1 лица убого анимации выглядят.лучше бы сделали как на fallout.там есть mod animation project.

  • Shun Reaken

    Wheres mah smithing animation :(But srsly, feel free to recommend me some

  • Leto85

    The idea of this mod is amazing but the mod itself is very buggy. There is a build-in solution for every time a item becomes inactive but that requires you to go in the mod menu so often it really takes out the fun of this mod in general.I don't like to say it but it was out of frustration that I finally uninstalled it.

  • M Mirlas

    This mod made me clip through the floor.

  • Marwa ElNicklawy


  • dino seen

    One of the best outros ever, for sure.

  • Petr Ševčík

    is it compatibile with joy of perspective?

  • Charles Roberson

    Doesn't work too great, I like the idea but the animations are buggy and take too long to start

  • Justin Snyder

    It fucking asks me on every animation to pay 1.99 if I decline shuts skyrim off.

  • dstebbin

    I'm looking for a tutorial video that teaches me how to create entirely new NPC animations from the ground up. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Dapper Wolf

    do the animations play in first person if you have enhanced camera?

  • Spaz Destoya

    Pro Tip For Thieves: Disable the lockpicking animation if you are gonna lockpick illegally, because in some situations where crouching is necessary to remain undetected the animation takes you out of that state, making you visible.

  • Mosin Nagant

    Does this work with Enchanced camera?

  • Geert van der Hamsvoort

    At 1.29 your character crosses arms, which mod have you used for that?

  • Ferox

    why isnt there a mod where its animated how u go to bed or something like a waiting animation where u sit on the floor

  • Flashu2

    Will enhanced camera work in first person?

  • عبدالله الشمري

    i need for skyrim special edition can you give me ?

  • Josiah Byers

    Will this ever go to Xbox?

  • PsiJohnics

    Especially the lockpicking animation looks really cool and does a lot for my immersion. Also the looting to some extent.The mod is recommended and really cool with proper tweaking of the mod preferences, but the default settings are awful. 

  • heather blair

    Shitty undescriptive title. Breaks the flow of gameplay immensely. Wouldn't recommend unless you're into ultra-super realism.

  • That guy who likes Bathory

    Does anyone know what mod makes your character turn their head when someone is talking to them or an event is happening? I want to make a play through and just immerse myself

  • Mark Grosvenor

    Can these work in first person with the Skyrim Enhanced Camera mod?

  • Chibbles

    Why does the drinking animation look like you either ate something or sucked on the bottle?

  • ZizZazZuz

    Does this work in first person with Enhanced Camera?

  • Gabriel Zavadski

    Very good mod, updated, clean, no save bloat and no bugs, very compatible with mods and with MCM.

  • Marwa ElNicklawy

    Cathulhu why you so mad bro

  • Vincent Yu

    Animation tweets are really risky mods

  • TheMooManChu

    lol, smooth criminal. 

  • Vlaka

    Judging from user comments on the mod page it seems too much trouble to get running without a hiccup. 

  • VenomSnakeCZ

    Is there eating animation ?

  • Puzzling Centaur

    No wonder that I missed this mod even after searching everywhere for good animation mods (Brodual's description on another video was the first time I heard about this mod). It looks like that this mod has some weird game breaking bugs, even after more than a year of development. Bugs that shouldn't happen because they do not make sense and has nothing to do with animation, but some scripts apparently broke something. That shouldn't happen but it does happen. And because the mod is all scripts, it will ruin your saves forever. I recommend everyone to not install this mod. This mod might look simple and nice, and you might not expect it to ruin your game, but it will ruin your game, even now, at the end of 2015. It uses scripts and it is impossible to unistall it without further destroying your game, so you can say goodbye to your saves if you already installed it.

  • AciD

    Someone know an animation mod who just let us be able to reproduce npc animation ?

  • Courièr Rob

    I'd suggest ZF Primary Needs' animations. Its animations are far more effective and good-looking (accurate) compared to this mod. The only thing is that, ZF PN is a package type of mod, has needs simulator to it and a custom animations for it as well.

  • Lucian Zbranca

    Where i must extract the animations?

  • Olly Boulder

    I need the russian variant

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