Skyrim Mod: Girls of Skyrim - PATCH

Link to the mod on Nexus -
Hope you enjoyed the video!
  • Bas Alers

    How do you capture this footage in such high definition?

  • Thierry c

    hello everyone, I'm a modder and I just made the best mod ever - My mod will give you every powers. You will literally be the God of Skyrim. If you are interested, here is the link where you can download my mod: it's free and easy to install :)

  • Brye Luna

    The link is dead. I would like to request it via email.

  • Abominable Snowman

    Can anyone tell me what body mod he's using for his thumbnail? Lolz, I know, it's specific, and this video's at least 4 years old, but if anyone could let me know, it'd be helpful

  • A Rijkse

    It should be called eastern european sluts of skyrim instead

  • Stian Azarov

    lmao are this suppose to be beautiful? this is the stupidest mod

  • iCrazy Fruiity

    this mod strictly for pc?

  • MusicisLife8393

    This has to be the stupidest mod ever created. 

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