THE DAEDRA OF COLDHARBOUR - Skyrim Mods - Week 195

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Coldharbour Resummoned by Aipex8
Daedric Reaper Armor by Deserter X
BRG The Gourmet - Food And Ingredients by Borgiak
Skyrim Palaces Castles Enhanced - Royal Blue Palace by Sette
Moniko the Tattooed Beauty by SkylaSkyrim
  • McTwizzle Twist


  • Shadow Spoon

    5:29 you can still see the nip

  • TotallyNotAChildToucher

    Your fanbase are gonna lead society one day. I'm terrified.

  • Noumenon Drift

    man I hate these type of mod videos. so non immersive, lame textures, non lore friendly, all around just lame as fuck. smfh

  • Lily Fisher

    What is the name of the armor your character is wearing?

  • Carl Maiwald

    people eat hearts and lungs, I had it at a restaurant

  • charlie koshenina

    0:40 seconds into the video and he gets attacked by a polar bear 😂

  • cjnogodula

    A YT ad on a mod review with some nudity the greatest

  • Blackhole237

    I play a male character, thank you very much.

  • Bitchassnigga

    I play male charaters because im old school

  • TJChaos

    Bahaha 3:08 looks like Jess is saying "You ever make me do this again I will carve your heart out with a wooden spoon."

  • 0YAL

    do guys even exist in his game lol

  • Nipple Collector

    i play a male character mainly because the shouts sound better

  • Nickster Games

    I am not dying in a desert, I am sun bathing in a blizzard, thank you very much.But I am thankful I got to receive a male armor mod in my lifetime .

  • nikola Makarov

    OOOOI Heard World of Warcraft Wraith Of The Lich king theme!!!

  • the first weredragon were dragon

    I do you mother fucker

  • Akira Systems

    "The two jacked double smurfs" I like it xD

  • DLA Central

    What mods are on your character?

  • Grammsay

    "That's not fucking minced! That's fucking liquid!" - Gordon Ramsay's Review on MxR Mods

  • Ericsupreme

    fam those are dremora not daedra

  • texasdee slinglead

    😄 my boys play male characters. my wife would shoot me if I let them have big tittied slots. 😉

  • Bob Bob

    Dude can you stop doing girl mods. For 2 reasons. 1 i am tired at looking at tits. 2 i play a male charachter.

  • Kennywnorth Ken North


  • Viktor Kovalev

    спасибо за моды друг

  • Dominik Ffdfgg

    Ofen i called with long O

  • Jose Lopez

    deadric reaper armor. is there one for the ps4??

  • Reinhold Von Hindenburg


  • Victor Huertas

    damn busta, you got fat

  • Nepali Rai

    heart are edible mate

  • Thunder channel

    Swiggity Swooty, I'm coming for the booty. yo that's from BHD yo!

  • Richard Torres

    A dwemer iPhone for your character poses (random thought)

  • Alejandro Plascencia

    i wanna get a PC just to mod it beyond hell 😩

  • The Sus Boss

    Deserter X has risen to Todd-hood

  • Trai Moore

    1:19 the mushroom is moving

  • nopuedeser1997

    dat nip slip at 5:29 doe

  • Eric Trotter

    Anyone else catch that nip slip? Age restricted XD

  • Kazog gaming

    holy shit that fcking segway

  • TotallyNotAChildToucher

    Too many porn mods. I thought this took skill to make a REAL mod.

  • Seth Southard

    are the follower mods for Xbox 1

  • Spocklee

    3:09 that look doh! Like she whats to make sweet love to her on that table.

  • Dollar

    I like how you censored the boobs at 5:27 but no the vajayjay

  • Terror2211

    5:30 Nip Slip... That's some swell editing

  • Jettus 14

    eyy mxr dont be dissin the craft homie all my characters male

  • Michael BIRD

    hey I play AS an guy unlike those perverts

  • Lucas_Cosmos

    6:40 I used to only play male characters but and this is a big butt I made my 1st female character today and I'm never... going... back !

  • Cerberus 328

    has anyone done a good volkihar redo mod

  • Joe Braun

    These thumbnails are getting out of hand.

  • Panyo


  • Maxer4000

    cough immersive armor cough

  • Chris Brown

    Is it just me, is the background music from LoZ: Windwaker

  • Crusader

    Im such a lonerim like the only man how plays as a manIM SO SADHELLO DARKNESS MY OLD FREINDS

  • Kotoro Kun

    I hate this Guy, I swear to God he's probably a fucking Horny little Pedo

  • Dino10Boy Studios

    Some people play male characters u...

  • Mike Warnke

    ? Is it more common for players to play a female characters?

  • kiwil john samporna

    how do you activate the mod, i have it installed

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