ENSLAVED BY THALMOR - Skyrim Mods - Week 162

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Dragon Lilly - CBBE by betterbecause
Solstheim Landscape Overhaul by AceeQ
Sicarius' Refuge - A Hitman's Hideout by Elianora – Leianne

Templar Longsword by FrankFamily
TESV - Chinese Translation by Daxuehanhua
Death Alternative - Alternate Start Addon by BralorMarr
  • HGVhGVxJY 4Cz2xD0

    The picture replacement is awsome but when it comes to actual translation I'm not agree with this mod. Maybe according to the lore Windhelm is indeed saying about a helm not a helmet (as seen in a more commonly used translation mod), but why does Ivastead have anything to do with taxus? Why Helgen, a military fort is considered a holy place?

  • Sick Intros

    Chinese people are real?!?! I thought that was a myth.

  • Isaak Morningstar

    "This sword is more used up than your mother" I'M DEAD

  • Timothy Kirk

    Level 52 I'm not doing it at level 1

  • The Joker

    what is that pirate music?

  • Zoidian Obs

    what mod is he using for the unp Thalmor Minidresses armor the guard wearing?

  • bb1983 Snakebite

    dayum ... now i gota instal Skyrim again :D

  • Muhd Fatih

    nice Chinese talk.... hhahahaha.....very very nice

  • WolfPack Flare

    Fertile makes sense, ash kills things but when ash is added to soil it makes thing grow faster, so what lived before would die but because of the time passed there should be grass and herbs, you can look into this more but it's just like Pompeii the land around it now new over soil is so overgrown [geography]

  • geraintwd

    "4096 pixels of gilded boob garnish" :D

  • Janja

    I hear pirates of the Caribbean XD

  • Nicholas Zhang

    Where he was giving his awesome dub, this is what he actually said: Yes...yes my chinese is really bad don't speak chinese to me please, because I can't speak chinese ok?

  • m0b1u5j3t


  • NightRiserX 1

    My character, Dragon Lilly, Born a Dragon and animated wings

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