ENSLAVED BY THALMOR - Skyrim Mods - Week 162

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Dragon Lilly - CBBE by betterbecause
Solstheim Landscape Overhaul by AceeQ
Sicarius' Refuge - A Hitman's Hideout by Elianora – Leianne

Templar Longsword by FrankFamily
TESV - Chinese Translation by Daxuehanhua
Death Alternative - Alternate Start Addon by BralorMarr
  • Xavier Scholz

    "Murdering people's heads off"

  • Tut Tut Gaming

    Did anybody else realize the pirates of the carrabian music in the background?

  • Z4rrow

    That’s some kinky shit right there...

  • Atreset

    "Long John Homo Homo"Perfect chineese

  • SkyrimPrincess

    Damn that female walk mode is so bad. Couldn't help but laugh the character ran for the thalmor

  • GhANeC

    On that last mod, when you're trying to escape the Thalmor prison, how easy it is to break free of the shackles before you are executed, and how easy is it to successfully run/escape successfully.

  • Brecia Bloom

    What is up with the way she runs at the end I mean REALLY??? Her elbows are practically touching behind her back who's responsible for this stupidity?

  • HDeppix_101

    If Skyrim is Vanilla, then Fallout is Chocolate.....get it

  • Walt Man

    Your accent, yeah I know.. but I'm Canadian.. so let me see.. your pitch allows a very authentic Chinese. Keep at it MxR. I was gonna type Mandarin but I'll just get back to watching.

  • Bamboobird

    Mmmmmm you're graet speking chaineese

  • Trusty Snakes

    Turkish translation for Skyrim by Oyunçeviri did the same thing too. Game turns into completely Turkish after you install it.

  • Jack Powers

    i thought u were white

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