How to Get Skyrim Legendary Edition for free PC

In this video i will show you how to install Skyrim Legendary Edition for free on your PC.


chrome mega extension:

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  • Jhon Aldea

    i can't finish my installation because it say ISDONE.dll how do i fix it

  • Filipe Vieira

    Thankyou it worked. I recommend speaking louder tho lmao

  • Collin 25

    Shout out to all the dudes itching their nutsack rn 💯💯🔥🔥

  • MasterMineDude

    This works i tried many others walkthroughs this one help i sub and like have a great life man

  • Jackisveryweird

    The setup won't launch It says its not responding

  • Scumjer jumper

    guys this is probably the best chance you'll get the legendary edition for free. i tried this twice on different pc's and all works out perfectly. thanks you Cody


    Dude! Why so serious?????

  • Jaden

    Thanks dude, it actually worked. But next time please tell people that they need to turn of their firewall and antivirus to actually install

  • streetfire parkour

    Okay i am a real person and i am saying THIS WORKS. It did take me about 12 hours to get everything downloaded and installed but IT WORKED. I have played skyrim for years on my xbox 360 and recently started playing pc games. This is like the 4th video ive found on how to do this and this is the only one that worked. Game runs great no lag or glitch. If yours does not work you did something wrong or there is another problem because this does 100% work.

  • Robertox

    Everything works great! Though i have been having problems absorbing the dragons souls. I got through the first one you have to kill with the setstage command but on other dragons idk how to absorb them. I know this is due to the unnoficial patches but do not know how to fix it. :)

  • Mr. Duck

    help mine does not work

  • Hugo Angqvist

    Worked, if you know how to fix the few problems.1. Use "Megadownloader" when downloading it. Just press "Add links" and copy+paste the download link in the description.2. (a problem i had personally, might not affect all) I wasn't able to absorb dragon souls so i downloaded this: extracting it move the "Scripts" file into the "Data" folder then start the game. Glad if i was able to help anyone :)

  • BrickProductions

    remember kids, piracy alwyas works.

  • Ethan Downing

    Is it just me or does thus guy sound bella depressed

  • DPO 18

    I cant absorb Dragon souls help

  • Jeremy Martin

    if this doesnt work why do idiots like the video wtf

  • Maura

    When I try to launch to setup file, all I get is an error message saying windows can't complete the extraction, what do i do??

  • Barbar 23

    dont dowland you lost loot of time

  • SpOtVEVO

    Link doesn`t Open .Give me Another one

  • HotBuckets Youtube

    For those who say it doesn't work. Go out and buy it yourself, as far as I know. Nothing is free. This product is only 15 dollars. Go make some money. 15 dollars isn't that much.

  • Lisa Duffy

    wow it wont let me download becuase i need pro for some reason

  • riza hergun

    its stops at 60 procent and says that there is an error

  • DPO 18


  • Kachow Town

    anyone know how to get to the dawnguard dlc

  • Churito _

    It's taking me 1h and 55 mins to download ;-;

  • Jackson Lyman

    At the end of the video I SAW U ON AN XBOX SKYRIM U FUCKING LAIR

  • jaden577

    I can't play. It pops up with X3DAudio1_7.dll error, d3dx9_42.dll error, and XINPUT1_3.dll is missing from your computer. Help??

  • DigitalEmpire

    Need help cause it works but doesnt it closes after bethseda icon is seen

  • KidTriesToSing

    Does Not Work, When I Try To Asorb the dragon, it did not work

  • Gergő Bus

    Im trying to kill the first dragon and nothing happens when i kill him

  • Spetsnaz Kitten

    the mr dj repack is pretty buggy, id go with a different one.

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