THIS IS BEYOND MESSED UP - Skyrim Mods - Week 225





  • I Think Therefore I Am


  • Ace Kaizer

    Can anybody send me a link for the 2B follower mod.I cant seem to get it anywhere.Thx in advance

  • Duarte Silva

    Holy shit the follower form Neir Automata is a fucking beast, the blood on her hair

  • Sam Greenaway

    Yo are these on xbox 1 or just pc

  • dragonx889

    How do I get the mods?

  • Tornadowizard

    Mods Featured is wrong :(

  • Durty Dan

    The mods featured link just takes me to your setup.I already know you got a better rig than me dude.

  • Dah Python

    2B follower mod was removed from Skyrim nexus... Is there another way to get this mod?

  • Esan Lewis

    whats that violin song thats playing with 2b?

  • Duarte Silva

    Creepy dwarven armor, I could see that in TES 6

  • Bong Me

    that vigilant mod seems to be very silent Hill

  • dragon greek

    Looking for a certain model and I can't find it anywhere I don't know the name but what is about is you at a guard for a kid who is the daughter of talos and that group of Thalmore are after. you plz tell me the name

  • theepdon653

    So were those attacks 2b did in the video a separate mod? If so, can someone please link it

  • Anonymous Unknown

    Is this a pewdiepie voiceover😂

  • Alepap

    yeah i have glitch phobia i'll pass on vigilant

  • zeus lim

    Something is wrong with me, when I saw the rabbits, a voice spoke in my head “target practice, let's see how many arrows we can stick in one. Btw is there an A2 mod? Kinda like her more than 2B


    what armor mod is your character wearing?

  • Stallord8

    So the mods featured just goes back to his setup.

  • Michael Matar

    I have a question... What mod do you use to make your character look that good

  • luggi lu

    i dont want this channel to die ;(

  • Jason Fermont

    are the bikini armor stuff equipable on male characters? (pls dont judge me)

  • DaiNoShoujoNoYami

    Hey, MXR, your "MODS FEATURED" is just a link to your rig and setup. You might want to fix that.

  • Brenden

    Bro you put the link for your setup under the mods featured section in yo description.

  • Zlx

    Can't find the mod or the mod author on both Steam workshop and Nexus, 2B that is. Where the hell do i get my hands on this?

  • Jason Rurpight

    I am dimmer for having watched this carp is right up there with a conversation with the dude at little ceasers.

  • Death X

    " daddy no, daddy no, daddy no"" coming coming coming "Was so funny 😂😂😂


    looked for the 2b follower mod today and it has been removed probably due to copyright reasons

  • Stag Dragon

    I love how after a fair amount of installs into skyrim... it almost becomes it's own beast. For example, the guards attack pino as oppose to 2B XD

  • Odins Spear

    Do you try to sound like PewDiePie on purpose? Still liked

  • Broer

    I ain't complainin'. I kind of like this one.

  • Esan Lewis

    wait is pinno d name of d mushroom or d name of d mushroom mod

  • MegaJeydee

    what mod is 2b's dance move?

  • aceoverkill

    Love the NieR Automata, 2b Follower, that shit is bad ass!

  • Brunobrutus

    What body mod does MxR use when he equips the dwarven bikini?

  • Mateo Barrionuevo

    People that like skyrim tidies disgust me, i prefer roblox tiddies

  • Righteous Games

    Alright, time to start a lore argument. Even the game Skyrim isn't lore friendly. Skyrim is supposed covered in snow besides for The Reach which is a nice green area. Soooo who wants to make SKYRIM LORE FRIENDLY AGAIN?!

  • Angel Rojas

    Best thumbnail ever.

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