The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition Free PC

Tutorial on how to get Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition for free, Enjoy :)

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Mega Extension:

G-Eazy - Last Night (ft. Devon & KYLE)

  • ScrubKiller

    legendary edition includes the dlcs right?

  • bob swag

    Can you mod this version?

  • Moohiss

    toontown rewritteennn ayeee

  • Joey Greven


  • Kody Hall

    What's the description key

  • Olli Hakkarainen

    always after the installation of directx and visual c++ it says an error in russian and doesn't install the game

  • Abyss

    Make sure to go into your data files and uncheck "Unofficial Skyrim Patch" because it breaks your game and makes it so when you slay a dragon you don't get anything from it and therefore cant progress in the main story.

  • ThatOneDoggo

    Thank you so muck for this! I Broke my Skyrim for my Ps3 by accidentally stepping on it! Now i can enjoy it again! Thank you!

  • ELCHAP00000

    Thanks a lot if this works :D

  • Bobby Williams

    Dude your the greatest !!!

  • adrian orawski

    can i have question why it say me dll error ?? i realy want to play this game please help

  • Kattt

    Do mods even work on this version? I tried modding it manually but it hasn't worked. What are my options?

  • luc pietje

    An error has acured while unpacking during installation... any suggestions?

  • Rusted Razor

    when its done installing i get the message failed to extract .,.,.,.,.,then weird stuff

  • DreagleYT

    Abyss I know You From a Video Gmod By jmwlfilms Was It??

  • DrastikDonista

    downloaded from mega but can someone explain the winwar part to me? im so close to finishing.

  • Darrius Lee

    It just shows Skyrim is it normal?

  • Haters Vids

    i cant unlock dragon soals

  • CrusingRook

    do you get a copyright strike for doing this


    just started downloading it i hope this works

  • Giorgo Almirakis

    during the installation part , everytime it reaches 60% it shows that there's been an error and that i should retry the installation

  • GOP

    Is this legal? Would it be okay since it came out so long ago?

  • aaronlink127

    Stupid mega bandwith cap. Now it will take 8 hours.

  • Cait

    i cant get mods to work, i have dowloaded a couple and extracted them into the data folder where the rest of the data files are, i have tried extracting them while they are in the data folder, but nothing i do seems to work, when i load the launcher up and go into data files it just shows what is in the base download from mega. from there it gives me the option to go into steam workshop, but it wont let me log into my steam, says its incorrect, so i triple checked my info, didnt work, tried changing it to ensure i was correct, didnt work. from there i tried making a new steam to see if i could get into the workshop from there, but guess what it did not work. dont know what to do, would appreciate some help, whether someone can make a tutorial vid for just the mega version and run through it step by step so i can follow it, or reply with some help. sorry this is my first time modding, so i guess im just a tool. until i recieve help, i guess ill go hit the jet or something

  • OnetrueMorty

    this is spyware for the love of god don't download

  • Giorgos Chiras

    Wen i try to extract it it ays ome files are corrupted

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