CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! - Skyrim Mods - Week 156

Murreh Christmas and Happy Saturalia! :)

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LIAT - Lively Inns And Taverns by Demidekidasu
Wet and Cold - Holidays by isoku
[LB] Santa Babe

A Festive Christmas by Absinthe

Christmas Catsuit Armor for UNP by Carter641

Nyotengu Christmas

Tiny Little Living by LOLICEPT

Skyrim Climate Overhaul

Music used:
Karmin - Sleigh Ride
Santa Baby - Megan Nicole
Vazquez Sounds - All I Want For Christmas Is You
Ariana Grande - Santa Tell Me
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (cover) Megan Nicole
  • Bill Ching

    Hm, whats the title for this fabulous song intro?

  • Peter Richardson

    cant u find a real woman ha. clique nerd

  • - sandgrains -

    Isn't Braith a Redguard?

  • spencer Cillgore

    what is that skimpy xmas bakini he keeps showing in these xmas specials????

  • Joshariath

    5.51 .... 0.o Very Immersive!!!!

  • Toni Perucca

    Anyone watching in March 2036?

  • Taylor Gaming

    Who's watching in 2210

  • Deutsche Hierarchie

    I am so downloading the form fitting santa suit. Yay sexy cameltoes!

  • Deutsche Hierarchie

    Neither christmas nor santa claus exist in the elder scrolls. Knowing that, I made a fanfic with santa being a serial killer in skyrim that stuffs his sack full of chopped up body parts of dead people he killed and decks the halls with their guts.

  • Nugroho Pangestu

    no wonder my present was late

  • Hayden Northrup

    what episode sis he get that teenage braith follower he talks about

  • WarlordofDectruction

    I love imperfecticious armors like this 😋

  • Systamatic

    insert many Lenny faces

  • Ladinate

    R u just trying to get boner likes

  • Challenge searcher

    Hey MxR Mods. How do you get that Emily follower /armour for Xbox one. I must have it

  • Classy Ninja

    This shit is gross crap

  • Lu Bu

    Hahaha very funny :D

  • sans 4life

    someone please port the armours to xbox 1

  • Animas

    "i even went as far as giving alex a facial... change" -Mxr

  • Edwin Mejia

    I'm confused at how you and your followers managed to fit inside the Tiny Little Living mod.

  • mason knop

    a like for a sweet roll? DEAL!

  • Chad Karruer

    Alexstrazsa's juicy cameltoe is all I want under my tree Christmas morning......yummy

  • Keith Wright

    As I have Sworn to my atheism I am triggered but I will make a fire bomb out of my stubborness

  • Marcohazard

    Fun Fact: Tamrielic Christmas is a thing, it's called New Life Festival.

  • Deutsche Hierarchie

    you never mentioned the swimsuit mod shown at the end or the slutty outfit mod mrs Claus was wearing.

  • DimaSTR

    Alright, where is the sexy tits?

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