Mari's Stream that was #2Spicy4Twitch

In which Mari reads her erotic fan fiction and some twitch staff come to tell her how spicy it is. Also i can't stream nude skyrim mods anymore. -- Watch live at
  • mjtechnoviking44

    It's ok Mari. You're safe on tumblr.

  • Mimi Monster

    So... even the Twitch staff member loved your fanfic. I'm thinking the take-home message (you know, beyond the humiliation of getting caught) is: finish the story. It's really good.

  • its an axolotl wow nice job

    "Chat can still be thirsty."

  • Mia N

    I'm crybing this is great

  • Jesus Denmark

    Yakul is the name of Ashitaka's red elk in the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke

  • Turki

    I think bishop is grumpy because he has a huge dong and tight pants trust me it affects the best of us

  • Jonathan menegalli

    "geek remix will be now on vimeo"

  • Karol Pietrzak

    Twitch staff- The ultimate kinkshamers. STAY STRONG MARI!!

  • devils scowcroft

    I feel like I'm the only one who gets a little bit upset when Mari starts playing the other mod, like I'm here for Girl with the dragon heart not the Romance mod.

  • Squeezie_ B

    Oh, yeah. The woman that created this mod did plagiarize A LOT of other modders work.

  • w0lfy

    I can't believe twitch itself came to kinkshame you ;P

  • misterbuck12

    Watching this before it goes age-restricted, but man, I was not ready for the Bishop succ and his hung and veiny schlong! The reason I kept watching was because of the saucy fanfiction.

  • teddy -

    I don't understand why everyone in the chat loved Bishop he was so rapey :(

  • Zach NoneofYeaBusiness

    What's the part where Twitch came in?

  • dONALD42

    I was waiting for a ""Keep reading, I'm almost done!" comment...

  • LittleMikey

    Oh man that ending was hilarious. Though I'm not surprised seeing as we got full on dong action at one point xD

  • Mir A


  • MioMaiaRaia

    I'm gonna watch this extra spicy sauce later cause I'm assuming NSFW👌

  • Pam Jarvis

    I love this playthrough ; except twitch staff. By way , you could had fully heal and restore magic through level up during battle. As for Bishop , you will learn heartbreaking story on why he acts like he does further down romance story and he does get better when he is fully committed while staying as his snarly bad boy self.

  • Kaleidxx

    I hope Mirai comes back. <3

  • King Kool Kattz

    1: gonna get Twitch banned 2: more than likely will get age gated on youtube



  • LeComitissa

    I hope someone made a full comic or fanfic out of this.

  • Magikarp48

    Mari's reaction to twitch staff appearing on her stream cracked me up so hard, but I'd feel the same in her situation

  • Daddy Devito

    What a great way to end a stream.

  • Marko Maksimovic

    slin even followed her LMAO

  • Out Of Space

    What you guys don't understand is that she's under watch now. The Staff will always watch her Streams in order to make sure that she's following the rules.Which totally SUCKS. (RIP GeekRemix. Home of Spicy chats and Streams)

  • Abstract Aspie Moon

    Slins's awesome, aww I missed it XD

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