SORORITY GIRLS OF SKYRIM - Skyrim Mods - Week 229




Special thanks to Bryan Jones, bishopau, Adrian Woodin, Sam Blair, Tomarty, Garrett Wills for their support on Patreon!


Centaurs- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail immersive add-ons - daggerfall) by Mihail Romanov
Navies of Skyrim by danya23
Draw - A Dueling Mod by Gobacc
Sorority Girls of Skyrim 10 in 1 Followers by Asherz and Pajiman
Dragonfall Castle by Lazz
  • The Hacker OMG just came out in august but amazing. does not get enough support!

  • ScalyJoel

    Not that they just have longer dicks, they have longer sticks. I am still laughing

  • Carly Payne

    What mod are you using for the armor your wearing in this video?? Love it!

  • Sojirosaito

    "Slightly disturbing but highly intriguing". Manslayer reference or too far fetched?

  • Sheogorath

    Was it your first time?? HA No matter

  • BaconForDays 1713

    The ONLY thing I disliked about Dragonfall when I first got it about a month ago, I couldn't get the guard armor because they are invincible.

  • Steven The Gamer Guy

    Can I sit in on a meeting of the Council of Sloots? I need it for... educational purposes.

  • Skyrim

    7:50 what is that armor? or is it included in the sorority mod?

  • Silvax

    7:26 omg Jessica chill out

  • Zzarcon1

    How many modders don't know how to navmesh? Like really?

  • morgan mayes

    your sarcasm and humor has me in tears

  • Dr. Jay

    The council of sloots? That be a twist for the Fellowship.

  • Attack On Resident Evil


  • Timo

    XD i got that one with link is down below

  • Raven Voltaire

    What armor is that before the intro?

  • Jacob Whitebread

    And if the other person is a... PUSSY...

  • Who Dares Wins

    Does anyone know what skin mod he is using currently?

  • StalkerGames

    What armor is it? :v

  • Renato Monroy

    Geany's voice at the endis just perfect 10/10

  • Brani Condic

    Hey MXR, you should really make a video on how to install some of these mods, I personally have a hard time installing certain mods. I'm using NMM latest, and non LE Skyrim latest. Thank you MXR you are awesome!

  • Brianthegreat

    Yo MXR I don't know if you'll see this but a shitty mobile game called "War and Order" stole gameplay from one of your skyrim videos and used it to advertise for their shitty clash of clans clone. Again I don't know if you'll see this but if you do you may want to dmca them seeing as they've done it with other games as well. They stole trailer footage from Mountain blade bannorlord and Banished.

  • ReubenLalnunzira

    what is that armor she is wearing when she attacked the centaurs?? the one with the red shield...someone pls tell

  • Crusader

    B E G O N E T H O T

  • yegins

    Dude i remember watching your early vids like before 100 and man it felt like skyrim was so realistic back then


    is this special edition or regular

  • CyberFrostGaming

    That bleach Espada music tho

  • ManiX207

    springans.. ... would you plsstop socializing with them .. we'Re looking for a real fight here.. . totaly got me of guard xD

  • Shawn Wang

    wpw that mod make me like playing guild war 2

  • Espeon D. Green

    Hey your character is actually the player model or is it some npc or mod? if not, care to share the link or command?

  • mackyrulez

    I died at fuck you balgruuf

  • Zeoz

    4:35 What mod is that? How's your character walking like that?

  • Toby Hull

    Lol, bloody 29 episodes of this since god damn 2015😂

  • J'____sit

    Can someone please tell me which video of MXR's started with a bunch of girls dancing and they all turned into trains?

  • zhu osment

    oh my, what's the enb and texture used during that Bruma part! i meant where in the forest, the wilted leaves spreaded on green grass.....

  • Ztuclie


  • Collin Glory

    Looks like some titty nipple at 7:47

  • Dante Thompson

    These videos always make me horny....

  • Atari

    could u ever make a mod video without sexualizing women?

  • the dark Crow

    Were can i find mod for castle

  • Shatteredhorizon

    yes this is an old video but the naveys of skyrim why isn't this on xbox one

  • mandarics

    I want to ask something. So i'm started using creation kit and i want to know that for skyrim or skyrim se sould i make mods?

  • Dwight Keller-Williams

    do centaurs have 2 hearts?

  • Xypher


  • ya boi Adansin1

    How is MxR Able to play skyrim with all those mods and stability? When I try to play mega modded skyrim, it will crash near whiterun or bleakfalls barrow, since I'm beginning the game anew

  • Qazac The lynx

    Still can't find the body model he's using. Rip me

  • NobodyNaboru

    What's missing from Winterhold?Me: Classrooms!Sororities!Me: Oh...

  • The Mistro Miner

    What was that armor he was wearing?

  • Fierce Deity Link

    I love that last mod!

  • Crue313

    What mod is that shield from?

  • Bahamut the Dragon Can someone please tell me what this armor is? I really want it for my skyrim and I haven't seen it in his videos let alone seen him list it

  • Tyler Langston

    I was gonna say they have centaurs in Oblivion until I realized that those were minotaurs.

  • EndLessDream

    Anyone knows what mage robe replacement mxr uses for the sloot sorority girls?

  • AncientWolfGirl

    Why does this guy sound like pewdiepie

  • DeathIsLight

    What fucking ENB and water modds and weather mod is used in this god damn video

  • laiion

    When you are trying to do #NoFap but keep on watching MxR's Skyrim videos....

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