SORORITY GIRLS OF SKYRIM - Skyrim Mods - Week 229




Special thanks to Bryan Jones, bishopau, Adrian Woodin, Sam Blair, Tomarty, Garrett Wills for their support on Patreon!


Centaurs- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail immersive add-ons - daggerfall) by Mihail Romanov
Navies of Skyrim by danya23
Draw - A Dueling Mod by Gobacc
Sorority Girls of Skyrim 10 in 1 Followers by Asherz and Pajiman
Dragonfall Castle by Lazz
  • CyberFrostGaming

    That bleach Espada music tho

  • Akshay Prakash

    Which skin and body mods u use?

  • Sven Wold

    Skyrim belongs to the Nords

  • darth revan

    Did you fucking teleport that cheating knifing bitch to a realm were A train with no train tracks to hit her will a rainbow filled the sky!@!!! Shit I thought I was a bad ass I'll be sure to stay on your good side budy old pall lol as a matter of fact I'm leaving the lake right now and subscribing...........please don't hurt me ...

  • SonOfsamedi1

    with the duel mod, u are able to throw a pommel at you foes to end them rightly??

  • AlmightyCow1

    Centaur review was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

  • Phatchara

    your sarcasm and humor has me in tears

  • Izaaz Syazwi

    Skyrim is six years old, til now, i still play from time to time, communities makes it alive, keep up the videos, we still enjoy all of your contents..

  • warlock040269

    The college acceptance rate went through the roof for any sloot as soon as you took over as archmage MxR

  • Dr. Jay

    The council of sloots? That be a twist for the Fellowship.

  • Cassandra Allberry

    @MxR Mods, what armor is your chick wearing? And earrings?

  • ManiX207

    springans.. ... would you plsstop socializing with them .. we'Re looking for a real fight here.. . totaly got me of guard xD


    is this special edition or regular

  • yegins

    Dude i remember watching your early vids like before 100 and man it felt like skyrim was so realistic back then

  • Peter Huson

    Why does he sound like PewDiePie

  • Griffin Pyros

    omg! Recorder, I heard Recorder! Sorry, I'll contain myself... I just wanna give her a hug though :D

  • Klick master

    Click baaaaaaait!!!!!!!

  • Ciri

    1:47 What armor mod is that?

  • GoldenPuma

    7:59 Someone make that sword into a mod!

  • enonsages

    You are in top 10 best narrator (in my opinon) Love this channel , mainly the Skyrim part

  • Pie Games

    Mom: hey what are you doing up there?Me: Watching people play skyrim! Mom: oh... then whats with all the noise?Me: im punching the wall!Me: im gonna write a comment about this and people will think im joking.

  • Gabriel Nexus

    Which mod is that red dragon shield from?!

  • The Mistro Miner

    What was that armor he was wearing?

  • Nitroxone

    Can't find his dragonbone bikini on the nexus, where is it ?!

  • Dante Thompson

    These videos always make me horny....

  • ReubenLalnunzira

    what is that armor she is wearing when she attacked the centaurs?? the one with the red shield...someone pls tell

  • darth revan

    Hide your kids hide your with Centars are raping everybody up in here

  • Cormac Phillips

    Yet again you find the best mods

  • Steven The Gamer Guy

    Can I sit in on a meeting of the Council of Sloots? I need it for... educational purposes.

  • Phoenix of love

    What is that armor at the beginning?

  • fireonloser1

    1:07 Clearly so skilled she can file her nails on the grindstone without hassle.

  • John Knapp

    What mods do you use to make your Skyrim look so good?

  • laiion

    When you are trying to do #NoFap but keep on watching MxR's Skyrim videos....

  • Generale R

    Please, someone tell me the name of the train staff mod I NEED IT IN MY LIFE

  • Espeon D. Green

    Hey your character is actually the player model or is it some npc or mod? if not, care to share the link or command?

  • Ger Vang

    Those centaur proportions though...

  • Raven Voltaire

    What armor is that before the intro?

  • Garroy


  • Michael Leonard

    This is a random thought, but to me you sound just like PewDiePie!!

  • Fishie Fish

    The council of sloots. Lol

  • Exit Humanity

    The horse part of the centaurs is too small. It looks cartoonish.If you give the sorority girls five shots of tequila can you get them to les out? That would be the most immersive mad ever.

  • DeathIsLight

    What fucking ENB and water modds and weather mod is used in this god damn video

  • Peter Parker

    You sound like pewdiepie

  • the dark Crow

    Were can i find mod for castle

  • Xavier Vera

    i want my very own council of sluts xD I missed your channel :3

  • mackyrulez

    I died at fuck you balgruuf

  • Douglas C

    skyrim belongs to the hott girls

  • StalkerGames

    What armor is it? :v

  • Minecraftsweg2020

    I sat through a 2 minute ad for this MxR, and I did it for you. I hope you're happy.but for real, it's worth it so long as you can keep making these.

  • Ericsupreme

    How are the sails bent when there isn't any wind? Unimmersive

  • Juls Barz

    instead of abs.....NIPLES!! bwahhaahahaha!!

  • Silvax

    7:26 omg Jessica chill out

  • Shatteredhorizon

    yes this is an old video but the naveys of skyrim why isn't this on xbox one

  • zhu osment

    oh my, what's the enb and texture used during that Bruma part! i meant where in the forest, the wilted leaves spreaded on green grass.....

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