ROMANCE MOD 3.0 - Skyrim Mods - Week 227







Special thanks to bishopau, Adrian Woodin, Sam Blair and Tomarty for their support on Patreon!
  • MauKazumai

    Roses are blue, Jimmies are fucking, Silles are mucking. What the fuck have I made?

  • [AXIS] AudibleRanger DMS

    Bishop's armor is badass

  • CheesyBadger

    mate can you fuck off with your perverted mods?

  • BishopValentine

    MXR: Females... if any of you are out there; I summon thee the 5%, show yourselves! slides in You called?I AM READY TO MAKE A MISTAKE WITH BISHOP!

  • Phil Battiste

    Damn, Bishop is a savage.

  • AnubisG0D

    Great video as always MXR! Oh can you pls tell me what ENB you are using for most of this?

  • Samantha Foley

    Speaking from the perspective of a woman here, I really don't mind all the content on the nexus that caters towards a man's "aesthetics". It may or may not have permanently shaped my own personal sense of "aesthetics" though.

  • TMX

    were do you get these mods from

  • iiMausGaming

    What's the outro remix?

  • Greg A.

    Wow. A new Chesko mod. Thanks!

  • IanPeon

    Women don't actually like dicks, they just tolerate them.

  • Nebulous

    what armor is alextrasza wearing? mod name pls

  • Jared Knoope

    This may sound a bit/a lot gay but I REALY want that romance mod and I'm a dude don't judge me I just want to know what happens if you slap him again... And that kid is a lot more immersive

  • Telkarin

    how about you just shut down your channel :D

  • Couter XxX

    I love love... they feel so GLORIUS upon my sweet ass.

  • Mizu Sky

    only 5%? w0tIt's bigger than that bruh, we're like WoW players up in this bitch. You just don't know how big the numbers secretly are.

  • Sometimes Im Bored

    Mxr im sorry you cant get paid as much for this channel but im glad to see you having at least some fun playing skyrim and fallout with your girlfriend. Your videos were the first i ever saw of the modding community back in 2013 and im still watching today. back then i was looking up a walkthrough for skyrim legendary edition on the 360 and found the glorious world that is skyrim modding i then went from a console normie to buying my own pc then basically rebuilding it from the ground up. Ive made 2 of my own mods that though unreleased do exist and just wanted you to know you have changed at least one life and that your skyrim videos are still enjoyed today.

  • Dimitri Yakushev

    so basically you're scamming your patreon supporters by cutting the amount of content they're donating for in half

  • Shazza Bish

    "I'm a man. I'm a man. I'm actually a dude. You just married a 22 year old Asian dude. nerdy as hell too. Really skinny" HHNSNSHAHHAHAHThat mod was the stupidest shit ever tho tbh

  • Cinder Bug

    I'm a beginner modder. I want this mod, man. It seams like a pain in the ass to download it all! there's a bunch of steps and confusing files you have to move around and just UGH. I would literally PAY someone just to do it for me. Mods this good need to get sent to Bethesda and turned into disks or DLCs that you can buy so the modder makes money and so does Skyrim. I can't even wrap my head around how I'd even get this to work. I suck at files and doing all that zipping stuff. I have to do hours of research before understanding how to mod. fml

  • Schnake Eyes

    Not family friendly content.. so YouTube is getting rid nom family friendly content .. ok we'll just go elsewhere faggy cunty sjw nigger YouTube

  • Anime lover

    Whats wrong with liking jack sparrow?

  • SilverDragonGamin NL

    Whats the ending music called?

  • buki moons

    yes I love the romance mod

  • Skeletons from Hell

    5% female and this sounds like the mod i've been dreaming of. now i need a mod that makes bishop an argonian.

  • The Sage of Steel

    Bishop, Casavir and Neeshka? Someone had some strong Neverwinter nights 2 fantasies.


    I was with ya Since day one brahhh...

  • Cyber Tech

    "Most revolutionary primary needs mod"Hand goes through mead bottle

  • falatalane

    Does anybody know what walk mod is he using ?

  • Kristoph

    I'm your son my names Julian

  • GaryLazerEyes!


  • Dretz

    You have to talk about what happened last night with the accidental stream. Don't hide it.

  • Minecraft Player

    Damn son MRX is gay as shit

  • Adam Hakeemi


  • ladyaya01

    I have heeded the call! I come forward as part of the 5% female audience of your MxR videos. Lol. Really though man thank you for all the work you have put into the videos you have posted, I have laughed, learned and have downloaded some of the featured mods that has enhanced my Skyrim gameplay greatly.

  • Yang Xlaolong

    what mod do you use for your character?

  • Steven Buie

    What was with the little demon girl?

  • TheZambiez

    Alec looks like Dandelion from the Witcher 3

  • Gerit Braakma

    If its twice a week u should change THE intro from weekly to twice a week

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