ROMANCE MOD 3.0 - Skyrim Mods - Week 227






Special thanks to Bryan Jones, bishopau, Adrian Woodin, Sam Blair, Tomarty, Garrett Wills and TCGames65 for their support on Patreon!

    You sound like pewdiepie

  • chris nathaniel

    What happened to every 2 week mod skyrim?

  • Radley Gamett

    Fuck YouTube little bitches

  • Danny Bouii

    Did any one else cut off once he said he loves moist ...

  • Matt K

    Hahaha Henry, you're awesome!

  • Chad Wade

    fucking hilarious bro

  • Un General

    hey MXR Im finally getting Ads for most of your videos ;D

  • Moka Chane

    what mod do you use 😂 like your mod of skyrim is 100% better then mine is it like Realistic mod or ?

  • Racoaren

    I was dying of laughter for most of this to be honest. Subbing :D

  • Pyre

    Sad to here you are also hit by youtubes newest shit to piss off people. :(If the youtube staff isn't fucked in the head: someone should fuck them in the head! This will secure they have anything than a vacuum in there.The new monitarisation policie is just garbage. Its like they do not want to keep creators arround their channel. Who needs normal people if you can have Jimmy Kimmel and Katy Perry here. They will bring home the bacon. Not the 4982038320923590 other channels here.

  • WoomyNator

    Why do you sound like pewdiepie?

  • Hannah St. Clair

    Most of the women who play Skyrim are fine with the nexus just the way it is... Hey ladies ;)

  • Virginia Jones

    honestly I'd love this mod. except I only have an Xbox 360

  • Dfine MIKE

    Is this vid monetized? There's an ad.

  • RXB Gaming - top quality

    you sound like pewds

  • Simon Lampard

    Dagger part was gold

  • YNPuzzle

    whens the next episode???

  • Melania Majda

    Hey! It's the 5% :D

  • Leardo Taylor

    5:30 The hell was that O-o

  • black hole

    Wonderful! A mod that my sister can finally stop bickering me in finding a game where there's a character that can resemble those 2edgy4u dudes on other games.Bless you.

  • Nelly Fashion

    I can't deal with how he keeps calling Julian a mistake. 😂😂😂😂. Is it possible to get this mod in the ps4 skyrim? lmao I want it

  • nordic_mage

    you sound like pewdiepie lol :P

  • Philip Moffitt

    Love how you said you had no more ads on this channel, and not even 30 sec an ad pops up.

  • Jeremiah White

    I don't recognize the child/girl npc @2:19 - 2:21 , looks like a follower of some kind, since she seems to be wielding a shield. Anyone know the name of mod?

  • CHUCK Norris

    It felt like i could change him. 😂

  • niko counce

    No offense but you sound exactly like PewDiePie lol.

  • Erykah Adams

    I usually stop watching for long periods so I can binge anyway so I'm good 😂😂

  • Thina Lubbe

    I hate Bishop soooo much and wish this mod would let you choose who you want to pursue. Its an amazing mod but made for one particular type of girl to enjoy and that is not me.

  • bearattack

    wait, wait a sec i got an AD!!!

  • Moesha Brown

    I really wish romance mod would be for console, it's too big right now. :(

  • Rael Lawrence

    I got an advert on this vid!

  • Dragon Emperor

    Does anybody know the button to physically pick up items?

  • Marius Jäger

    This channel makes me want to kill myself! I can't believe I watched and took the videos seriously a few years ago.

  • The Violence

    What face/body mods do you use for NPC's? I'm too lazy to dig through this playlist

  • T Rosebud

    I female have been summoned. I shall accept your offering

  • nekros prime

    Basically he loves 💰

  • Logan Maleski

    Alex has a bigger boob size than mxr's mod count

  • skinny jason

    does it come in special edition?

  • Lady Fiona

    That romance mod looks awesome! thanks

  • Noah Inuzuka

    is it just me or does he kinda sound like pewdiepie?

  • Beybladerocx2

    I'm new to this channel, and I noticed this guy sounds a good bit like PewDiePie xD

  • Stacey Thompson

    Female skyrim player right here

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