ROMANCE MOD 3.0 - Skyrim Mods - Week 227






Special thanks to Bryan Jones, bishopau, Adrian Woodin, Sam Blair, Tomarty, Garrett Wills and TCGames65 for their support on Patreon!
  • Borderlands808

    Y you trying to sound and talk like Pewdiepie??

  • Marie MacLawder

    I'm currently imagining an ocean of dicks, with huge waves of dicks crashing ashore, leaving their dickly presence to slowly roll back into the sea of dicks.

  • Deivids Mednis

    xD awsome comments xD thumbs up dude :D

  • TheWillieLee

    Get your own sponsors and then you'd get paid.

  • Skyro HD

    What texture mods are you using?

  • Luneandre Eldrith

    Rien a voir avec la vidéo, putaclick.

  • rubenego1234

    mod til ps4 and is the safe


    Pewdiepie secret channel?

  • Jack McConnell

    You sound like Pewdiepie

  • FaqUrNwoBS

    so guys playing as a female and has to seduce guys...sounds like camouflaged gay propaganda to me

  • ray n

    "mistake and skip 6 years" is marvelous description of that!))

  • Lamb Sauce

    I see your dragon age references

  • Psiioniic

    M O I S T T O W E L E T T E S

  • Peril Ignus

    L E M M E L O S E N T H O S E C L O T H E S

  • Nikolas Peterson

    That fucking Gamerpoop reference was primo as shit 😂👌

  • SSQ Team

    what the fuck HHEHEHEHE

  • Zek Bukandara

    Best quote ever " i just completed a whole dlc about ****ing a dude" LOL

  • bradley townson

    so rename your channle biweekly????

  • Jerry Stoner

    Why does your voice seem so similar to PewDIePie

  • Tango Charli

    Please make a video from start of installing mods for xbox one

  • Hal Williams

    What is that outfit at the start?

  • DostThouEvenDerp

    He wonders why his videos have low monetization, yet he is spewing sexual references every other line. Come on man. If thats the type of content you want to push out, then you have no reason to complain about monetization issues when you clearly have no regard for the basic content guidelines. The amount of innuendo and inappropriate language you use in your content is exactly why advertisers don't want their ads on your videos.I streamed some Overwatch a few days ago. There were people in the voice chat shouting "cock sucker", "mother fucker" and a few other choice words for almost 5 minutes. I left the voice chat to avoid all that and my video still got hit with the yellow $ for minimal monetization. If you can't adapt your content in order to make a decent profit from the videos until YouTube builds that trust up again and the advertisers decide to come back, then that is not YouTubes fault.

  • Bradley Rabbit

    This guy sounds like pewdiepie

  • Kevyn1125

    My sister reaction on skyrim romance:YESSSS!!!!Mine:what why how

  • Louis Wedderburn

    He sounds like pewdiepie

  • Ger Vang

    The only game that does anything with kids that I can think of is Fable.

  • LukewarmRaptor6

    WTF, but i had two ads about a phone game O.o

  • First Last

    this romance mod is for men to learn what women want. this is course material

  • Mine Shi

    you're hilarious..ahahaha gawd ill replay this again >w<

  • Cat Manning

    Sorry, I just now only got the summoning.

  • conor monahan

    Love your videos man. It's been a while since I have watched any but you sound a lot more like pewdiepie than I remember xD

  • lymphy12

    dude try doing stand up

  • Josie Kendall

    I subscribed simply because you're hilarious

  • The wolf pack's Elemental galaxy wolf

    you...sound... like...pewdiepie?

  • Lord Of Hollows

    Bishop and Neeshka? Neverwinter Nights 2 anyone?

  • WolfyDraws :3

    Yoooo u sound like pewpewpie but I’m new here and I already love ur vids!!!

  • Shadow By the devil

    Guys I didn't know I was in the romance mod 3.0.

  • colly407

    How can you say that, when there are two ads on this video my friend.

  • Anime Babe

    What's your animation mod like when you sleeped

  • Breidyn Neilson

    May I ask what mod you used to make your character beautiful

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