Skyrim Mod Tool TES5EDIT : Cleaning your master files (REVISED)

Skyrim Mod Tool TES5EDIT : Cleaning your master files (REVISED)

This video is aimed at showing Skyrim mod user how to clean the official Bethesda master files using the TES5EDIT tool.

EDIT: This video was originally released with a small error in that I loaded Dawnguard.esm when cleaning Hearthfires. So I fixed that mistake and re-uploaded this.

TES5Edit Cleaning Guide :
  • Killshoot DO

    hey what is this red color or green ect on tes5edit?

  • That Guy

    I did everything exactly the way you did in the video and now my game crashes when I click continue at the menu.wtfHelp pls :(

  • Nairen Ringen

    my dlc deleted lol i downloaded free

  • huihi hiohjio

    I know it has been posted a long time ago but it's never to late for a big THANK YOU !

  • Dampiir

    Do we need to tick skyrim.esm & update.esm when cleaning mods or just the mod?

  • BlakeSmith17

    well I'm still crashing after selecting continue.

  • pizzadictos

    I'm in love with your voice

  • Arne Sterz

    U saved my game file / game save THANK YOU!

  • Mad Jack

    This is incredibly useful, even now. Thanks.

  • Smegma Poppins

    Ha Ha. Like an idiot, I followed the instructions in tandem to the very end. Now I have to repeat.

  • Atlas

    So I did everything Gopher did, and now my game CTDs instantly. I even recovered any lost files from cleaning. When I try to load my save game I get the "relies on content no longer available message" and as soon as the game loads, CTD. Tried a new game, CTD. I think I may have to start all over with my mods...

  • Slender Scrubbington

    Thank you so much i was confused af reading those "guides" on the internet

  • Pomegranate Mistress

    I tried installing TES5edit but it asked me what app I wanted to use to open it and so I selected Internet Explorer..... I think that was a mistake. Is it too late for me to fix this?


    Doesnt work, registry not working with it.

  • Jacob Sheppard

    Random question. When I run LOOT, it comes up with "TES5Edit found x ITM records and X deleted references" messages for a few of the mods. Should I run the cleaning on those mods?

  • doomy08854

    can we use this same tutorial for tes4edit? meaning to get back into oblivion since ive never really beat the dlc

  • joshie 18

    hey gopher!!!! thanks a lot dude! i know it's old, but can you do this with other mods? i mean those you've installed apart from the major dlcs?

  • Nora Dee

    It should also be pointed out that you have to clean the Dawnguard ESM file twice. If you clean it once and have LOOT scan it, it always tells you that it contains dirty edits, so after cleaning it the second time it will remove those few lingering issues.

  • Rj Westra

    do i do this same process for skyrim unofficial or legendary patch? and for other mods if they havent been cleaned by mod author?

  • UglyKaast

    Why not clean Dragonborn? I cleaned mine since you referenced cleaning future DLC. Thank you for taking the time to make this guide.

  • Rmanwide

    I was wondering if this video is valid for SSEEdit. I guess it's an updated mod tool for Skyrim Special Edition.

  • Job Seeker


  • rat

    undeleted 91 lmao my game was fucked

  • OmikronPlays

    want to thank you, for this video and also for your immersive HUD... THX A LOT man

  • Shelen Sheylis

    Oh God, thanks, it saved my life, aaaand I hope it will stop crashes of my game now xD

  • Daniel R

    Five years old and still helpfulThank you Gopher

  • Jack Holland

    Hey could you do this but for SE ?

  • SoWhatIs ItWithYouTube

    Hi! I've followed your instructions up to the point where it asks me to save, but I can't. It says there's an error: [00:00] Error saving Cannot create file I'm thinking this might only work for those who bought the game as for me I just downloaded it for free off a youtube video.

  • Snuttran

    I play on a vanilla Skyrim not a modded one, do i need to do this aswell?

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