Skyrim Mod Tool TES5EDIT : Cleaning your master files (REVISED)

Skyrim Mod Tool TES5EDIT : Cleaning your master files (REVISED)

This video is aimed at showing Skyrim mod user how to clean the official Bethesda master files using the TES5EDIT tool.

EDIT: This video was originally released with a small error in that I loaded Dawnguard.esm when cleaning Hearthfires. So I fixed that mistake and re-uploaded this.

TES5Edit Cleaning Guide :
  • Jared Larson

    Here's an idea, when you hit the steam page and going to verify the games integrity. YOU TELL PEOPLE NOT TO DO ANYTHING BEFORE YOU START CREATING EXTRA WORK FOR US!!!

  • Calvin Turner

    why will no one say what happens when you clean skyrim esm?

  • StoriesAndPringles

    REALLY appreciate this video and how insightful and easy your teachings are here. I stressed myself on how tedious and how intricate it will be do to this "tes5 edit" thing for ages but you proved it simple and easy! Thank you so much. This is the quality content I'm subbed for :)

  • Niklas Norberg

    Awesome tutorial, won´t forget!


    Will this help making crashes from having a lot of mods less frequent? I get 2-3 crashes here and there when I play through my skyrim.

  • Kirbyfan -

    does the same thing apply to dragonborn?

  • JeDi LiNk

    Don't have steam tho :/ do i need to verify integrity ?

  • Q Nelson

    Did everything you said in the video and I still can't get the game to load after clicking play. I am at the point of just deleting everything and saying fuck it. I only have about forty mods too. :/

  • BlazinKushFTW

    I'd like to thank you, I stopped playing Skyrim because I mod the hell out of my game and know hardly anything about it. I cleaned only the master files and my frame rate is back to normal it's amazing. Thank for the video I would of ruined my game on my own.

  • X6GrimReaper9X

    If anyone is having problems with getting TES5Edit.exe to work for Fallout 4 simply rename it to FO4Edit.exe. Figured I'd leave this here in case anyone cared. Cause that was the issue I had.

  • Braden Dodge

    Gopher, your videos rock

  • Championship Manager? Completed it mate.

    Why can't there just be one fucking button that does everything for you, I have broken skyrim so many times and I never want to fuck about with the files ever again in my life.

  • Mrzombie295

    This guy is flipping LEGENDARY. He actually got me into the modding community and cleared up my foggy topics.

  • Matthew Knudson

    I cant believe it took me nearly 600 hours to finally clean my Master files and it took just 10 minutes roughly. I must have deleted dozens of characters by now because somewhere down the line their saves would break. Thanks for the simple and quick tutorial Gopher.

  • Oblivionnightshadow

    Did you listen? ONLY UPDATE.ESM!!! ONLY THAT ONE; BITCH!!! ONLY UPDATE.ESM!!!!!Thank you so much for this great video, still, 5 YEARS later it is one of the most usefull modding guids ever.

  • MAzing87

    +Gopher I watched this video a couple years ago, which made me subscribed to you. My question: Is there a TES5 tool for Skyrim Special Edition or can I use this tool for it?

  • HylianEchoWolf

    This tutorial saved me from so much frustration...I was the idiot that cleaned EVERYTHING and broke the game...thanks so much for this! FYI there is a new version of TESVEdit which is also aided to great effect by the Load Order Organizing Tool aka LOOT, which will tell you what to clean as well as auto-sort your mods (which is a huge help). Only clean what is necessary, especially if something like Guard Dialogue Overhaul functions on the dirty edits does not need cleaning (LOOT will tell you). I made this huge mistake and my game just stopped working and I had to find all my mods again abd repopulate my files and backups...

  • Belnadar

    Hey @Gopher or someone else I have a little problem my Tes5edit is intigratet into MO and every time i clean the Update.esm it creates at the override folder not only a Tes5edit Backupt but a Update.esm too(and if I remove that there is no Update.esm at all in my files ......a huge problem xD) do i handle this pls help ^^(sry for my bad english)

  • Braden Dodge

    @Gopher Out of habit, I tried to right click your recycle bin an empty it lol

  • camorph

    I do this with all the dlc or only with those that cause conflicts, main I mean silo ago with all mods installed or only with those that cause conflicts

  • HippeusOmega

    Will this method work on the SSE?

  • jayjay duque

    if im going to clean a mod am i going to need the master files? skyrim.esm, skyrim.esp

  • Grn Blh

    You are the man, thank you so much

  • TheBlackWOLFofDeath1

    Hi, First Off want to say cudo's for the vid but ran into a problem right off the get go. I did exactly what you said all the way to cleaning the delete and disable records. everything went fine up to the point of saving the file. when I tried to save it as u suggested I got the following error. "could not rename "C:\program Files\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\dataupdate.esm" to "C:\program Files\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data\Tes5editBackups\Updates.esm.backup.2017_06_09_22_12_45"what do I do to fix this.. Thanks WOLF

  • Saint Saber

    Great help i really needed to do this.

  • ryan kross

    fuck me dude... for once a good fucking guide. you know how many shitty tutorials ive gone through? how many forums ive searched through for answer.. all garbage. thanks for this supremely appreciated

  • Frodo Swaggins

    thank you for the video, very helpful!

  • Grillmaster moon

    I'm just asking to be safe-Do I use the exact same process for cleaning the Dragonborn DLC as well?

  • BigMan7o0

    do i just do this same exact process for mods that have a lot of dirty edits/ITM's?

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