Skyrim Mod Tool TES5EDIT : Cleaning your master files (REVISED)

Skyrim Mod Tool TES5EDIT : Cleaning your master files (REVISED)

This video is aimed at showing Skyrim mod user how to clean the official Bethesda master files using the TES5EDIT tool.

EDIT: This video was originally released with a small error in that I loaded Dawnguard.esm when cleaning Hearthfires. So I fixed that mistake and re-uploaded this.

TES5Edit Cleaning Guide :
  • BullShitsCrew B.L.S

    when i try to save this comes up under Processed Records: Errors have occured. At least one file was not saved.

  • Dothurnaax

    Will I need to clean the HighResTexturePacks 01, 02, and 03?

  • Solitude Guard

    "Dirty files breathing fire in the sky. Deleted references brazenly attacking people on the street. It's the end of the world I tell you."

  • Danny Dreise

    so I tried this a few times with the DLC and update but it seems they are still seen as causing problems.

  • TheCommentGuy8

    Gopher, you are one of my favorite MODers.Any chance we can get a 5-years anniversary of this video?

  • Spectrobit

    hey, i cleaned skyrim.esm and everything else, but during the DLCs cleaning, i only selected skyrim.esm and the dlc, is there a problem?

  • Rob Woll

    Okay so, obviously this works with Skyrim SE.If the game updates in Steam for whatever reason, you know, like to add creation club support, is it necessary to clean the master files all over again? Thanks for the help. Gopher, this is a go to video for me. Very clear, very helpful.

  • Balasar Windstriker

    i forgot to "select none" will this ruin anything?

  • Tom Kimbrough

    As always.....GREAT, Thanks

  • Otto Dovahkiin

    once again helped me big time don't know what I do with out your vids well deserved my patronage

  • Death X Games

    my tes5edit says atleast 1 file was not saved

  • Doctor

    Do I do this with mod files that have problems?

  • Dan J

    pop pop Gopher... Sounds like the good old days. You still got that mic?

  • Berenger Christy

    Why is it bad to do many at once?

  • Luc Groot Landeweer

    Should i clean mod esm files?

  • Valderhide

    Is the process here the same for Fallout 4, been awhile since I cleaned up the master files for skyrim

  • Brian Larson

    Gopher to the rescue again. Thanks for all of your help!

  • frank villarreal

    The how to starts 2 min in.

  • Snuttran

    Do i have to Clean my master files when i only have mods that comes from the steam workshop and

  • Junk Email Address

    Great video. Thorough enough but not going overboard. PS. What mouse pointer do you have??

  • Whimsigen

    I've always wanted a dark elf to tell me how to clean my files.

  • Harley Mohr

    you saved me from deleting skyrim completely, plus having a certain rage against mods. twice. +1 sub

  • Brock

    Hey Gopher, somewhat off-topic but how could I organize my desktop icons to be like yours?

  • troynov1965

    Thank you for the easy tutorial ! Subscribed

  • Kieran Burns

    Excellent video, clearly explained and VERY helpful! I'll be trawling through all the other ones now :)

  • Justin Mc Donald

    I can't imagine what I would do if Gopher and his videos didn't exist.

  • Doctor

    Why were they not cleaned in the first place? Thanks, this was amazing I would've been screwed with 60 fps, dropping to 20 in combat

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