What if Skyrim Was Real в хорошем качестве hd 720 новинки фантастика

This is the story of young Thomas who loves to play video games, and makes a wish that video games would become real. Particularly role playing games or RPG. Things get interesting when his dream comes true.

Produced and directed by 2nd Star Productions





  • kurt hands

    Did u cringe at the"search box or use door or THE FACE THAT HE SAID SHOW ME YOUR INVENTORY LIKE IT WAS NORMAL

  • Biff Tannen

    When you've played skyrim for nine hundred hours straight.

  • TBlueSkeletonPlayz

    This video was so good! Im liking and subbing!

  • David Dahlk

    What type of armor is that

  • giuseppe abrahamson

    i wish he died right away

  • Death Goat

    Army of Elsweyr! What is this nord doing?

  • TGArecher 720

    The merchants and neighbors were definitely Laughing

  • Alejandro Parra

    We want a part 2 like if you agree


    kills guard infront of guard Im gonna find whoever did this

  • Crazy Jay

    lol 2:50 dat boi got like 15 Sneak...

  • D/Bodybag G40

    0:20 he Daniel Brian from wwe

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