Our Top Skyrim Mods of 2014

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Realistic Boat Bobbing
Dragon Anim. Replace
Warmonger Armory
Omegared99's - Gallery of Armour
Immersive Sounds - Compendium
Familiar Faces
JK's Skyrim
Unlocked Grip
Combat Evolved
One With Nature
Follower Commentary Overhaul
Enchanted Arsenal
Real Shelter
Enhanced Camera
Equipping Overhaul
Jaxonz Utilities
Perkus Maximus
Morskom Estate
The Wheels of Lull
The Huntsman
Elemental Arrows
The Ancient Sword of Tongues

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
  • wes chambers

    4:28 what's the name of that armour?

  • RoyalBricks

    Do all of these mods work at the same time? I'm wondering if the Immersive Sounds work with the new armors etc. and other animations.

  • Ibrahem AbuShah

    skyrim most be game of year 2011... every year

  • Jerem kilowe

    your voice bores me stop being a robot and be a person your not ign (shitty channel) or a company your not  a we your a you and act like It home boi

  • Valenz

    This is a wonderful channel!!! It's really nice to see that you add some mods previously shown in other videos, because it gives you an idea on how to combine the mods and also a way to see which mods are compatible with others. Keep it up!!!!

  • MugenHeadNinja

    Can't wait for this year's list!!!

  • Commander1709 - Gaming & More

    enhanced camera doesn't work very well with the daedric armor

  • Stevie Tardif

    I know janessa squid called her nessy

  • The Classical Satirist

    I can't be the only one who thinks that the helmets on OmegaRed99s armour sets look ridiculous.

  • Z. Turniap

    I don't know if this will be fixed or not! But when I click immersions it links me to horses. xD

  • Liam Hedley

    How will I run most of these mods on skyrim high settings (can go lower if needed) with 8gigs of ddr3 ram, r9 380 and i7 2600?

  • Erryutkill

    I really loved contractor but I don't know when it was made... so... This comment is useless <3

  • Colonel Fantastic

    9:18 the stones look so good, like they actually have depth. is there a few mods I can look up to get this? Thanks

  • Connor Stagg

    What armor is at 12:11?

  • belowzeros

    hoping for a Top Skyrim Mods of 2015. And thank-you for all the mod review work you do! - long time viewer

  • WolfGaming Dude

    Bruh it qont let me play skyri,m with the dumb ass audio mod i have all 3 DLC igleast fucking give us a warning or your not a modder i can have you abbaned on youtube!!!!

  • CommieKangaroo -

    Anyone still watch these? I do...

  • Darthddawg

    I'm looking for some good quest mods anybody know of any?

  • Banana

    can you make a video of your 50top mods and just use them in the video

  • Islarf


  • Kayn

    I have one question: Is there somewhere a tutorial how to install Immersive Sound-Compendium?? PLEASE I WANT THIS MOD AND IT NEVER WORKS

  • Thomas Mayo

    llllllI-l--l--l---llllll------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/I-l--l--l---llllll-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/             llllllI don't look like a sword.

  • Boskobo

    how can there be another character if you cant Start a New game

  • VokunKendovJosh

    Does real shelter affect vampire sunlight weakness? If you don't know/remember, vampires health. magicka, and stamina are reduced in sunlight, and don't regen overtime (unless you have an additional effect such as mage robes). It happens all the time outside during the day. But if real shelter works the way I hope it does, then as a vampire, if your stats are low, you can stand in the shade and regen all your stats before continuing.

  • Combustionsquirrel

    What I really want to know is what mods did you use in the outro to make the guy's head big and to make him dance :D

  • Thomas Mayo

    I did when I was typing it.

  • Thomas Lee

    I want the house mod ): but I don't have skyrim on my pc

  • Vatan Kömürcü

    jk's skyrim adds a chest to the blacksmith forge in dragon bridge, and it contains the inventory of the blacksmith

  • Darknecrodemon Dnd

    I wish Skyrim were online or at least had a online counter part.

  • TheGrayFox

    I couldn't seem to get any of the effects to work with enchanted arsenal I was aiming for the flames effect on a sword but I couldn't find it

  • Pedro93ssj

    Where´s the "Top Mods of 2015" ?

  • RazedAngel

    Awesome video!! Thank you very much!! :>

  • Jakob Eggers

    I hate your choices..

  • CyberJV

    I wish there was a League of Legends Mod like Yasuo's Sword

  • Psychotic Muffin

    my priorities in mods are immersion and quests tbh, because after you do the same quests for the 800th time, it gets hella boring, and skyrim lacks a lot of immersion by itself, immersion mods don't normally take much of a toll by themselves, and being selective with them shouldn't affect most pcs, but quest mods are gonna be the death of my poor computer lmao

  • Master Beta

    When fallout 4 comes out will u be modding fallout 4 and forget about skyrim or what

  • Hunter Pierce

    Man... I'm missing so much playing Skyrim on console. Can anybody point me to a PC that can run Skyrim and these mods smoothly but is also at an affordable price range?

  • Xasaec

    whats the name of the mod at 0:06

  • David Chu

    What happens if you delete your saved files with the character on

  • Austin the Dragonborn

    >Be me>Recently got Skyrim SE for Xbox One >Never modded before getting the game (in fact, never owned a gaming PC) >Naturally, mod the game to all hell>Couldn't remember for the life of me what the name of Familiar Faces was after seeing it in a Brodual video a while ago>Spend 20 minutes looking for it on the channel before finding this video and remembering >hype.jpg>searches for Familiar Faces >Not on Xbox One yet>Rest in fucking piss me

  • James Bobloee

    Where is the Thomas the train mod ?

  • Perry D

    I'm surprised skyrim is still getting modded, but very happy about it

  • shadowkat678

    Could you do the city mods but choose which ones, in order to have performance not drop as much? I know you can do this with some mods.

  • Declan Taylor


  • blackartlabs

    watching 1 year after posted

  • Cifer Null

    Can you say: "Next time on How It's Made"

  • jack smith

    I really feel like for an immersive sound mod it breaks the immersion quite a bit by having it make the scraping metal Noice when drawing swords because in real life when drawing a sword it would make no sense since is it did make a metal scrape noise it would mean metal were scraping against the blade therefor dulling it :/

  • Ivan Kovacevic

    Which city mods go well with JK's mod?

  • Archie Maddox-Hinton

    I don't like how when you kill an Npc player in familiar faces they just unsummon. I'd rather they were a corpse

  • TheFatDuck&TheRivenMain

    what about top skyrim mods for 2015

  • Jan T

    Time for a 2015 list?!

  • Gavin Webster

    I'm currently running on a cyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA3400A Gaming Desktop - AMD FX-6300 Six Core 3.5GHz, 8 GB DDR3 RAM 1 TB HDD, AMD R7 250 2GB, Windows 10 Home. Do you think I could run multiple quest mods, combat mods and immersion mods?

  • FadingShad0ws

    Can you get some of these mods on steam workshop?

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