Sims 4 - Robert Simulator #2 - Satan Toddler

A day in the life of Papa Robert
Game: Sims 4
Anderz Twitch:
  • mrsparkle001

    Lol is that a David Koresh baby?

  • Viper

    treboR soediv eht era erehW

  • Joshua Phillips

    9:00 happy tree friends

  • cool noah 400 400

    Its not a boy you fuck

  • Module Gaming

    This went 0-10000000 just like that

  • Frenzy Commander

    I seriously wonder what type of shit goes down in Roberts mind

  • Gong Bong

    Anderz is a ticking time bomb.

  • Regina Phalange

    dude you need to try the wicked whims mod

  • Speedy


  • Guy Man

    You see this the early stage of the baby force

  • Wrangle McDangle

    This got so dark so fast

  • Kastriot Krasniqi

    Well damn I wasnt expecting thad Robert...

  • Damian Wilson

    over the cover of darkness robbaz's Satan children go out and bring hell to the streets but at day they go to sleep

  • Jason McBeavis

    why a brown baby? are you a cuck Robbaz?

  • Andrew C

    This fucking amazing!

  • Lucas Otto

    So Robbaz's son is the Anit-Christ.

  • Damalatorian

    ...should have seen this from miles away... :P

  • Emanuel Gendusa

    another one of those videos where I cant stop laughing

  • Arielle Confer

    Robert's ducklings 11:47

  • Tamo Sturm

    Maybe i should make mor youtubeaccount to like and favorite this shit...

  • Napstablook

    8:30Yeah, his seed really is toxic.

  • tanukihat

    This got dark real fast. Fucking and shitting on a woman in front of your wife's ashes while the Grim Reaper wanders around. Fuck.

  • Mr. Internet Man


  • You rude

    8:29 The Baby fuckin dabbed xdd

  • Jarod Lee

    Robert's very specific style of lovemaking kills the elderly and leaves anyone else covered in shit apparently xDDD

  • Michael Nudell

    4:35 Cleveland Steamer

  • J Miller

    Laughed so hard I am crying. Thank You

  • Cursed Ghoul

    "My seed is toxic" Robbaz 2K17

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