Sims 4 - Robert Simulator #2 - Satan Toddler

A day in the life of Papa Robert
Game: Sims 4
Anderz Twitch:
  • Meyling

    More like Sims 4 - Lucius Edition

  • FragileBitch

    Never heard someone speak 'Fuck' So firmly and attention to detailed like you before!!!!

  • Phoenixinterceptor

    Did anyone notice that there´s a furry in the background in the park searching through trash cans? XD

  • MTSDfreezingFire

    wow, this video got dark... i love it!

  • Tyler Murray

    why do you do these things robbaz why

  • Shreks Swamp

    Robbaz you're a god

  • Tigerpie Person

    7:15 I think I've seen the anime that this song is from

  • bob sloan

    Hears CharliesVietnam flashbacks begin

  • Ryder Hanson

    After the tragic death by snu snu his mother endured, he developed a self harming caffeine addiction. It doesn't help that his step dad is a slut and tries to knock people up constantly and shits all over the place.

  • Arti

    this turned dark REALLY FAST

  • Alius Raptor

    7:05 THAT'S FROM AN ANIME, but now I can't remember its fucking name and it's gonna bug me all day.

  • Pooeydooey123456

    5:54 Looks like Robbaz did the butler!

  • Ian Wichmann

    Fuck charlie to death ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Leon

    Like father like son.

  • No No

    Robbaz good video. EA you fucked up.

  • Fra Ram

    I think Robbaz is going more and more crazy.

  • Jazz

    ...Wtf? Is this Sims 4 or Hitman?

  • Gee Buttersnaps

    "Get the ghost out of the bed. We have some fucking to do."

  • OsamaLlama420 avs

    Robert you put these videos in your "The Forest" series playlist

  • Shane Laverick

    Fuck her gentlyBy Tenacious D Is that what you are thinking of Robert??

  • Michael J.

    Robbert looks like guy from Jeepers Creepers

  • Mister Dinner

    I couldnt stop laughing when the raccoons started multiplying, somehow 1 raccoon split into 5 by the end every time you looked back there was a new raccoon.

  • Count Borby

    Aint nothing like a thicc redhead

  • Krxtina Em

    how do you download these mods, doesn't work for me.

  • Onehighkhajiit

    "It" kind of looks like Dora.

  • Gaming Monkey

    True Viking children! Marching into unknown lands to murder and pillage! (Stabbing and burning)

  • Excited James Aleks

    Using jokes from 3 months ago expecting us all to rememberRobert get your shit together

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