Skyrim - Top 10 Pet Mods!

My top 10 pet mods in Skyrim!

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Jango (Sabrecat)

Teyahven- Standalone Rabbit Follower

Garm the Husky Companion

Wisplicker (Tiger)

Dave The Talking Dragon Companion

Judah - Working Dog

Doge as Pet

Dovahbear Companion

Eevee the Magical Fox Companion

Fenrir the Frost Wolf
  • Lion El Jonson

    wow, Eevee literally looks like one of those stuffed foxes you find on display in a museum.

  • John M

    Guys, Smike, technical question regard S.P.ER.G. with the dog follower companion perk...Is there a dog replacer, or re-texture, that will change to a different dog or retexture?

  • Philip Nguyen

    Hey smite Eevee The fox is basically eevee from Pokemon

  • Chancellor Palpatine

    Dodge? DODGE?! we must cheer up doge (as in d-oh-je, not da-je) after being shamed-

  • The Seal

    Eevee is a mod?!?! (For Pokemon fans)

  • PhoenixGodGaming

    I like the snow saber cat the husky and the snow wolf and dovabear

  • Honeywill Vlogs

    I Like how he says Doge (╹◡╹)

  • Kaitlyn Ash

    Fenrir is a wolf from Norse mythology. He i believe is one of Loki's children.

  • Lydia Snowfire

    Fenrir, I'm so getting you!

  • Deer Zor

    Eevee is just a Pokemon mod

  • A7 OverWatch

    actually working on a dire wolf mod

  • WhyLagiacrus Why

    This man has never seen the internet. "Dodge"

  • Alisha miller

    Do they have this mod for PS4?

  • The unknown rex

    hm... evee the fox isn't evee from pokemon a fox?

  • Venomouz

    He looks like Big fan of Game of throne, from mounts mod he keep talking about Gem of tron

  • WolfGum Official


  • Amethystclaw's Dream

    Can you have the first three as a pet all at once? And the tiger. And the dire wolf.

  • 1Greninja WolfBossDeath

    Not to mention pokemon:vampire dust - umbreon glowing dust - espeonfire salts - flareon frost salts - glaceon void salts - jolteon

  • jeffery woods

    what is the name of each mod

  • Limelines

    Go home Doge, you're drunk.Holy shietI need some of these jfc.LIKE RIDEABLE SABRE CATS

  • David Stojilkovic

    Riding Sabre-cat = HE MAN !!!!

  • Jo's Wormstache

    I wish there was an animal companion that had an option to pet it and you could watch the animation. And maybe it makes them happier, more loyal, helps heal them after a fight, or it does nothing. Either way, adorable.

  • BrianTheLegendaryDestroyer

    Wow a Pokémon is in here

  • Anomalous Gaming

    WTF is that female model? How does she not get one shotted immersion=ruined

  • Neth The Dracoknight

    don't you mean eevee would become a fire fox ha ha......... my puns arent funny are they

  • Aurora Animations

    I have already over dosed on mods.

  • tiffanyraill

    What is the mod called?

  • Cloud Gaming and Dubstep

    he said his name is dodge its pronounced dough-j

  • Grant Walter

    If you get garm do you have to be on the dawnguard faction? And where do you find him when the mod is installed?

  • Max Dove

    Did he just pronounce "Doge" Dodge?

  • Aris Haynes

    he is a kajjit!!!!! its a type of kajjit you dunce learn your lore!!!

  • Slightly Down Humanoid Cat

    Wisplicker is actually lore friendly you know...

  • Symetralis

    Loyal dog named judah ? Wtf

  • Judah` Poorman

    I know im late to the comments but my name is Judah. It is not a common name at all.

  • Scream Cream


  • ItzAshen

    He called it Dodge.... It's Doge(Doshe)

  • Madeline Stevenson

    Dovahbear is pretty cute

  • Reigina Mascariñas

    Flame fox? Fire fox :D

  • Ray Chauvette

    How do you mod ur Xbox? Can you make a video on that?

  • Lardon2

    This rabbit is so cuuuute! ;) I wish there is a pug follower mod too! ;)

  • clare dunn

    Fenrir is a badass wolf that makes me think of the dire wolves in game of thronesMythology nerds kill themselves across the world when he doesn't realise that Fenrir is the supreme wolf in Norse, who will bring about doomsday. Those blue glows things are runes and Celtic chains

  • Rain One

    that moment when he doesn't know what pokemon are

  • R0ck T3x

    How do i find Cute Lil Bunny?

  • weaponx

    Feniri is a Norse god for those of you who did not know

  • Stagpie Talks

    Teyahven is really useful for low level stealth and/or archery characters because it kites mobs like a breeze

  • Alexander Schultz

    #4 in tes lore he is a follower

  • soultiger 267


  • Rept1le

    It's not pronounced "Dodge" it's pronounced Doge.

  • Cassar

    On PS4 I have fenrir but he's a fire wolf lol

  • Shaturi

    You can just make NPCs essential with console..

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