SKYRIM ROMANCE MOD - 2 Girls 1 Let's Play Part 3: CAEL THE F* BOY

This guy is promising me fire sex or something.

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In all its astounding beauty and the creation of its innovative modding community, how can Skyrim still have an area that is lacking?
Romance is present in the form of a 3 line Bethesda “marriage” where your spouse becomes a hermit who makes you pies, and where mods have dabbled in it. For the female audience, however, the creation of a lore friendly and fleshed out companion is a subject that has gone untouched for too long.
Have you ever wished you could explore the land with a ruggedly handsome ranger? For a dashing knight to whisk you to a Grand Ball? Ever fantasize about capturing the heart of a Forsworn Chief? Do you want the men of Skyrim to recognize you for the beautiful, powerful Dovahkiin that you are? If so, you have come to the right mod. Skyrim Romance 2.0 provides that and more!

Over 100 new characters, 17 of which have their own unique voice actors.
Over 3000 lines of fully voiced dialogue.
Multiple choice dialogue. Feel like your character wouldn’t take Bishop’s sass so easily? Return it with your own!
Fully developed story.
High quality audio.
Exquisitely composed soundtrack.

River Kanoff — Voice of Bishop
Christian *Aranas* Gaughf — Voice of Cael
Daniel Pierce — Voice of Casavir
Hena Garcia — Voice of Neeshka
Ivan Causey — Voice of Darren (This character not included in 2.0 Release)
Justin James — Voice of Thomas, Marin and Frodo
Andrei Saar — Voice of Thorn
Aleksandar Ivicic — Voice of Arias
Brandon Kennedy — Voice of Raven
Mir Weiss Najibi — Voice of Anomen and Darian
Melissa Fabregas — Voice of Rose
Cary Crandall — Voice of Daniel the Bartender
Mara — Voice of Arie, Victoria and Tallia

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  • Raynblaze

    You two are amazing, glad I found this playthrough! Hilarious.

  • Suga Wolves

    How do you download mods from your computer onto your Xbox? Can you help me please? I'm trying to download mods but I don't know how to ;-;

  • Twilye Lyndon

    "why is literally everyone a wolf" omg

  • #Useless

    i dnt remember using sexlab.

  • AranasVideos

    Granted I did this like, nearly three years ago, but I can't help but cringe at my abysmal performance here. I'll certainly give a far better one in Forbidden Love.

  • devils scowcroft

    I don't like Cael.

  • darkflame728

    20:48I agree with that raw_rough guy in the stream. Threesome should definitely be an option. XD

  • ronald4349

    Can you ditch Bishop, and have a "Les Play" instead.

  • Karma

    Okay Cael is soo attractive to me, like damn his voice is wonderful

  • keyshawn AFRO DRAGON KING morrison

    dude just straight up turned into an alpha male

  • Telepsichola

    what is this "noble (hypersexual) savage" trope with cael lol

  • Kimberly Loomis

    "If youre a gay..." xD im crying. Im literally crying

  • Eric mikal

    This characters voice actor should do asmr

  • Camille Perry

    "im gonna sit on your face until you suffocate" reminded me of "i want you do go down on me for so long you have to evolve gills."

  • Shelby Noonan

    Sexlab is hard to download. </3this series is sooo good great job

  • popo lion

    So u guys are bisexual?

  • Fernando Rosales

    I can imagine Tess Young watching and being like: " Yesss so much good material for a new animated short!" lmao

  • Charlie Zolnai

    sorry Bishop, Cael just stole my heart and my genitals

  • postin17

    I died when the guard just stood there and watched! Omg!

  • dova 596


  • DeathTheKidsWife8

    Are you guys going to play whistleblower?

  • Larissa G. Kono

    i don't would kill him i would see if he was friendly and if he wasn't i would kill him and stole his clothes to sell :Dyaythat's how skirym works

  • Emelie Berg

    bishop dont talk with me after i talk with cael so i cant free him, do u know what to do?

  • Renegade Kappa

    I feel like some straight dude wrote this mod thinking this is the kind of corny shit girls are into. Its great.

  • Arachnid's Grip

    Is there a full list of mods? I'm just asking for... Science...

  • Ginger Mithra

    which whiterun mod is this

  • WinterRival

    You guys are hilarious! I'm SO happy I found this!!!

  • Aya Night

    bishop-i'm horny and i dont care if you are im getting it whether you like it or not .talk about rapey

  • Erin Sian Wynn

    "We rub it classy" CRYING

  • smooothiebomb

    "why is everyone a wolf?" VIOLENT SOLAS FLASHBACKS !!!!!!!!!

  • Anna

    bishop... why so rapey

  • popo lion

    So u guys are bisexual?

  • Gabi Tramblay

    Cael sounds like asmr

  • roosa

    I'm cringing non-stop but I can't stop watching these.

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