How To Install Any Skyrim Mod (PC) 2016

In this video I'm going to teach you how to install any Skyrim mod using the Nexus Mod Manager. This works with most of the popular mods such as 2k textures, Ultimate Follower Overhaul (UFO), SkyUI, Ultimate combat and many many more.

Nexus mod website:

Many people ask 'will the Nexus Mod Manager give me a virus?' No it won't :) you can scan for yourself here:

How to install SKSE:

How To Spawn In Any Item (Including Mods):

Download SkyUI:

Find out the best Skyrim mods here:

The armour in the thumbnail is from the Breton Knight amour mod, download here:

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  • Jezus v2

    what can i do if i have Skyrim legendary edition and show me the massage "Nexus Mode Menager is not up to work with Skyrim Legendary Edition" wtf i dont understend xd

  • 25.7

    Very helpful vid, earned a sub. I'm aware it's an old video

  • JorxiiProductions

    I am unable to download anything. I log in, out, in and out on both the website and the manager but for some reason nothing works and the file refuses to download. Bah, I'm so done. Bye Skyrim, cya

  • phobicmallard29 god

    I have skyrim on steam but when i try to scan for it it doesn't let me what should I do?

  • Boynton

    Nexus Mod Manager i can't Logged in , can anyone help me please , i use the same pw and username when i download Nexus , it right ? 2 day ready i did but not work

  • The Mercer

    I think bethesda is too lazy to, create an folder called "custom"

  • erogers

    I accidentally clicked on Fallout 4, and it won't open when I click on the Nexus. I've tried to re-downloaded the Nexus mod folder, but it will do the same thing every time. What do I do?

  • Jordan Frederickson

    can you still use nexus mods if you have skyrim on steam

  • Portaal gaming

    i wanna knowfor sure

  • Doge Skyrim

    Help when i am at step 3 at agesing to skyrim nexus i dont get message to my email

  • David Haynes

    How are I to do a mod?

  • ChrisP Bacon

    you know what's an even scarier screen? "Warning! You're running an older version of .net framework."

  • Tomaz Oginski

    it costs to register on nexus? -.- lame

  • Lanzel

    this doesn't explain for mods that cannot be added using the select from file option or from nexus ):

  • Jay

    You've probably been told before, but I loove you, I recently picked ip skyrim again after years and I never played with mods, now I got a whole new world waiting thanks to you, thank you so much for making such a clear (sometimes funny) video, you rock!

  • Bring me Peter pan

    So I don't have to mod any .ini files like in fallout on skyrim?

  • Gaeul Solano

    it says i'm missing the Update.esm file

  • Ilyas Jensen

    When i watched the video the views were 666,000

  • hollow gamer

    unable to write permission what does that mean

  • Baikey BC

    i didn't use install NMM to use mod all you guys need to download manual extract file copy paste to data file skyrim

  • dionis karaj

    i have a question I did as you said but when i put even one mod skyrim does not even open not even in the main menu but if disable all the mods I can play normal pls help me

  • Caleb Hurst

    A U T O - M A G I C A L L Y

  • donkay

    I had a bunch of errors but somehow I fixed it. :P

  • smooder is here

    My game didn't launch after I got the mods

  • Hyper

    This video didn't help at all

  • Caffina

    i signed in and stuff and it says i have a ton of mods even tho i never got any on windows 10

  • Irewin Teurn

    HELP i cant get in because it said to validate it me but it doesn't show in my g-mail

  • Katie reyes

    i get an error when trying to log into the nmm any fixes?

  • Scruffy the druggo

    you helped me a bunmch thanks man

  • DatBoi797

    Dude amazing video. You explain everything very well and clearly. You really deserve WAY more subs.

  • Lucas Arnold

    Does it work if I have skyrim on steam?

  • Pørogami

    I'm trying to download this mod but when I click the download with manager it doesn't pop up to my nexus mod manager. How do I fix this?

  • Cro nus

    Right on brother really helpful

  • Tanner Schweng

    does this work for the new skyrim?

  • UseC4

    Its ok but i cant use it my nexus is broken and refuses to open

  • Bradey Strunk

    Thank you, one of the best tutorials to start!

  • That Gay Guy

    Whenever I click download, the manager doesnt download anything and I dont know how to fix it ;-;

  • David Haynes

    I just realized a HIV sufferer would infect a vampire if bitten by him or her. Because even though vampires are resistant to disease, they aren't resistant to viruses.

  • TheDarkOrigins

    I couldn't do it I didn't want to stop my protection so it's fine I don't care about cool mods

  • Scotty's Storage

    So i cant add this onto skyrim special edition?

  • Fandom Enforcer

    This is actually very helpful! Liking it for future use!!

  • mezuki64

    I'm missing the green box on the left :(

  • Dakota Kittleson

    nexus mod manager is not set up to work with skyrim if skyrim is installed installed, rescan for installed games from the change game tool bar menu. CAN ANYONE HELP.

  • Mechanical Wolf

    Just run it as admin guys, it works

  • WarriorMan

    i'v got and error that update.esm is not in the game folder

  • The Squidzord

    I know this is late but I need help. It says doesn't say it has found skyrim

  • Yousif ameen

    This is how every tutorial should be.

  • KennWith2Ns

    I have to say you were the best tutorial broadcaster I have ever learned from. You made it very clear what you were talking about. You were legitimately step by step and I loved it. So easy to follow and strictly on topic. You are amazing!!

  • tyler newcomb

    Okay so when I start up skyrim it doesn’t even make it past Bethesda studios and just send me back to desktop does this mean my laptop is a piece of shit

  • CoFerrns

    Sorry instructions were not clear I got my dick fused to my graphics card

  • W. Vilmos

    Does it work if I didn't buy Skyrim?

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