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  • Sebastian Alvarado

    No gay shit but my dude you hot

  • Mountain Drew

    Ugh, her voice.... Ruins her beauty.

  • DANNOODLES Jakub Stanek

    I have a sweet roll.

  • Igam3 Br0

    I can tell this guy watches porn

  • Sans The Skeleton


  • First Last

    well i dont have soul XD

  • Link Saw

    omg.......are you Asian

  • Anvilshock

    What a relief you stopped showing your dumb face in your videos. Grow some fucking pubes before you start talking about tits, you twat. You "milk drinker"!

  • Charizard Life

    Mrx I know I don't have a soul I was just flying around and a guy shot me with a bow and then when I landed to say Hi he started to stab me in the face and then he ate my soul and turned me to bone

  • 21ChemicalAtTheDisco

    If Alduin had a daughter, it would be a dragon.

  • After Supper Vlogs得

    She's lucky to be Alduin's daughter

  • LordDragul Smitty

    Now we know who stole our sweetroll

  • Nick Julian Ermita

    Man, the Mour mod crashes on me everytime i enter her house......whats the issue?

  • cwzialor

    I always though you were South Asian dude! My mind is so blown right now!

  • some guy named Merick

    Not a puppy killer, but i can live without soul, still have feelings though. Never kill puppy's

  • Lucifer Morningstar

    I forgot this channel existed...Perfects the walk of shame.

  • Trash Opinion

    I love this guy. I've only just recently joined the PC MASTER RACE so I haven't been modding for very long but I was watching his videos looong before I got my pc, back when I was begging modders to create modded saves for PS3 (those were dark times). Anyway, MxR is a bad ass.

  • Dragon Wizard

    Weird greybeards are guys......Gay .......

  • Father Death

    Can i find the mods on the Workshop?

  • Jon Snow

    She woulf say 'Toor....Shoot'

  • Tommy Bullen

    Today marks the day mxr became a furry

  • sk8ernutdw

    Aren't you supposed to pay for downloading mods now on nexus? Cuz i cannot seem to download it so i assumed it's required to have membership?

  • maria510flores

    I know im late but what ENB are you using here

  • William Buchanan

    I know someone who actually accidentally killed a puppy. They tried to hide it in their couch, but accidentally suffocated it.

  • Remorseless x

    You must be have nothing else to talk about, no fucking clue what made you do this, damn stupid as fuck

  • sk8ernutdw

    Wow you seriously need better sweetfx or ENB series mod for your game. And as for the ladies with big boobs.. makes the game unrealistic lol..

  • LordDragul Smitty

    Neisa sounds like the girl from Fire Emblem I'm spacing on her name right now

  • Titan 4253

    There was a similar mod for XB1 that was just like this, but I can remember the name can someone help me?

  • Allen Cubero

    sir\maam may i know what npc skin mods can i get and character male\female enhancements plss i need them

  • Austin Kast

    Well I guess I'm a puppy killer

  • Discharge YT


  • Mr

    neisa is on oversupply disease which means she produced too much breast milk and have to be pumped out. its not a problem to me because i can help her pump out her breast milk using my mouth ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • The Sniper

    1:27 the lick of delight

  • Naeloo Pardayan

    I had to kill a puppy once that was being eaten alive by worms...you could see his entrails being devoured by those lil monsters through a crater they dug on his back...so I smashed his head with a rock(was quick) before things turned real ugly for him.I wonder if a faggot like you could have pulled that and give mercy to the poor thing.

  • FB Match Highlights

    Why are you a goddamnned gook

  • Alessander Turibio Paes

    6:47 she is so happy.

  • Kayla And John Haynes

    bro I never saw your face before not what I expected

  • Nick Fisher

    Why can't I get these types of mods on my SKYRIM remastered PS4 I am missing out on so much

  • chin chin

    Damit I have a Bonner now from that last minute

  • Levi Ackerman

    I fap to his voice, immersively.

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