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  • Scott Henley

    I used to be normal like you then I took a reality to the life

  • Ashlyn Kinney

    Where do u find Mour?

  • Natalia Parrilla

    What mod do you use to have more than one follower?

  • The Knightengale

    Is this mod on the nexus anymore? I cant find it.

  • Mad Max

    why so many slutty female bodys dude?????

  • D a d d y ' s S l u t

    If Alduin had a daughter she would be a fockin dragon

  • Kevin Chavez

    Why does he only have 1million he should have AT LEAST 6mill

  • Roberto Rodriguez

    The tail is s weapon

  • Angel Ballantyne

    like it's comment if you like Skyrim!

  • Valerie is crazy

    hdt tails do that is your fps goes over 60fps

  • Dmitri Smirnov

    die fuking clickbait cuntstain

  • Noumenon Drift

    is there a mod out there that will give me a quest to attain a healer fairy follower? just a healer, nothing else, a child maybe, that needs to be protected but heals me and other allies in battle

  • pimp 123

    holy shit its a Korean you guy have tons of missels

  • Winterlordx

    YEAH I HAVE NO SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Hoovy Number3

    Story edition(According to the title)Alduin felt lonely one day.So he met a NordForgot the name,So they went to the worlds throat.And they f**ked!!!!!!!!!!THE END

  • Crystal 24

    Thanks for blurring the disturbing stuff out

  • deew

    If Alduin had a daughter. She'd be a dragon.

  • John Paul

    Can anybody help me Mour's tail is on backwards

  • Alduin The soul Eater

    5:10. I love my daughter.

  • F*** My Life

    Thumbnail looks like a female Ulquiorra Cifer.

  • Alfredo Sauce

    I thought you were a latino when I first heard your voice.

  • WingX 34

    Wait at 3:39 it that a IXCC mouse with a wolf? cause if it is I have the same one!

  • SHADO_lancer117

    Ive always wanted to play as a human with an argonion

  • Fran The Man

    She is the product of gorlamaith and alduin

  • Francis Salazar

    dude i know this is late and all but i have been binge watching your videos...not that i have a problem with it lol....totally didnt thought you were asian.......your voice does not match you lol but still keep up the channel

  • Enkii Muto

    2:04 now i need to find her tumblr

  • Randomizer

    Any one else notice that he already clicked the breast milk option. You can tell because it was already grey.

  • drippin wet


  • Humanoidrex23

    Lol it said vagina redone

  • Noah S.

    oh nice, a mod that advertises itself with "Realistic anus"

  • underfell chara

    7:05 when you're too much exited for a new skyrim mod 😅

  • King Xenomorph

    WTF. Dragonborn said I got your sweet won't do that's a f**** sexual piece of s***

  • Joahua Nysse

    Well I guess I'm soleless now

  • SHADO_lancer117

    Ive always wanted to play as a human with an argonion

  • Alduin The soul Eater

    Hey MxR If you try anything with my Daughter..... I'll Rip your Fucking head off and Eat your Virgin ass. Ok?

  • The smiling Dog

    when ever these videos are recommended to me I want to douse my eyes in salt

  • chazz drez

    Just noticed i have the same mouse and likely keyboard as this guy XD

  • DatAwesomeGamer

    What are you aluinget itlike All-doing...hue

  • Hustoft89

    what is the armor you are using in this video ??

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