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  • Piper :D

    It's a fine day with you around

  • Nick Fisher

    Why can't I get these types of mods on my SKYRIM remastered PS4 I am missing out on so much

  • Carpenter Justice

    Dude, stop filming yourself getting a boner, and looking at sluty girls, if we felt like looking at women we would do it some other way.

  • Anonymous Gamer

    Sorry dude I already don't have a soul...I'm ginger.

  • Link Saw

    omg.......are you Asian

  • tome_ wai

    Is it wrong that I really like her

  • Trash Opinion

    I love this guy. I've only just recently joined the PC MASTER RACE so I haven't been modding for very long but I was watching his videos looong before I got my pc, back when I was begging modders to create modded saves for PS3 (those were dark times). Anyway, MxR is a bad ass.

  • FB Match Highlights

    Why are you a goddamnned gook

  • FiresongPC

    what face mods do you use?

  • uzimaki terigashi

    Damit I have a Bonner now from that last minute

  • Anvilshock

    What a relief you stopped showing your dumb face in your videos. Grow some fucking pubes before you start talking about tits, you twat. You "milk drinker"!

  • sk8ernutdw

    Aren't you supposed to pay for downloading mods now on nexus? Cuz i cannot seem to download it so i assumed it's required to have membership?

  • Gwyneth Faelene

    Aww he's such a sucker for cute things

  • Alessander Turibio Paes

    6:47 she is so happy.

  • Curious Wind

    I would show my ''legendary dragonbone sword''

  • Lucario_Nii_San

    3:27 Me too dude, you and me are now wife bros xD

  • Renew You

    why do you say slutty that way? just curious if you're doing it on purpose or if you actually think it's pronounced that way


    DAT fucking tail is all over the place

  • Lucifer Morningstar

    I forgot this channel existed...Perfects the walk of shame.

  • After Supper Vlogs

    If only I had that Alduin picture frame...

  • Samuel Sun

    Teylin mostly uses BDO (Black Desert) to mod Skyrim... and Honestly thats awesome

  • Die1PumaSchildkroete

    I AM a puppy killer BUT i do like those animal pyjamas! They are beutiful! GEORGOUSUS=hpiowggjrSorry there was a Chiwauwa Puppy... I HATE FUCKIGNSAOsdhfANOTHER ONE! I KNEW THERE WAS ONE DUE I WROTE CHIjihükoglifjwögwhisbrjlgpiregjopi ieuhgehiojhüio OMG BLOOD EVERY WHERE !! JUST EVERY WHERE SO MANY DEAD PUPPYS AHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!

  • Remorseless x

    You must be have nothing else to talk about, no fucking clue what made you do this, damn stupid as fuck

  • William Alexander

    If he had a daughter a khajiit would bang her

  • Maggie

    Who's the human who fucked Alduin is what I want to know to be honest

  • Mountain Drew

    Ugh, her voice.... Ruins her beauty.

  • M'aiq the liar

    Wooow mr REX Do You think that the biggest dragon in Skyrim will have sex with a human he lives to kill them that's why he lives because he will destroy them not have sex with them

  • cwzialor

    I always though you were South Asian dude! My mind is so blown right now!

  • Austin Kast

    Well I guess I'm a puppy killer

  • After Supper Vlogs

    She's lucky to be Alduin's daughter

  • DANNOODLES Jakub Stanek

    I have a sweet roll.

  • Carlos Soldevilla

    I can tell this guy watches porn

  • XxAnimeLover ForeverxX


  • Hadi Baydoun

    Whats the name of the mod that makes them wears so much revieling cloth?

  • Titan 4253

    There was a similar mod for XB1 that was just like this, but I can remember the name can someone help me?

  • maria510flores

    I know im late but what ENB are you using here

  • ezir3l

    Oh shit, he is Chinese

  • Dragon Wizard

    Weird greybeards are guys......Gay .......

  • 21ChemicalAtTheDisco

    If Alduin had a daughter, it would be a dragon.

  • Jake61551

    i was just like you then i took a arrow to the knee

  • sk8ernutdw

    Wow you seriously need better sweetfx or ENB series mod for your game. And as for the ladies with big boobs.. makes the game unrealistic lol..

  • some guy named Merick

    Not a puppy killer, but i can live without soul, still have feelings though. Never kill puppy's

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