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  • Dragon Wizard

    Weird greybeards are guys......Gay .......

  • Yean Liew

    Hey! That's my mouse. But cleaner.

  • PaleSlayer

    Hey, uh what armor mod is the one that changed the priest and Ysolda's clothing?

  • Jack

    ayy me and mxr have the same mouse lol

  • Bobby Vera

    What is the mod you use to change the npc clothes?

  • Glitchi Tim

    what is the mod you have for sexier clothes(like the ones Ysolda was wearing)

  • Jake61551

    i was just like you then i took a arrow to the knee

  • Carlos Soldevilla

    I can tell this guy watches porn

  • Lucario_Nii_San

    3:27 Me too dude, you and me are now wife bros xD

  • Carpenter Justice

    Dude, stop filming yourself getting a boner, and looking at sluty girls, if we felt like looking at women we would do it some other way.

  • Anonymous Gamer

    Sorry dude I already don't have a soul...I'm ginger.

  • ezir3l

    Oh shit, he is Chinese

  • William Alexander

    If he had a daughter a khajiit would bang her

  • After Supper Vlogs

    If only I had that Alduin picture frame...

  • Gwyneth Faelene

    Aww he's such a sucker for cute things

  • Aksels Puteklis

    FINALLY, i found someone else who swears and sais potato

  • Mikey Josh

    I actually killed two pups

  • Samuel Sun

    Teylin mostly uses BDO (Black Desert) to mod Skyrim... and Honestly thats awesome

  • Zye Cry

    lol he said it's the angy face and was like <.< >.>

  • Caden Holthaus

    How do u have more than one follower

  • Die1PumaSchildkroete

    I AM a puppy killer BUT i do like those animal pyjamas! They are beutiful! GEORGOUSUS=hpiowggjrSorry there was a Chiwauwa Puppy... I HATE FUCKIGNSAOsdhfANOTHER ONE! I KNEW THERE WAS ONE DUE I WROTE CHIjihükoglifjwögwhisbrjlgpiregjopi ieuhgehiojhüio OMG BLOOD EVERY WHERE !! JUST EVERY WHERE SO MANY DEAD PUPPYS AHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!

  • PKMN Trainer Alex

    what face mods do you use?

  • Curious Wind

    I would show my ''legendary dragonbone sword''

  • Faith the singing angel batim

    how u say it : slootyhow its said : slutty (s-l-uh-tt-e))

  • Nick Fisher

    Why can't I get these types of mods on my SKYRIM remastered PS4 I am missing out on so much

  • Titan 4253

    There was a similar mod for XB1 that was just like this, but I can remember the name can someone help me?

  • tome_ wai

    Is it wrong that I really like her

  • M'aiq the liar

    Wooow mr REX Do You think that the biggest dragon in Skyrim will have sex with a human he lives to kill them that's why he lives because he will destroy them not have sex with them

  • WailGard

    How to screw up ? Give Alduin a daughter ! and a humanoid female beauty at that ! At least a dragon follower will be more original and less... well you know


    DAT fucking tail is all over the place

  • Renew You

    why do you say slutty that way? just curious if you're doing it on purpose or if you actually think it's pronounced that way

  • Maggie

    Who's the human who fucked Alduin is what I want to know to be honest

  • XxAnimeLover ForeverxX


  • ShadowXT

    I remember episode 50 when you still had that flying pirate ship

  • Hadi Baydoun

    Whats the name of the mod that makes them wears so much revieling cloth?

  • Samuel Karikas

    you look like a bosmer

  • Lucifer Morningstar

    I forgot this channel existed...Perfects the walk of shame.

  • Tiger Spore

    hey mxr i download the pj mods

  • mary McNeill

    "My webcam quality is... potato."- Mxr, 2017.

  • Piper Wiley

    It's a fine day with you around

  • Golden Fedora

    Whats up with your eyes?Did you sell your soul to satan or something?

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