How To Get Skyrim Special Edition For FREE On PC

How To Get Skyrim Special Edition For FREE On PC

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If you get a missing dll error when launching the game, make sure you have installed DirectX! Download below ↓

●dll error :
If MEGA is stuck at "starting" download the mega extension here ↓

If You Like The Game Please Buy It!

    Either way it’s a torrent file you have to have utorrent to get the game

  • TyIsTheCreator RBLX

    Btw when I try and play it says skyrim not responding

  • JustLivinLife RVO

    Bro mines is stuck at the setup download additional files and I’m really getting impatient idk if it’s really downloading or just stuck

  • Brian Owens

    I need help during the unpacking process it says run.exe wasn't found in the target folder ,what do i do

  • nuuska on synti

    The download freezes at 39.2%

  • emmanuel fox

    which version is it?

  • IceCreamlatte

    It keeps saying that i don't have enough disk space, how do i get more storage? Please respond.

  • Mr Butter

    prexcomp.exe has stopped working erroralso another box that says "interjecting code in process was not completed"any advice?

  • Saku303

    How long is the installation supposed to take, generally?

  • Crimson Moon

    after you installed it can you delete the setup folder?

  • Shadow Ghost Leader

    Omg it finally worded thank you so much I will subscribe to you This is my first Pc game yesssss

  • RuiningYourEars

    it works on my windows xp!

  • iDrOp-_-BodieZz RNG

    installation stuck at 76.1

  • Kategaro

    does this have the skyrim dlcs?

  • Senpai-sama

    i need help how do i get skyrim to show on the website

  • LateNightRiot 2

    Does the repack work for 6 GB

  • James Beasley

    its stuck at 39.2% what do i do?

  • Mark Jayson Aquino Miranda

    Yes, a toturial that's doesn't take long to explain . Thumbs up for that!

  • Alex Scholte

    Will this work on 4 G of Ram?

  • Pulse Gaming

    Please help... while running setup multi 8 about halfway through it fails to unpack and says something about a AV Temporary... please help I did this on my old pc and it worked? Now it wont

  • Ryan x

    the game doesn't show in full screen?

  • Tyler Wagner

    It gets stuck around 39.2 everytime. If canceled the download and all. Any advise?

  • Phoenix Man 03

    Ehm... my game has been stuck at 62% for several hours how do I fix it


    For those of you who don’t know

  • Ronen Salathe

    Does this connect to steam?

  • Ryan sheehy

    When I click the shortcut it says Windows is searching for SkyrimSELauncher.exe. any help

  • Dark Star Trinity

    this dont work on 32bit?

  • Shadow Ghost Leader

    Everyone his 100 percent works so do it

  • Red Riding Hood Mystery

    says that it cant find the required permissions?

  • Classical

    What does seeding mean ???

  • CriS

    I play the game and after a while turn off

  • Kenny Em

    It sort of works for me. It just looks so laggy and runs so slow. Takes forever for me to get it loaded. Any suggestions for me? I am not technologically inclined so excuse my ignorance

  • Shadow Ghost Leader

    Does utorrent cost money

  • Shadow Ghost Leader

    Mine won't let me download

  • TyIsTheCreator RBLX

    Amazing vid but download is slow as fuck. goes up by 0.1

  • CriS

    This game have ppolish ????

  • iphone 7

    So this a craked version of skyrim, u can only play with people who has craked version

  • Andrew Hickman

    My Skyrim doesn't have any audio?? any fixes??

  • XD

    When I try and complete the step at 0:57 it doesn't download all of the files. There are 11 missing and they are the texture and mesh ones. Any help would be really appreciated :)

  • Lorenzo Aten

    When I open it up, everything that moves leaves a trail.

  • Exential Sir

    it keeps saying DO NOT PANIC IF IT LOOKS STUCK and im fucking panicking

  • BradDaBoss18

    When you are installing the torrent what does it mean when it says "Seeding"? Do I still have to wait longer or what???

  • WezelNator Banaan

    utorrent link doesn't open?

  • Mischief Rapids

    Can u download mods?

  • John Vargas

    Can I get a non-torrent download? I hate torrents

  • thaa_mike

    Bro slow down you talk way too fast, good tutorial but I had to restart some of your tips like 9 times.

  • Shadow Ghost Leader

    It keeps saying that I have utorrent already running but not responding what do I do

  • JustAnotherYoutuber

    Thank you for getting right to the point. Amazing tutorial my friend!

  • Trials Tim

    does it let you download mods?

  • XD

    My computer says ISArcExtract can't be found? Sorry I don't know what this means. This is after I open setup-multi8 and follow the steps.

  • muhammad Yassin

    When i was running the setup it suddenly closed help

  • chad wiley

    Torrent wont download it just says connecting to peers

  • J !4

    Help! 0.57. 11 missing texture, how to solve?

  • ShinyTerminator x

    When i open 'setup-multi8', my virus protection goes crazy detecting all these suspicious items, and it deleted the file

  • Saku303

    Finally, it's short. Some people make the tutorial like 12 minutes long -.-

  • Bye

    Do you need 64 bit bc i have 32 bit

  • Daw

    How could I do this on a mac?

  • COstA

    works well on my gtx 1080ti 6gb

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