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  • Jethro Leroy Gibbs

    I love how the asshole developer of the deer race mod had his race on Xbox and immediately ripped it away from us. It even says on his page that his WIP should be there but it fucking isn't what a fucking douchebag.If your going to have your fucking mod pc only then test it on fucking PC we console players aren't fucking baby's you can wave a bunch a keys in front of Nor are we your shitty fucking ginea pigs it pisses us off when mod authors do that shit.

  • Joanie Pienaar

    I cant even find the village

  • Cugel Channel

    That portrait of the grumpy looking girl at 5:30 is actually the portrait of Princess Cirilla from the Witcher 3 game (the picture was painted of her as a child before she becomes a Witcher in that game). So, interesting where they got that.

  • TheDragonKing

    The backstory actually sounds like it COULD be lore friendly

  • AstroManX100

    I can just imagine a man/mer/beast folk meeting a Driinkiin for the first time."What are you?""I'm Driinkiin.""What are you Driinkiin?""... I'm gonna kill you slowly and painfully!""What? What did I say?"

  • arash yadegary

    stop using sexy images. its not a good way to make videos interesting

  • SkipSt

    MxR lowkey sounds like PewDiePie

  • Kacey Pinkerton

    Never done being a deer

  • Who Is Da best Awper Gaming!

    Where do you even find the option to change the horns? I can't even find it.

  • Caius Nair

    the centaur sitting animation XD

  • Alice Reeze

    Is the Driinkiin Race transported to the Bethesda website for Xbox one? Cuz I would die..

  • Desolate Anthrax

    What mod does he use for the world of Warcraft music?

  • Gyan Arney

    I ain't no furry but I'll smash

  • Some Dumbshit

    What was the music on the Lock-On mod?

  • Tips Fedora

    What is the backround music called in the deer race mod

  • ShamootyMcBooty

    Why is there a painting big ciri I'm Skyrim?

  • Otimo

    What is that running animation?

  • jay classified

    does anyone know what armor mod mxr using 2mins 14 secons

  • Minecraftdinator

    The Woman at 5:35 is Ciri from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

  • Ethan Rasmussen

    that girl's picture is actually ciri lol

  • KawaiiBoy

    10:00 soraka lives on!

  • Fordsie

    "Wek 226"mxr pls

  • Venonymous Games

    ummm you spelled week as "wek"

  • Lazuli Knyte

    I wonder if he's a Bleach fan, he seems to like to use that espada theme.

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