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  • enonsages

    now to be honest , that is the right way to roll

  • Your friendly neiborhood Luki

    I loved this “wek’s” video

  • Potato Fucker

    5:36 is that in-game portrait of ciri from witcher 3? Lmao

  • Your friendly neiborhood Luki

    Dat girls face was uh Ciro from the Witcher 3 wild hunt jus sayin

  • Dark Arcane Wolf pack

    Deer race i wish that was a in game race i'd be playing that and not a cat all the time

  • Azuyle Soul

    Whats the name of the armor? 2:14

  • Kristatos Durgan

    Thumb down only for the beginning, you talk so much and almost don't explain nothing of the first mod.

  • ImBronzeAF

    spelfout MxR jy het 'n spelfout

  • Shadieerya Qati

    Kinda wish his videos weren't such an ass-and-tits showcase...

  • sportiolli

    driinkin race has to come from some furry lovers

  • Brannoch Watt

    Which tribal armor is that btw I need it for "reasons" lol

  • Negi Springfield

    So what body mod are you using for the Driinkiin Race?

  • Cirosa

    I turn off ad block for this

  • Kirill Ol'shevskiy

    hi, Please tell me, you have a preset of a deer woman, face, body, etc.

  • Nathanial Correa

    That face of the girl in the dress you said that had satisfaction on is from the Witcher 3. That is Ciri as a a child.

  • Logan Bogarve

    What's the name of that Jungle/DnB song when he fucks around with the Deers Ears?

  • Hernán Falcón

    When did skyrim turned into Narnia?

  • Exit Humanity

    No time to sit down. Gotta enjoy life before the savior of Skyrim murders me.

  • TreeckotheRebel

    Where is that tribal clothes mod

  • Tristan downey

    yo no matter how many times i refresh a mods weekly vid im getting an ad. so does this mean its fixed?

  • Visualize Infinity

    10:00 Barely noticed the barely clothed deer girl. Was too distracted by the other one cuttin it up behind her. 😂😂😂

  • Peril Fire

    I really like that deer race due to there stats and beautiful characters!

  • Visualize Infinity

    Also if anyone could tell me the intro and outro songs that would be awesome.

  • Adam Snyder

    I thought that my children were acting strange in my house: now I know why.

  • Apocalyptic French Fry

    what is that armor? 0:35

  • Raven Night

    the driinkiin race was abadoned dont download it, modder stopd working on it.

  • OneOfTheMasses *

    Except for Braith...😂😂😂 IKR!!!

  • Balistic basalisk

    Where did he get the driinkiin mod, was it on nexus

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