TES5Edit - Fixing Errors

This is a video on fixing errors using TES5Edit. This applies to all variants of TES5Edit, including FO3Edit, FNVEdit, and TES4Edit.

The video mainly applies to when you're merging plugins, but applies in other situations as well.

  • Alterius Zhang

    I hate how there is no UNDO button in TES5Edit. Make one mistake, and I didn't know what it was original, I have to exit and start over. :|

  • Ac0ustics0ul

    Hey man, when I check for errors I'm getting a "found a REFR reference, expected: TERM" error... I've tried changing the numbers to eight zeros and then get the message "found a NULL reference, expected: TERM"................... Anyhow, I've tried to change the value to TERM, but when I do, I get an error prompt with the" found a REFR reference,expected:TERM" Not sure what I'm doing wrong in trying to edit these references to TERM,AMMO,ACT... what have you...Funny thing is, this is a Merge patch that had no errors individually, prior to creating the merge, I jst wanted to recheck it for errors after the fact and sure enough, this is what I've been seeing....thanks for your time

  • Jinxxed0

    Thanks man. This helped me fix some errors so i can now merge all 100 of my waifu mods

  • Game Tutorial

    I'm having huge problems with my dungeon floor texture it looks all digital look pixels but some of it is my texture mod for dungeon floors I would really appricate help as I don't know what to do

  • Vlad Matuscsak

    what about NULL- reference OMODs ?

  • Yohanes

    i have a question about merging pluginswhat mods that are compatible to merge for each other?like can i merge plugin of modding resources category such as Grimy Plugin, FISS, and NetImmerse Override altogether? i mean it doesn't seems to be a good idea to merge those but it can save me some space for other modsor maybe merging mods that overwrites each other?or am i free to merge all mods with the same category? will it not cause any problem at all?also if i download a new mod say a weapon mod, can i merge the new mod into an existing merged weapon mods plugins? is it safe to do so?what if a mod that had been merged got an update? should i just merge the new updated mod into the merged mod that still have the older version of the mod?my question might be a little messy as english isn't my primary language so pardon me for that and thanks for the help!

  • Ketzu

    AWESOME TUTORIAL!!! But question. Would an error, for example, like these... "[00:01] Checking for Errors in [07] SkyMoMod.esm [00:02] 00DFassassinBlade "Falmer Ghostblade" [WEAP:0700E0D0] [00:02] WEAP \ CRDT - Critical Data \ Effect -> Expected 4 bytes of data, found 0" Be deleted as well?Or any other error types it detects besides the 'Could not resolve' ones?

  • Midori Ai

    what happens if i don't delete that error? will actually deleting the error fix the problem?thank you for taking your time!

  • Medieval 3D

    Error canot be resolve and delete them, are you sure this will fix the problem or will just remove the tagged as error?, I meant If the error causes a crash will be still a crashing?

  • Angel kabane

    a stupid question man. i have over 50 mods and checked each one them individually but there is not a single error in any of them..but my game still crashing in certain areas..then i whent ahead and checked the main files(skyrim.esm , Update esm , dawnguard esm, hearfires.esm & dragonborn.esm) for errors and i got a buch of them ...i dont know if those files needed to be checked but i did anyways ..so could that be the reason of my game crashing in certain areas out in the field?

  • Humberto G Alagia Jr

    Now THIS is what makes Skyrim such an awesome game: The community of players and extremely talented modders around it. I'm using your Merge Plugins application and it works flawlessly, Mator, thanks a lot for it.

  • alejandro molde

    in this video lack step to make this...

  • wolfnoise

    what do i do to a spell when theres only one property?

  • karimkopra

    inigo.espNPC_ \ Tint Layers \ Layer \ TINI - Tint Index -> <Tint layer index 24 not found in NordRace "Nord" [RACE:00013746]>haw to fix that !!and my tes5 never ask me to save at the end it just close !

  • Crimson Insanity

    Thanks for this, it really helped out a lot.

  • Nyxnik

    theres a mod (bigger and badder lich king) what i tried to merge but i have to delete all 3 "property" tabs in tes5edit because they give errors and after deleting the first two of them i can't delete the third one i guess because its the last one what should i do?

  • humbye

    I'm not seeing anything on the right pane when I select anything from, for example, Activators, etc. What am I doing wrong?

  • Skyrim Beast

    LOL @ 6:48, hey big thanks for making this video for us Mator. Much appreciatedEdit: Another easy way to find records when not knowing where to look is to paste the FormID in the FormID search box at the top of the interface. Useful for finding stuff that isn't obvious as to what the object is.

  • Kemal Üge

    when i click the cross to save and exit i can't exit because apperantly the program requires some kind of access and i don't know how to grand access could you please help me?

  • Tyramath

    is there any instance where UDR and ITM records should be kept in a mod?, should i just do a tes5 edit clean of them even if LOOT doesnt flag them in a sort?

  • Pacoth Dee

    [00:00] Checking for Errors in [02] TownsAndCitiesEnhanced.esp[00:00] 0010822f [NAVM:0010822F] (in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of ShorsStoneExterior02 [CELL:0000BBCB] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C] at 39,-16))[00:00] NAVM \ Record Header \ Record Flags -> <Unknown: 11>[00:00] 0010822E [NAVM:0010822E] (in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of ShorsStoneExterior02 [CELL:0000BBCB] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C] at 39,-16))[00:00] NAVM \ Record Header \ Record Flags -> <Unknown: 11>[00:00] All Done!o.O whaaa does it mean ?

  • Hexx Bombastus

    So, Little context, I'm using the latest version of the script, in Fo4edit (I know, I know, it wasn't meant for that game, but the merge app hasn't doesn't yet support it yet and I'm trying to knock down the number of plugins I have)So I've got a set of NPC replacers with no hard dependencies. They all use vanilla assets just make the npcs look better. One of them is throwing up an error like so:<Warning: Unused data in: \ [01] Better Curie.esp \ [2] GRUP Top "NPC_" \ [0] CompanionCurie [NPC_:00027686] \ [5] Factions \ [0] SNAM - Faction>There's a lot of these. But those are the only errors showing up, and I've already hit the UDRs and ITMs. Any idea of what to do?

  • Exxosphere

    what does Unable to call RegisterForSingleUpdate - no native object bound to the script object, or object is of incorrect typestack and error: Unable to call UnregisterForAllModEvents - no native object bound to the script object, or object is of incorrect typestack mean?


    Cant there be a script to automate the process of removing them?

  • Adrian Pacheco

    What about deleted navmeshes in my master esps, I'm wringing my head over finding out a way to fix it.

  • D .Schoep

    Sorry another question: I'm trying to merge "Witch of the Wilds" and it contains these errors:"Error: record ARMA contains unexpected (or out of order) subrecord MO4S 53344F4D" I didn't find these mentioned in your video (?) - what should I do with those? Thanks!

  • Drake Masta

    what about V do ya just leave those? cause im getting tons of them[REFR:0004095C] (places TreeThicket01 [TREE:000A7329] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of [CELL:0000BC2B] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C] at 42,-19))[02:15] REFR -> Record marked as deleted but contains: Base

  • Merron Mist

    neat; ty for the tutorial

  • BarazBarkuun

    Remove Identical to Masters sometimes deletes mods or mod records for some odd reason, that are not identical. I have a FO4 mod I use, to fix BOS Vertibirds ignoring terrain and elevation, that gets its only record deleted. It is NOT identical to Master (Fallout4.esm).

  • Mo.

    how do you apply a filter for cleaning wat

  • Dylan Bremner

    @Matortheeternal, I regard you very highly and think of you as one of the sacred paragons of Skyrim modding. However, I've got a major bone to pick with a part of your video. In the video, you undelete and disable references and remove ITMs for all the mods at the same time, when it's very often said that plugins should only be loaded one at a time to be cleaned. And secondly, you removed all the ITMs for all of those mods, when many people advise to never remove ITMs at all unless LOOT or the mod author tells you to. But I figure you're definitely aware of all this already. Can you explain your logic behind this?

  • seanfire99

    hello will you be making a update video for sseedit if you will that be great cause there are some change's that i can see and well your the best at explaining thing's like this and i couldn't hope for a better guide then you :)

  • Damian

    So, who else heard the Skype noise and went to click on the video? Just me?

  • videowatcher551

    How do you fix errors like this: [00:01] WeapGrenadeFrag "Frag Grenade" [WEAP:00004330][00:01] WEAP \ DNAM - \ Attack Animation -> <Unknown: 109>

  • JJ

    Very nice video. Thank you :)

  • Der Truhvanor

    Hi there, my TesV Edit is behaving a bit weir when trying to remove an entry like you did, when i right click on the thing i want to delete e.g. EDID->Effects->Effexct it does not give me the option to remove the entry, I can only hide no conflict rows or change the Column width. Is there a way to fix this or have i done something wrong?

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