Why Bethesda Won't Release Elder Scrolls 6

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No matter how much you might want it, Bethesda doesn't need The Elder Scrolls 6. Not yet, anyway. After all, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is still one of the biggest and most popular games on the market, and Bethesda has a lot of other games to keep them busy. While The Elder Scrolls 6 is inevitable, it's also a long, long way off. Here's why...

Haste makes waste | 0:22
Branching out | 1:08
Finishing Fallout 4 | 1:35
Skyrim is still hot | 2:29
Old tech | 3:18
Big publishers | 3:59
It'll come eventually | 4:45

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  • Devin Hansen

    Because they have other projects to do first. There's your answer.

  • Nicholas Farrer

    It will be worth the wait probably gonna be vr or somthing

  • Norcal Bowhunter

    They have 2 major games they are working on, before they get to elderscrolls 6 does not equate to the fact they are working on it. It means that 2 games will come out under their company before elderscrolls 6 comes out. They could very well still be working on engines and the such, to put use into ES6.You also have to take into account that it is COMMON practice for game devs to say "No we aren't working on that." Then 2 years later turn around and say "PSYCH! We were, but we didn't want you to know it!"

  • Water Flow

    No one gives a shit that you want to be more than elder scrolls and fallout! That’s what made the company so why move from it! Just pissing off all the fans of Skyrim... like myself...I’ve done every quest...

  • Jzilla


  • Jesus Leyva

    Wtf they aleeady did

  • Wen Chieh Teh

    I just want The Evil Within 3......


    Fallout 4 was released with less than half the content of skyrim or oblivion. Then they decided they would finish the game for an additional £24. Very dissapointing, that game only lasts a long time if you really try to make it last a long time. Plus bethesda DLC content is always vastly inferior to the content on release. The skyrim DLCs felt nothing like the base game, like they were rushed. I'll pay for your shitty DLC if it's an expansion pack, and by that I mean an actual expansion and not something that should've released with the game in the first place.We're already witnessing the fall of bethesda as they become like comapnies such as Activision.

  • Lucas Macias

    Can't wait for skyrim 2

  • Sgt Silock

    Bethesda softworks and Bethesda game studios are two different things. I wish people would understand this.

  • Terrod J. Dillard

    Why make a new game when you can release the same product over the years and make millions every time you do it? ES is that companies trump card they can pull out at any time, and so they have the leverage to do whatever they want.

  • Online KoLL

    i dont even want it bcz ES V is too good already

  • jokkoj

    2 of the best games i've ever played is skyrim and fallout 4.

  • fluffy Lamar

    your a dumbass eds 6 came out late 2017

  • 99legion

    Just hope it isn't as shit as fallout 4.

  • Cerberusx 32

    It also has nothing to do with the fact, Elder Scrolls Online is still a thing too.

  • Drajakul Van Helsing

    I hope TES6 comes out before I freak out and start playin fallout😅

  • cr1sphy

    If TES 6 is real, I don't think it will be good as Skyrim :(

  • Nothing Nothingsson

    Before video: please don't be clickbait and waste my time.6 seconds in: For fuck sake.5 minutes in: Still watching for some reason.

  • Tad 436

    I will wait till im 25.. i just want elswyer....😣

  • doctorale666

    You want ES 6? Stop playing ES online , as long as that exists there will be no ES 6.

  • Mark Kettler

    Skyrim is still awesome.

  • Bobo Won

    They better redo the entire engine when they make elder scrolls 6.

  • 1BuFo

    The current tech wont cut it? That didnt stop you with Fallout 4 you fucking idiots. Fallout 4 should never have used the creation engine -.- get ur asses in gear and make a new engine -.-

  • MMOJunkie

    "6 separate expansions" lol don't fucking lie, there were only 3 expansions and 3 worthless building dlc's that should have been in the vanilla game

  • Tarium HD

    Years of making. Years of updating. 6million bugs! AWESOME!

  • Jason Hull

    Just wait for next gen console. PS5 whatever the next shit will be. We are all tired of Skyrim but we still play it. Just do not fuck Elder Scrolls 6 up as much as you did Fallout 4. We can't take another arrow to the knee.

  • Dimitri Price

    but i guess everyone just wants an updated texture for modern day standards

  • lieutenant Joker

    They need to make another engine before they make another game.

  • Albert Y.

    "Wheres Skyrim 2?"

  • Mr. Pancake

    This is awesome news because since they’re being patient and taking so long, Elder Scrolls 6 will be amazing, possibly having the potential to be one of the greatest games of all time.

  • Siderico

    They're building a new engine.

  • Water Flow

    Not gonna be ready until ps5 is gonna come out and then they will have to adapt the game for ps5 and will take even longer.

  • Joe Floyd

    I would rather they just not make fallout and instead make elder scrolls. Fallout was a fairly weak game.

  • Juan Pablo Duarte

    i have elder scroll legends so add me to Jpthejester

  • zac Matika

    TBH thy got too stop milking that shit

  • Luke Van Eijk

    Years to make?Imo its just upsetting, i sometimes still play skyrim and stuff but common.It turns 7 years old this year...

  • ReDirect

    Why don't the players make their own TES6?Isn't as if the modding community made a different game altogether out of skyrim... cough Enderal cough so why not make TES6?

  • M.hafez Rievannoor

    I really dont hope about high graphic in TES6. Maybe some improvement like TES5 special edition was enough. But which I hope was a new entire story and different place for that game. The previous game they had was a reincarnation one, a hero and a dragonborn. So, what kind of story on the next TES6. That's what i want to see.

  • Doryun

    This video gives absolutely no answers to anything and merely reiterates what we already know.

  • Vividly

    Bethesda literally said they are working on 3 other, big time projects before they start with Elder Scrolls 6. There you go. That's the video. Everything else is fluff and misleading bullshit.

  • Lord Tachanka

    What the fuck, ES6 morrowind?

  • Panzern Kern

    It's fine no matter how long the development will take... I am still preoccupied with my hundreds of games...

  • matt reeves

    Or they could be lying. We got word on FO4 like 6 months before release.

  • john petroski

    This sounds like a bunch of random bullshit... Bethesda is a self development and self publishing studio. They have their plans and I’m sure SOMEONE SOMEWHERE has started something, but they actually keep it hush hush... I’m betting at this years E3 (for 2018) we’ll hear something... And if not, I guarantee Bethesda won’t hear the end of it

  • pkactus

    haste makes waste? so far, all that bethesda does is release a new skin to the same damn game.

  • MordeCOGNeko ShinnyKaiser

    Biggest. Yea, Popular....Only due to Bethesda making What, Two-Three re-releases. Half the reason people buy it know is because they either switched from Xbox 360 to One, or PS3 to 4 or went to PC and got the VR addition for Views. Don't get me wrong, I loved it when it came out and still play it now. but Bethesda Needs a New Elder Scrolls soon. And bring back Spell Crafting.

  • Andrew Morris

    I think a main reason is the need to top Skyrim. That's hard. And we have so many things that we want for esvi they can't deliver without superhuman efforts.(Sidenote, what if they added advanced ai into it so you wouldn't be constrained to just a few dialog options?)

  • Marvin Freitagsmueller

    surprise surprise...title says "no release" video says "no release yet" dont need a video to know that xD

  • Xero Rex

    "Doesn't want to be known as the developer that just did Elder Scrolls and Fallout," ... What? Those are the two greatest FPS RPG franchises of all time... WTF?

  • 2012zoliver

    It's been 6 years!

  • Mamba_Skillz

    Vete a la verga piche zorra, quiero TESVI

  • Auxillian Warghost

    I think the real reason they're waiting is because they can't get anymore performance out of the Creation engine. It used to be okay but that engine is old and ugly now, and it has some serious issues. It just needs to die. If they try to leech another game out of the Creation engine, I will not be buying it.

  • Mark Kettler

    All the mods you can get for Skyrim really helps out with keeping it fresh.

  • Nightcore loves

    It's been 6 years they had enough time for a new one

  • JennyM1998

    thank god for talented modders that do Bethesda's jobs for them

  • Kobe Bryant

    I want Fallout Los Angeles made by Obsidian.

  • SnipingHunt01

    Bethesda need to release skyrim on the toaster before even thinking about ES6

  • MMOGrind Reviews

    Let bethesda make the next Star Wars SP game.

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