The REAL Women of Skyrim - Skyrim Mods - Week 232





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Sommer Ray by Skyla
Real Women of Skyrim - Texture Overhaul CBBE UNP by Gearhog
Decoration Basket by orin04
Floating Damage by Felisky
  • yevgeni10

    WTF is that first mod ?? Harvey Weinstein and bill Cosby addition ??

  • K.I.A

    1:38 that’s not an immersive tata

  • Harry van de Sunweb

    Christ that skin mod is ugly

  • Just Monika

    3:37 "that sounds like the perfect soup basket." Most people: "Haha its funny because a dog doesn't go in soup. Silly MxR."Me: "MxR is Asian. Dogs in soup. Asian. Sorry

  • Hazzer _

    This gave me a reason to go to ivastedWow thats impressive

  • Skie Lindsey

    Wheres the royal armory mod link?

  • Eagle

    if i got a dollar for everytime i got convinced to start a new skyrim playthrough.....

  • Metal is my Essence

    What is that armor at 8:50 ?

  • NepNep

    What is the name of the outro song?

  • Hobopigs

    (•_•)/[° °]\ | | Yeah I was bored and don't know if this is a fat man or woman but.... Nice

  • Herbert Die Soße

    Floating damage? That's not...IMMERSIVE!

  • Sarah Carter

    You think she knows she’s in Skyrim now lmao

  • FatalZ


  • dumpsteRat

    Everyone on this site is guilty of downloading a questionable mods on skyrim and we love it

  • Anthony Vargas

    i wonder what face mod his using

  • julle huu

    teenagers doing their mods

  • Harry

    What are you talking about? MapleStory has easy to read numbers and you know exactly how much damage everyone is doing against a boss with each hit they do

  • Coffee and Spice

    My laptop died like 3 minutes in and when I restarted it, the first word I heard was "ass" --__--

  • Kalo Ferreira

    i almost opened my instagram cause i like u two xD but my glass of scotch doenst let me

  • Bubbalooch

    Anybody know the name of the armor mod he’s using on his character? The bluish-grey armor?

  • Turd Bungalo

    Anyone know what mod that face mask at 7:57 is from?

  • Richard Marshall

    All kindzzzzz of hodgetwins references all kinddz

  • Frosty

    When you use game tiddies for views

  • Boston Towny4life



    you didnt link to royal armory in the desc. just fyi.

  • The Happy Greek

    Why do you always have such TITbait titles? Pls stahp.

  • FatalZ


  • Armadyl Featherbreeze

    What mod is your character using? Not played Skyrim in a while so thinking about finding better body mods

  • xXShugonXx

    what's armor / skin is this 0:01 ?

  • Koryander Emberstone

    5:33 dat thousand yard stare.

  • Levin Ace

    Anyone knows 4:22 ? Anyone??

  • dat boii

    What mod did he use to make the basket bigger??

  • Cully-Wully

    is that the dragon age inquisition themei hear

  • Kimberly Campbell

    1:38 i DIED !!!!! XD XD XD XD

  • Oh ya big boi

    For the Royal Armory mod, is there another mod where it adds all of the weapons to the cheat room mod. If there is can you please let me know

  • joseph buenaventura

    You sound like pewds. But less annoying.

  • Zaku Rosou

    1:56 if you slow it down you can see it. It's not that bad really

  • Sagiiya


  • Naberius CZ

    i have Skyrim SE but Skyrim is bettter because of mods :-(

  • Anna Banana

    Am i the only one who peeped the Zelda Wind Waker music lol!

  • hakan aydın

    "turn your shitty day, into a titty day"

  • roadman sam

    The real women mod burned my eyes

  • Markus Hoch

    MxR, I love you, I love your videos, and I've been subbed for years. Can you confirm at this point in time you are no longer supporting Mod Drop? Maybe it popped up in a video, but I can't recall.

  • Tony Hamilton

    When will any of these make its way to Xbox1? I myself am looking forward to seeing Summer and mods to make females more like bodybuilders

  • Scott Glennon

    Ha, I just thought of Recorder when I heard that voiceover at the end.

  • oOMr.FarrellOo Lin

    Are you still using real version enb in this video?

  • dumpsteRat

    Ah mods for skyrim never gets old

  • R2242V

    They are not real until they have menstruation.

  • H31T0R GUNN3R

    Monetization trick, all videos has more than 10 min, lil more, good one

  • Agent 6

    Holy shit thumbnail nipple call the FUCKING SWAT TEAM

  • Red Raven

    Yo yo yo, does anyone know what armor is it at 8:50?

  • TheBenboy1988

    You sound like Pewdiepie. I love it - Subscribed...

  • Mike R

    Bro, when are you going to make a mod? I think you should make a mod that allows women to have their period just to make it more immersive or just have it just a perk. I can just see it now Lydia having her period and kicking more ass. :D

  • merliah seven

    whats your blood mod??and i fucking love MXR he deserves just as much followers than pewdiepie

  • Emily III

    The Zelda music in the background is just so beautiful 😍

  • Ozymandias

    Where do I find sommer ray?

  • Brandon Cadd

    What's the armor at the beginning before the intro

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