Sniper Climbs Tree and Destroys EVERYONE. (45 Feet / 14 Meter High)

My sniper rifle:

Novritsch's tree video:

The field:

👌🏻GEAR👌🏻 -
My rifle:
My pistol:


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Airsoft Sniper Cam
  • Jojo Diener

    The pour guy that get shot in the face because of the flower😂😂😂😂

  • The eat Games

    Are you from the netherlands?I am

  • The Titan

    That's looks so FUN

  • Mr.BugsBunny

    Waar koop jij ze en waar kan ik meedoen

  • Sniper Matt007

    Is that allowed in air soft

  • Silo Entertainment

    My sniper rifle:'s tree video:<3

  • Kaleb Tate

    What if you get hit in neck

  • XxNightHunterxX

    This is the most enjoyable style of gameplay to watch.

  • Liam O’Neil

    This looks fuckin awesome, I’m east coast America where can I play

  • Jonathan Franco

    I want him on my team!@

  • emigarcia1993

    yo this game looks fucking awesome

  • thelivingkiller's HQ

    Hoe oud moet je zijn voor daar te gaan

  • Gaming With Ramsey

    You sacred the silo out of me

  • rapforever1111

    where is this/waar is dit?

  • Charles Hawkins WHat kind of camera is this?

  • Sword of destiny

    Your a amazing sniper! You could decimate a entire team in your own

  • Ademilson Souza

    Show de bola... Muito bom 👍👊

  • Tylan Holmes

    Through what are you able to do this?

  • Abhishek Tyagi

    dude whats this game .. can you please describe its all totally new to me

  • Charlotte Verlinden

    Waar is da in belgie? Kwil da ook doen

  • Nathan playz

    This place reminds me of a camp in Illinois that I went to in summer 17

  • AppieStyle

    Hey where do you airsoft?Im dutch too

  • Ali Mahdi

    For a sec I thought it was a real sniper

  • John Longshore

    now im paranoid cause today im going to airsoft with friends where there are a bunch of trees...

  • QUiNtEn

    Moan een Nederlander Yes Yes Yes nu nog Nederlandse video’s er bij maken met Engelse ondertiteling 👍

  • Zouliga F

    Ben jij een Hollandse jonge en in welke land speel jij

  • Billy H

    how and where to play that i wich i can play

  • ColdWnP ProGaming

    What do u guys shoot with on Airsoft?? Does it hurt??

  • dirtykiley

    Im also from belgium

  • Frosty Fish

    Awhh dude that looks so fun! I did paintball but no one played competitively like this, they all just shot each other like 20 times after they were out. Whereas this looks realistic and great!

  • MssIsGoing 2.0

    Thuis is dutch and i am dutch

  • gespilk

    So, you died.War is deadly.

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