Realistic Minecraft

New vid! Pokemon GO gets too real:

Minecraft in real life would be terrifying, apparently.

Snapchat: Nukazooka

Makeup - Raven Duda (
Music/sound - Matthew McMurry (
Cast: Seth McMurry ( and Michael Mayo(

Director/VFX: Andrew McMurry
  • Marcos Aurélio

    Ou eu deveria dizer:Please! Five Nights At Freddy's in real life!

  • Axleren Studios

    The only good minecraft irl video

  • LAUNCHpad Music DJ guy ._.

    I live in apartment with a long hallway. It would be Scarry seeing the creeper walking down into the light. ALSO SCARY AS HELL CREEPER!!!!! side not awesome video! PS could use enderman ;-;

  • Tahir Susterac

    Did you get sued for knocking down that tree?

  • Marcos Aurélio

    Muito legal! É o melhor vídeo de minecraft na vida real que eu já assisti em toda a minha vida! Por favor faz um vídeo de Five Nights At Freddy's na vida real!

  • Fatima The Siamese Cat Gamer

    Please do more and continue this it’s really fantastic

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