Fallout vs Skyrim

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Yet another two video-game legends battle head-to-head: Fallout's Vault Boy versus Skyrim's Dovahkiin. Let the bloodshed begin!

Behind the Scenes/VFX Breakdown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYorN8...

Director/VFX - Andrew McMurry
Vault Boy - Seth McMurry
Dovahkiin - Joe Ochterbeck (http://www.joeochterbeck.com/)

Opening jingle from Kevin MacLeod
Additional sound samples courtesy of http://www.freesound.org/ and users jorickhoofd, benboncan, cmusounddesign, klankbeeld, and aboe
  • Mr Secret

    Believe me I love skyrim, but fallout winning kinda makes sense seeing as how the vault dweller has guns and shit. I get the the dragon born is a god but dragonborn vs assault rifle? We all know who would win


    Ha ganado fallout que bien me gusta mas q skirym

  • Bloody__ Vulture

    Lol skyrim dude didnt know what to do when he saw the grenade he was like tf is that

  • Ken Fuentes

    Thats my favorite video

  • Femkroner

    This is so well made. FML

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