Skyrim Mods - Week 189 - GENESIS AND THE GODSWORDS

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Weissadler's Hamlet - A Quest Mod by Spankovski
The Godswords of Gielinor (Runescape) by johnskyrim
Nakahara - Akaviri House by Elianora 4262/?
Genesis - Dynamically Increased Enemy Spawns and Enhanced Loot by SOT Team
Kisetsu Kimono for UNP by Yurica by yurica
  • I'm learning to spawnpeek.

    is this ellianoras first mod?

  • ganjasurfer698

    if the god swords make it to consoles i will be very happy!!! :D

  • WrathsAbyssJ

    Wait... I thought Chinese is the dog and Japanese is the cat.

  • Kill Yourself

    Why is he a ghost? I certainly don't know.

  • Cheezy-J

    6:54 that is 2 kunai's not shurikensno. i'm not a weeb its just tf2 that gave me this information.

  • alex GOLDSTEIN

    those r kunai not shuriken not a big deal but it realy bothered me for some reason sorry

  • Genius Groove

    Kunai... Kunai.. Not shuriken... <3

  • Dr.Fruit _

    Preston garvy-"A settlement is in trouble I'll mark it on your map"

  • Poor Dissy

    I couldn't tell at first if it was Gods-words or God-Swords

  • Pureslayer

    kimono is on xbox one now

  • Jérôme Champagne

    What is that orange armor he always has in his videos?

  • The Millenial

    Why does his weapons glow like that???? plxzzzzz neeed to know that mod

  • old throwbacks

    why does everyone who mods skyrim make women look bad "sigh".

  • 13courtjester

    you gotta talk to G2A and tell them that 3% is fucking insulting , that's not a beneficial partnership .

  • I'm Sorry I Exist

    Don't tell anyone...i shower naked...

  • Chris Ostrowski

    quick! somebody toss that bitch a sandwich stat!!!!

  • Someonesaymoderater

    been watching old MxR videos for the past 5 days straight. :D

  • Reinhold Von Hindenburg

    Wow, that rude af courier.

  • dragonbreath1123 i high? near the end please someone tell me they saw a flying thomas the train to

  • Dej Yohan

    How to get that perfect model walk

  • Bree Warner

    like oh my god those follo

  • Jose Marmol

    i have one problem with the mod kimono i installing and acrivate and no view the armor in the game help mwe plis

  • RebelishGirl

    So he did basically take an arrow in the knee

  • squiggly spooch

    lmao my good someone plays to much runescape

  • dales da man01

    the "Japanese sign" is actualy a ritual gate. not hating just correcting

  • Brannoch Watt

    That's called a tori gate mxr

  • Conor Powers

    6;55 do you mean kunais

  • Aero


  • Threeze NiNja

    7:26 That shot is like hollywood

  • bitsbubba


  • Zurro091

    Johnskyrim Plz make slooty bandos

  • akajaro 90

    what mod did u use for the player

  • OptimalGaming2016

    when I heard runescape I thought you where lying

  • Zach Nightingale

    1:41 "Your mesing up the zen" im dying

  • nemi sutton

    Your vids are awesome keep it up, im just slightly surprised though about the fact that i have never really seen much hate from fem's as an abundance of these mods are rather slooty.....though in my personal opinion i believe that the word slooty means unintentionally slutty well that is how i choose to use such a word, still in saying that its rather shocking...though i do believe at least at one point mxr has more then likely been contacted by a few fem's(meaning feminists)

  • Epic Gamer

    im probably the only person who noticed this but at 0:11 on the left on the road the courior is running toward alexstraza

  • Etherious Natsu Dragneel

    What's the weapon he had on his characters back at the beginning of the thing

  • John Clark


  • Bree Warner

    *flowers are toats hot

  • Hakai Tokicroak

    HOLY SHIT!! 3% OFF!!!!!

  • Kaio Alexander

    Runescape godswords!?

  • sportiolli

    weissadler is german and means white eagle

  • the ch0ice

    Weaboo...... ?

  • NightlingX

    at 2:30 look behind Alex XD in other words, what MxR would say is "LYDIA!"

  • Mike Zakarius

    Weiss-adler, is german and means White Eagle

  • Kevin Ferdinand

    what's the song played during the Genesis mod?

  • Poison Damage

    MxR and german mods, always delightful xD

  • Dane Dillon

    Courier photobombed!

  • Filip Algotsson

    i'm supposed to be playing game of war but this player keeps kicking my ass

  • Thine the Everliving

    there called torii gates btw mxr.

  • viglent slayer

    those aren't shuriken those are kunai

  • Hexacious Jinx

    That Gwelda shit, fucked up my Mod Organizer.

  • MrTrigun1

    Um... Guys... at 2:31, what's uh... What's happening in the background?

  • JaxxTehPunk

    What is the mod used for the female walk?

  • Dark Roxas

    6:53 nice shurikens there MxR XD

  • The5Potatoes

    kunais not shurikens

  • urdnotshona

    Does anyone know what song is playing during the godswords section? Have looked around but can't find it anywhere ;;

  • Songtale 8

    Soo I'm an idiot but did you buy the disc and put into your computer or did you download skyrim or something?

  • Samuru

    The flames are Deamons

  • Spiriteus Mjir

    "Asian signs thingies"TRIGGEREDIt's a torii, a shrine gate! x.x

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