SKYRIM MODS - ARMY WARS!! (XBOX ONE) 100 Imperials vs Stormcloaks! W00t

You can find this mod here but beware the lag.. THE LAG I TELL YE

-- Watch live at
  • Mistah Gooku

    "I have a very deep voice." No, you don't.


    Wtf? Your lucky, when I tried it all my units started flying up and none of the characters of the game from in place

  • Anonymousgaming

    Bruh I'm 14 and I have a deeper voice than you

  • Joseph Odom

    What's the name of the Mod?

  • Big Moist

    "deep voice"

  • David Quezada

    cool mod classic too but consoles are too outdated :/

  • Doomin

    You have a really deeply high voice*

  • Valdmir Victor Lucciono

    this doesn't work for ps4

  • Dylan Beach

    I like it how the soldiers skin is green....Shrek is love Shrek is war

  • Herrick Ludwig

    How do you attack the enemy? The mod doesn't explain that part well. Confused.

  • just_plain_lukeX

    type: player.additem 00000f 10000000000

  • blood wolf567

    half asleep "YOU WON'T GET THE BEST OF ME"

  • DisLB

    youtubers always complain about their voice, no fucking difference

  • Diffractinq

    bruh man thats a very high deep pitched voice lol

  • orangeknightgaming

    I died laughing at 6:33 "YOU WONT GET THE BEST OF ME!!!" 😂😂😂

  • Robert Owen

    what mods are you using with it, cause i have a lot of graphic mods, that dont affect fps, but they might with this mod

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