Skyrim in REAL LIFE: Fighting Giants, Skeletons and Orcs

Special thanks to rroobboo999 for providing 3d models


  • Bigghewi

    douchebags disliking the vid when he definitely had a cactus hit his back hahaha

  • kevin zero

    I think your character is OP.

  • Dovahkiin HU3BR

    He could have defeated the skeletons using a single finger.

  • lightdog 18

    i gagged whenhe struggled to put in his sword at 1:31

  • Randy

    A for effort, but not thought out.

  • Aaron Plays

    Since when is Dohvakiin a kid?

  • tye blackburn

    Its Skyrim but with Oblivion music

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for destroying plants for (literally) nothing.

  • Ayden808killer

    I'd love to have a sword as sharp as that

  • Cyberpunk

    Legend says when you read Elder Scrolls brain damage side effects 10yrs

  • Jeremiah Barnes

    #cringe like if u agree

  • Major Degtyarev

    Music reign of septims

  • Tom Ristenbieter

    wow you are so strong killing defensless plants (noob)

  • sawyer butt

    why did he have to destroy the cactus....

  • Ninja Sword

    <my pic explains it all

  • Justin Speir

    That's cyrodil music

  • LawAndOrder

    So many environmentalists bitching about the cactus. So many arseholes criticizing the SFX for not being like Hollywood. And what the fuck do you care if it's Oblivion music? This is just for entertainment. Liked the video.

  • Nature Gaming

    U HAve ) Editing Skill

  • ClammyGames

    if dovahkiin looked like that tamriel wouldnt stand a chance.

  • First Plays

    So... Fuckin... Cringe... I'm dying

  • Brent Bernardo

    Hahahaha this is so gay hahahahahaha

  • The legend 27

    Sorry man your run 🏃 like a gay cunt

  • Qz Rei

    Dat cool down time tho.

  • Messi magic4

    where was the giants weapon

  • party lemon

    arrow in the knee prank gone violentgone sexual

  • Steven Vazquez

    Nice shouting and editing

  • xXVash StampedeX

    You can't be dragonborn without the badass horns bro

  • popi master

    the orcs have orsich armor

  • Ayden808killer

    I'd love to have a sword as sharp as thar

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