The Freakiest Mod Ever?? - Skyrim Mods - 205

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FoxGirlsClub by fox
Quick Light by tktk
Shadowmourne by johnskyrim
Pizzamania by PandoraTremere
Commonwealth Shorts by gutris1 4/?tab=1&
  • AMF Soulard

    Pizza Hut is not italian, as an italian I know

  • Pádraig mac Piaras

    Uh.... What about familly friendly henry????

  • EliteWarrior1026

    Great. Now I'm craving pizza at 10:30 at night! Thank you for that!

  • NCS Gear

    Your italian was not bad!

  • Long hair, leather jacket

    8:30 good job censoring mxr x)

  • UzayErigi

    Thumbnail Pic PLS ?!

  • Zach Atreiu

    I've never laughed so hard watching these videos

  • The Great Gyrofluff

    Dang he sounds a lot like MagikarpUsedFly.

  • Kolbas Dragonborn

    I'm still virgin... Damn you Shadowmourne!

  • Dan Tdm

    got laid and shadowmorn in highschool

  • Asgeir Pyrazire

    illegal underground popsicle ring... haha haha haha haha yes. my new favorite thing.just period

  • Arnt Oddvar Pedersen

    Been rewatching a lot of these lately. Something caught my attention, does anyone know what the song that starts playing at around 3:25 is called? Would love to add the track to my work playlist.

  • Thomas Mortensen

    Gr8 vid m8, I r8 8/8 and masturb8.

  • Stag Dragon

    ahh, I'm going to be honest, fallout 4 wasn't really my cup of tea. Skyrim felt more... open? I hate to say it but not even moders are going to be able to fix that.

  • Pender

    those thumbnails are fckin amazing. everytime I hope you're showcasing the amazing tattoos and lighting/skin/ bodymods associated with the image :<

  • Alcase

    Describing the foxgirlsclub mod I died

  • TheHylion

    is there a mod pack that includes everything to make skyrim updated, like how mXr has his game set?


    Hiiii man whats you npc skin mod you using?

  • Coca e non Cola Power

    I'm having pizza today

  • Matthew Cecil

    Oh gawd I laughed so hard during this episode. A year ago, you were actually playing Skyrim and not just reviewing mods. Gotta get back to the basics man. Also the graphical overlay during commonwealth shorts was weird. maybe use a "+" sign between the two logos and add them to the side. What if this portception continues... Dont just overlap shit until nobody can read, lol. Gotta plan ahead my friend.

  • Katie 'FoxKat' McLaughlin

    the wind waker music tho <3

  • Lord Bargoth

    I always imagined Potage le magnifique to be pizza...

  • VisualGourmet

    That's one cool way to censor your talking!... xD

  • Arish Van Jarales

    I am always laughing at your videos lmao XD

  • Christopher Jones


  • kill me

    idk these videos dont seem as funny anymore to me.

  • Logan Myers

    What mod do you use for you TETTES to make them look "normal"

  • Davide Nichele

    If pizza requires cheese, that it's not italian at all.

  • Some One

    "(racist italian accent)" lmao a+ subtitles

  • The Gold Clan

    everyone loves them popsicles

  • FunkyWhitecat 1

    Arthas song gives me the chills

  • Whitedog\Nightstalker WolfHyena


  • Griefer King

    more like sex toys and sex slaves and was I the only one who saw a topless female in a Ovamorph

  • Shawn Tucker

    xD I died at the end. You gained a follower from this video.

  • Scott White

    An illegal popsicle ring? MXR that should be a quest after watching that lol awesome

  • BanisherofRadiance

    You know...I've been bouncing around these videos for a few weeks now seeing what I could do to Skyrim if I decided to go back to it eventually and there have been many jokes that got a giggle. But that Pizza Hut one really got me good I wasn't expecting it at all XD

  • Ben Mckee

    I was eating this while I ate pizza..

  • Gunshow0

    Bs the PS4 can't have these awesome sexy mods

  • Patricia/Anthony Rava

    five nights at Freddy's

  • Fullmetalretards

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes

  • MaxUniverse

    4:11 guard: "did you say pizza?"

  • Darin Foltz

    how the hell you keep a strait face making this video that shit is funny as hell lmao

  • Willda Troll

    get the fuck out of here

  • Raf G

    I am pretty sure carbonara is a pasta

  • Jirozation

    whoever disliked this vid has 0 sense of humor

  • SecretSkull

    MxR is a werewolf, confirmed

  • Plexi 8765

    What mod are umyou using for your carackter

  • Iris Snow


  • YukarixAsukai

    I died at the last mod OMG those where sex toys lmfao

  • Zeus Gameplays/rants

    thats not a lightsaber MxR

  • Menagerie organization

    what manner of sissyness is this

  • Vyndalyn

    We literally had the same WoW start: WOTLK, Death Knight, and never got shadowmourne lol

  • Gopan Achary

    this is MxRs best video

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