Skyrim: Uchiha Clan Mod. Path of Madara

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Uchiha clan mod

Naruto overhaul
and many others.
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  • knusaren nordmark

    Weak powers for madara :(

  • elizabeth prokop

    if u love fun game 3d online games roblox is the one for you!

  • omegagilgamesh

    Descriptions would have been appreciated instead of just using the spells/jutsus and most of the time looking away so we can't even see what it does. Does this mod include Madara's war fan?

  • King Tutt

    Who took they're time & did this? Mod's pretty dope.

  • Terrefying Gamer

    how the fuck did you run like that 3:42 ??

  • Power Tank

    hai what are the 'moving sharingan' do? also can u give me the link, i cant find it


    How to make armor I understand, but you have it more dark, I have green and blue...How have you done?

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