Skyrim - Dovahkiin (Metal Cover)

Dovahkiin - by Brandon Strader (
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This song is a remix of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 'Sons of Skyrim'.
  • ThisTuna Games

    playing AC4 he? What is this? Oh... Well there Go another 1000 hours

  • Vaiken Sverte

    Fucking overpowering music.

  • SquidFoxy

    wants as ringtone, right tf now <3

  • M8T4 GAME MUTE 84

    🎵 Belive Belive the dragonborn comes 🎵

  • Theophilos Pitas

    I used to play skyrim with normal people.....Then everyone had their heads to the knee because i modded very much

  • Anime dude

    The main story is short but it has soooooo many other quests to keep you entertained

  • Elizabeth Penske

    Scatsbury, anyone?That's why I came here :p

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